$100m Leads Book – Review Alex Hormozi’s Lead Generation Advice

$100m Leads Book Review

$100M Leads is Alex Hormozi’s brand-new book that he’s been working on for 2 years.

The book launched on 19th Aug 2023, and we’re really excited to explore his lead generation advice following the success of his previous book, $100m Offers.

In this article, we’ll be looking back at some of Alex’s lead generation advice to give us an idea of what might be included in his brand-new book.

Who is Alex Hormozi?

Alex Hormozi and his wife Leila, run, which acquires minority stakes in businesses that want to grow from 3-10million to 50-100million+

Alex has launched and sold multiple businesses, such as:

  • A chain of 6 gyms with physical locations
  • Gym Launch – A gym licensing business that helped gyms improve their marketing and sales
  • Prestige Labs – A vitamin supplement business
  • Alan – A software platform helping agency owners generate leads

Alex sold these businesses for $50million+ and started

As of today, Alex and Leila’s business has a portfolio of 15+ companies that generate over $200,000,000 per year. The couple’s mission is to make real business education available to everyone. They do this by creating a huge amount of content using:

  • A podcast – “The Game” is Alex’s podcast, and it’s regularly in the top 10 business podcasts in the world
  • Social Media – Alex and Leila have millions of followers across their social media channels
  • YouTube – Over 1.5 million subscribers and over 2000 videos across their channels
  • Free Courses – Alex has created multiple course videos that are freely available on his website

This doesn’t include the countless interviews Alex and Leila do for other channels to spread their message even further.

$100m offers book

$100 Offers Book Review

Alex’s previous book, $100m Offers, sold over 300K copies and has over 12,000+ 5-star ratings on Amazon.

In the book, Alex breaks down exactly how you can create a “Grandslam Offer”. An offer so irresistible that people feel compelled to buy.

He talks about his story and what led him to this point, along with tons of advice, guidance and strategies on how anyone can improve their offer and convert more leads into sales.

The $100m Offers book was full of illustrations and examples to help his readers create an irresistible offer for themselves.

$100m leads – What’s inside the new book?

“How to Get Strangers to Want to Buy Your Stuff”

Alex has been talking about the book for a while now and has been honest about how much work has gone into it over the past 2 years.

This was his recent Tweet…

  • 67,000 Words
  • 3,500 hours
  • 273 Pages
  • 106 Drawings
  • 62 Pro Tips
  • 8 Tweets
  • 5 Sections
  • 2 Years
  • 1 Cookbook for making money.

“67,000 words” We’re not sure if this is the final word count or if it’s been cut since then. By comparison, his previous book was around 45,000 words, so $100m Leads could be a lot more in-depth than $100m Offers.

“3,500 hours” indicates how much time he’s spent writing and re-writing the book, which is honestly impressive. This equates to 145 days of writing.

“273 pages” Alex’s last book was 161 pages in length, so if 273 is the final page count, we can expect tons of extra value-packed content.

“106 Drawings” Alex’s previous book included lots of little drawings and illustrations to help his readers really understand his advice and guidance visually. $100m Leads will presumably have more of this.

“62 Pro Tips” Alex like’s to use “pro tips” to highlight key action steps throughout his books that he includes at the end of certain sections. $100m Leads will include more of these than his previous book, so be prepared to get more done after reading the new book.

As you can see, the $100m Leads book is going to be jam-packed with valuable content and action steps. As for the specific advice, let’s explore what he might include within his new book…

7 lead magnet tips from Alex

In this video, Alex explains why you need to give away valuable resources in order to increase the number of customers you attract.

He walks through these 7 lead magnet tips:

  1. Figure out the problem you want to solve and who you want to solve it for
  2. Decide how you want to solve the problem
  3. Figure out how you want to deliver it
  4. Decide how you’re going to package the lead magnet
  5. Make your lead magnet fast and easy to consume
  6. Make it extremely valuable
  7. Make it easy for them to take the next step

Alex’s lead generation principles

Alex has been speaking about lead generation for a while. In the video below, Alex talks about increasing lead quality, specifically, five ways to achieve this.

Balancing Quality Leads with Quantity of Leads

Here are 5 methods you can use to increase the quality of your leads. Not all 5 methods should be implemented simultaneously as they could potentially limit volume, which is a trade-off to consider.

Five Ways to Increase Lead Quality

1. Targeting specific leads

One option for increasing the quality of leads is to be extremely targeted about who you attract. You can target things such as:

  • Income level
  • Profession
  • Location

Bear in mind that targeting specific people may be more expensive and generate a lower volume of leads.

2. Number of steps in the process

Introducing a number of steps in your lead generation process will improve the quality of your leads. If you make people complete a multi-step form or quiz, for example, it will reduce the number of overall leads you get as it adds “friction,” but it will dramatically improve the quality of those leads. This is a good thing.

3. Nature of the Offer:

Depending on what the “free offer” is, you can increase the quality of the leads you attract. For example, a free gift or lead magnet offer might result in higher volume, while a “schedule a call” offer with the sales team may produce more qualified leads.

4. Lead application process:

Adding an application process in order to work with you can help increase lead quality. An application form with detailed questions typically requires more effort from the prospect and, therefore, produces a higher-quality lead.

5. Providing value first:

Offering valuable and relevant content can help attract more qualified leads who perceive you as an authority in your industry.

Understanding your business model

It’s good to start by casting a wide net to get a flow of leads and get the volume, and then work backwards to refine the process to improve the quality of the leads.

Use offers, indoctrination sequences, and pre-frames to maximise customer value.

Sales Engineering

Understand your numbers: know how much you spend to acquire a customer and how much they generate in return.

Use the five methods to increase lead quality when there’s too much volume or low-quality prospects.

Advice on attracting better quality leads

Opt for a wider net and focus on the monetisation structures in the sales sequence to afford whatever you want, leading to a high volume, high/mid ticket sale type business.

Add the five qualifiers when you have too much traffic, and the leads are unqualified and you’re willing to increase how much you pay per show, or you don’t have the operational capacity. It’s an easy and fast way to increase the quality of the leads coming in.

Alex’s lead generation strategy on

The only way you can work with Alex and Leila is by filling out a quiz/assessment on their website. They have a multi-step form you need to answer before they will consider working with you and your business.

Alex Hormozi Quiz Form

Alex is a big fan of making his leads fill out a quiz because it has a number of benefits.

  • If someone spends time filling out a multi-step form, then they are generally much more qualified as they have given up their time to do so
  • It prevents too many “bad-fit” or “time-waster” enquiries from coming through because it takes effort to fill out the form.
  • He and his team can easily filter through the responses and focus on only the best leads

Alex knows that the quality of his leads is more important than quantity, especially when it comes to attracting the best possible opportunities.

If you want to build a quiz for your business, try our Quiz Software and get a 14-day free trial.

Lead-Gen Advice from Alex Hormozi

Alex has been sharing lead-generation advice for years, we’d have to assume that some of this content is going to be in the book. As you read the quotes below, you’ll start to see a clear pattern that we’ll no doubt see in the $100m Leads.

“Sometimes it really is as simple as:

Double your leads.
Double your business.”

“Once you learn how to consistently get leads, life gets easier.”

“Just spend the time it takes to make an actually amazing product. (Way longer than normal).

Then – right when you’d feel the most convicted about charging for it…

…give it away.

And you get leads forever.

Which is probably worth more than what you’d make from the thing.”

“Getting leads doesn’t have to be complicated:

1) Make really good stuff
2) Give it away”

“Stop looking for the next cheap place to get leads and fix the root issue:

Make your customers worth more.”

“If you want to get leads, give away something that lots of people want for free.

If you want to make money, figure out how to sell them something next.

If you want to make a fortune, figure out how to do the free thing and main the thing for nothing.”

“Good friction is when you introduce steps or difficulty into a sales process to ⬇️ volume but ⬆️ lead quality.

Bad friction is when you add steps or difficulty that ⬇️volume AND 🟰 lead quality.

Good friction example: application (form)
Bad friction example: slow page load”

“Definition of terms:

Lead: a person you have means to contact

Engaged Lead: a person who has indicated interest in the stuff you sell

People say they want more leads when what they really want are engaged leads.

Anyone can buy a list of names.

Interest you have to earn.”

“Excerpt from $100M Leads:

“How we define words affects how we think. After all, words represent thoughts. Unclear words make for unclear thinking. And unclear thinking makes it very difficult to understand.”

Wisdom begins with a definition of terms. – Socrates”

“Sell what customers want, not what you want to build.

We don’t matter.

Lead with data rather than ego.”

Looking at Alex’s recent lead generation advice, I think we’re starting to see some clear themes that will probably play out in the $100m leads book.

The $100m Leads Launch Event

The book will be out on the 19th Aug, 2023, and the launch event is taking place at the times below…

9 am PT
12 pm EST
5 pm BST
3 am AEDT

Sign Up For the Launch Event

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