🎥 Video 5: Implementing the Formula

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🎥 Implementing the Formula: Video 5

🎥 Video 5
Implementing the Formula

Today we show you how to implement the formula.

One of the key components to successfully implementing this formula is a scorecard marketing funnel.

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Implementing the Formula
Implementing the Formula

📋 Exercise 5

Implementing the Formula

Exercise 1:


In the last 4 weeks:

  • How many leads came in?
  • How many appointments got set?
  • How many times did you or
  • someone on your team present?
  • How many sales?

Exercise 2:

Write down the title and concept of your scorecard for your business.


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More Leads

Use a simple, quick Scorecard with a single score or outcome as a fun and engaging way to turn more cold prospects into warm leads

More Data

Turn your existing followers, subscribers or referrals into data rich leads and add value by providing feedback across multiple outcomes.

Loyal Customers

Provide customers with a regular checkin or in-depth diagnostic. The more you know about them, the better you can serve their needs.


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