21 Quiz Ideas for Agencies

Agency Quiz Ideas

If you are looking to get high-quality leads for your agency, then a quiz might be the way to go.

Quizzes have many benefits and allow you to grow your business in a number of ways, such as.

You can grow your email list

A quiz is a great way to engage your website visitors and social media followers. Quizzes are fun and interactive, and if you use the best quiz software, you can ask your visitors to enter their contact information before taking the quiz. This means you could get email subscribers every day using a quiz as your main lead magnet.

Conversion rates are higher

Typical lead magnets like checklists, cheat sheets and webinars usually convert between 3-15%. A quiz on the other hand, converts 20-50% of visitors into leads. This means more people value a quiz than they do other types of lead magnets, so you’re far more likely to convert your audience into leads.

You deliver more value to your audience

When someone takes a quiz and answers a few questions, they receive a result at the end. With ScoreApp you can get extremely detailed in the answers and recommendations you provide.

You also have the option to provide dynamic recommendations based on their overall score, category scores and individual answers they give. Ultimately, a quiz allows you to give specific advice based on the individual. It doesn’t get more valuable than that.

Agency Quiz Ideas and templates

If you need some inspiration for quizzes you could use within your agency, you’re in look. Here are some of the templates that we have available at ScoreApp.

Agency Quiz Templates

Below I’ve also given you 21 quiz ideas across multiple agency types along with 3 possible questions for each.

1. Website Readiness Quiz: Is your website 2023 ready?

This quiz would be great for a web designer who wants their audience to understand that they probably have work to do on their website. It taps into someone’s need to be on the “cutting edge”. People don’t want to get left behind so this quiz will help them do that.

Questions could include:

  • Does your website use a modern design layout aligned with 2023 trends?
  • Is your website’s loading time under 3 seconds?
  • Do you have an active blog or content section updated at least once a month?

2. SEO Health Check: Get an instant SEO score.

This quiz is the perfect addition to an SEO agency’s website. It allows your audience to answer a few questions and get an SEO score at the end. You could also give your leads some key action points that they can take to improve their SEO.

Questions could include:

  • Do you have meta descriptions for all your primary web pages?
  • Are you using relevant keywords in your site’s content?
  • Is your website mobile optimized for search?
SEO Agency Quiz

3. Brand Identity Check: Does your brand stand out?

This quiz is perfect for a branding agency that wants people to measure the consistency and influence of their brand. Branding takes years to master, but a quiz, along with a few questions, will help your visitors get an overview of what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong.

Questions could include:

  • Is your logo prominently displayed on all branding materials?
  • Do you have a brand style guide in place?
  • Is your brand’s colour palette consistent across all channels?

4. Content Quality Quiz: Analyse the effectiveness of your content.

If you write content for your agency clients, then try using a quiz to help them understand why their content isn’t performing and what they can do about it. Give them a few hints and tips based on their score. This will help them understand that you are an expert and can help them when they are ready to buy.

Questions could include:

  • Do you use a mix of content formats (videos, blogs, infographics)?
  • Is your content tailored to your target audience?
  • Do you have a content calendar in place?

5. UI/UX Evaluation: Is your website user-friendly?

This quiz helps people learn about the potential pitfalls and strengths when it comes to UI and UX. This could be used to engage large companies to identify weaknesses in their apps and websites. Once they’ve taken the quiz, give them the option to book a call and review their score 1-2-1.

Questions could include:

  • Is your navigation/menu intuitive and straightforward?
  • Is essential information easily accessible in 3 clicks or less?
  • Do you have a clear call-to-action on your main pages?

6. Social Media Performance Test: Gauge your social media strategy’s effectiveness.

A social media marketing agency could use a quiz like this to grow their audience and increase leads. You can ask specific questions and get a lot of data from these people that will help you identify the best prospects for your agency.

Questions could include:

  • Do you post content regularly on your primary social platforms?
  • Do you engage with your followers through comments, likes, or shares?
  • Have you set up business accounts/profiles for all your social platforms?

7. Email Marketing Assessment: Evaluate your email campaigns’ strengths.

If you are an email marketing agency, then you can use a quiz like this to help guide your audience and offer specific recommendations based on their score. On the results page, you can highlight why email marketing is so important and why they need an expert to help them do it effectively.

Questions could include:

  • Do you segment your email list based on user behaviour or preferences?
  • Do you regularly A/B test your email campaigns?
  • Have you integrated personalised elements into your emails?

8. Video Marketing Readiness: How optimised is your video content?

A video marketing agency could use a quiz to help people discover their strengths and areas of improvement in video. Video marketing is a big topic, so using a quiz to help people understand all the potential pitfalls will boost your authority and show your audience that you can help them.

Questions could include:

  • Do you use captions or subtitles in your videos?
  • Is the majority of your video content under 5 minutes?
  • Do you have a clear call to action at the end of your videos?

9. Conversion Rate Optimisation Test: Assess your website’s conversion potential.

This CRO quiz will help companies determine how well their website turns visitors into customers or landing pages view into leads. Improving conversion rates even slightly can help companies make huge increases in leads and sales. This means this quiz could be extremely valuable to your target clients.

Questions could include:

  • Do you have a dedicated landing page for each of your marketing campaigns?
  • Have you set up goal tracking in a tool like Google Analytics?
  • Do you perform regular A/B testing on your website’s key pages?

10. Mobile Responsiveness Quiz: Is your website mobile-optimised?

If your agency helps people create attractive mobile experiences for their website, then a quiz could work wonders. You could help people determine how mobile-friendly their site is and what they can do to improve it.

Questions could include:

  • Does your website adjust appropriately across various mobile device sizes?
  • Are clickable elements spaced adequately for touch navigation?
  • Do you avoid using Flash or other non-mobile-friendly elements?

11. Digital Ad Efficiency Test: Maximize your online ad spend.

Allow your audience to review the ROI potential of their advertising efforts. If someone is spending thousands on ads every month, your quiz could help the find out if they’re spending too much and if there are more efficient ways to spend.

Questions could include:

  • Are you using retargeting ads to engage past website visitors?
  • Have you segmented your ad audience based on behaviour or demographics?
  • Do you routinely adjust your ad spend based on performance data?
FB Ads Quiz

12. Brand Voice Consistency Test: Is your message clear and effective?

Use this quiz to help examine the consistency of your audience’s brand voice and messaging across platforms. The tone of voice, branding and messaging are all vital elements that can help your visitors attract their ideal clients. Your brand voice quiz is the perfect first step to learning the basics before moving on to work with you.

Questions could include:

  • Is your messaging consistent across all marketing channels?
  • Do you have a documented brand voice guide?
  • Do all team members or stakeholders align with your brand’s tone and voice?

13. Affiliate Marketing Potential Quiz: Can affiliates boost your business?

If you run an affiliate marketing agency then you might want to help your audeince understand the potential of affiliate marketing. This quiz could help you prime potential clients and introduce them to a few ideas and benefits they might not have considered.

Questions could include:

  • Do you currently have an affiliate program in place?
  • Have you set clear guidelines and resources for your affiliates?
  • Do you track and reward your top-performing affiliates regularly?

14. E-commerce Performance Quiz: How seamless is your online shopping process?

An e-commerce quiz like this could help your audience understand the efficiency and effectiveness of their e-commerce business. Making even the slightest improvements with e-commerce could result in a huge spike in sales.

Questions could include:

  • Is your checkout process limited to 3-4 steps maximum?
  • Do you offer multiple payment methods, including mobile payments?
  • Have you set up abandoned cart email reminders for potential customers?

15. Influencer Partnership Readiness: Is influencer marketing right for you?

Do you run an influencer marketing agency? If so, this quiz would be very useful for your audience. Help your visitors understand the potential of influencer collaborations for their brand so they can make the right decisions.

Questions could include:

  • Have you identified influencers whose audience aligns with your target market?
  • Do you have clear expectations and metrics for influencer campaigns?
  • Have you allocated a specific budget for influencer marketing?

16. Website Security Check: How safe is your online presence?

This quiz will help people measure their “defences” against potential online security threats and weaknesses. If your agency helps people protect themselves from malware and security issues then this quiz could be a great tool to have.

Questions could include:

  • Do you regularly update your website’s CMS and plugins?
  • Have you implemented an SSL certificate for your website?
  • Do you routinely back up your website’s data?

17. Graphic Design Quality Quiz: Does your design resonate?

Help your potential clients evaluate the impact and quality of their graphic design using this quiz. Design is such an important element for business owners, and having a quiz like this will really help them understand how effective their branding is.

Questions could include:

  • Are your graphics consistent with your brand identity and palette?
  • Do you prioritize visual hierarchy in your designs?
  • Have you refrained from using stock images excessively?

18. Local SEO Strength Test: Is your local presence strong?

This quiz will help your audience test their success and visibility in local search results. If your agency specialises in local SEO, then this would be a great way to help people identify their SEO opportunities.

Questions could include:

  • Is your business listed on local directories like Yelp and Google My Business?
  • Do you actively seek and respond to online reviews?
  • Are your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) details consistent across all listings?

19. Digital PR Impact Quiz: How effective is your online reputation?

This PR quiz could help business owners get a better understanding of their PR success. It could help score your audience based on what they are doing well and what needs improving.

Questions could include:

  • Have you secured online mentions or features in industry publications?
  • Do you actively monitor your brand mentions online?
  • Have you engaged with or managed any online crises proactively?
Marketing Quiz

20. Interactive Content Potential Quiz: Could interactive content boost engagement?

Do you build interactive content for clients using quizzes, calculators and planners? If so, you could use a quiz to help people determine how they might benefit from interactive content and what quick fixes they could implement to improve their engagement.

Questions could include:

  • Have you experimented with polls, quizzes, or interactive infographics?
  • Do you utilise shoppable posts on platforms that allow them?
  • Have you considered or started using calculators to help engage your audience?

21. Website Copy Crafter Quiz: How effective is your website copywriting?

This quiz is perfect if you write website content for your clients and you’d like a way for them to identify any mistakes they’re making and what they can do to improve their copy. This would help build trust and increase your authority on the topic.

Questions could include:

  • Is your website copy written in the first person?
  • Is it obvious from your website copy who your ideal customers are?
  • Do you have at least 500 words of copy for each product or service you offer?

Choosing quiz software for your agency

As you can see from this article, there are many ways you use quizzes within your agency. Quizzes are interactive, fun and are a great way to generate leads from your ideal clients.

If you are ready to launch your agency quiz, then start our 14-day free trial. Use one of our templates and our AI Quiz Builder to start getting more leads today.

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