How to Encourage People to Share Your Quiz

Encourage People to Share Your Quiz

The main goal of your quiz is to get your target customers to complete it. That way, you can wow them with valuable results and contact them directly. 

But does that mean that, once someone answers the last question, they’ve done their part? Well, not if you want to get the very most out of your quiz! 

With the right strategy, you can also encourage more people to share it after receiving their results.

Here’s how this trick will benefit your business – and how you can implement it successfully.

Getting your audience to share your quiz will help your business GROW

The right quiz will turn your customers into fans, and fans usually act as ambassadors: they’ll happily talk about your brand to others, so you’ll basically get free marketing (hurray!). 

And the best thing? 90% of your audience are more likely to trust brand recommendations from friends and family. So, by creating a buzz around your quiz and encouraging word-of-mouth hype, you’ll reach more people who’ll also complete it – and become high-quality leads for your business.

There are different ways you can do this. Some are entirely free, whereas others might require giving something away to encourage shares. Either way, it’s definitely going to be more budget-friendly than relying on paid ads alone to reach all those new people!

Turn your quiz into a fun marketing campaign 

If you want to reap the juicy benefits of word-of-mouth marketing (and why wouldn’t you?), don’t think of your quiz as an end-in-itself lead magnet. Plan it and promote it in a way that creates HYPE..

For example, look at Wordle, the simple word puzzle game that went from 90 daily players to 2 million in less than 3 months. How? Mainly thanks to social shares! 

  • Sense of community – Every day, everyone has to solve the same puzzle. Even by doing so individually, it feels like it’s bringing us together
  • Knowing their audience – Its founder observed the behaviour of Wordle’s early adopters. Instead of sharing their score, they were recreating its iconic tiles using emojis in different colours. So, he added that as an actual feature!
  • Easy to share – Wordle blew up once it started offering a simple way of sharing those results with a colour-coded grid that tells a story (how many attempts it took to solve it) without spoiling the answer
  • Visually appealing – The results are simple and immediate. Now, that grid has become so iconic that huge brands are referencing it in their own marketing, like Ikea arranging the colourful drawers of a shelving unit to look like Wordle tiles
  • Making it competitive in a fun, friendly way – Worlde encourages competition by inviting people to share their results. That way, their friends are compelled to give it a go to see if they can do better 

Pretty genius, right? But you don’t need to have a word-guessing game to use word-of-mouth marketing.

Here are some ideas to encourage YOUR audience to share their results after completing your quiz.

How do you make your quiz entertaining? Gamify it! 

Gamification means adding traditional game elements to your marketing to get more engagement and, ultimately, sales. For example, this can involve points, rewards, challenges, tracking progress, virtual currency or different levels.

  • Fun – Gamification works because it’s entertaining and gets people invested
  • Effective – It also makes it easier for them to retain information and stay focused

A quiz can bring all of this together! So, when you make it gamified and captivating, your audience will be more likely to share it after completing it. 

For example, Airbnb did this with their trip matcher. After answering some very tongue-in-cheek questions about holidays, a user will find out their travel personality. Of course, they’re immediately encouraged to share it!

How you do this will depend on your industry and business model. But overall, the idea is to give your quiz a fun spin that will:

  • make your customers think, “I bet my friend A would love this” or “Yes, I got X as a result! I need to share this with everyone.”
  • intrigue anyone who sees those results on their friend’s social media, getting them to think, “My friend B got this as a result. I wonder if I can do better” or “Let’s see what type of Y I am”

Make the process as smooth and easy as possible

Don’t forget that – from ads to notifications – people get easily distracted online and have a short attention span. Your audience is no exception!

So, if they have to jump through hoops and battle with several pop-ups to share their results, they’ll probably give up.

  • Make it a breeze for people to share their results after completing your quiz – Give them a few social media options, too. For example, if you only make it shareable on Facebook but a good chunk of your audience is more active on Instagram, you’ll miss out on A LOT of word-of-mouth marketing 
  • Create a suggested caption that grabs the attention of other users – This could be something along the lines of, “I’ve just scored X% at [quiz type]. You think you can do better?“ or “Turns out, I’m a [type of results]. Find out your [personality type]”

Create a buzz on social media with competitions

Prompting your users to share their results is a handy evergreen strategy. Wanna take it one step further? Create a more specific campaign or incentive around your quiz.

For example:

  • Offer a reward for those who share their results – This could be an affiliate scheme, a discount or a prize draw (e.g. “Share your results with your friends, and be entered for a chance to win [prize]”)
  • Create a relevant hashtag and competition, asking people to chime in – A memorable hashtag will set a theme and become recognisable. For example, remember Disney’s #ShareYourEars campaign? Whenever someone posted a photo wearing the iconic Mickey Mouse ears and using that hashtag, they donated $5 to the Make a Wish foundation. So, you could create a hashtag that’s relevant to your quiz, ask people to post about it and offer an enticing prize to the winner. Yes, it’ll cost you some money, but think of all the people you’ll reach (and turn into leads and customers)!

Start getting better leads when more people see your quiz

Once you have a quiz that’s both fun and strategic, it will

  • Make you stand out
  • Bring you more relevant and qualified leads
  • Get more people involved and interested in your brand
  • Encourage them to share your quiz
  • Reach even more people organically through word of mouth marketing
  • Bring you more leads when their friends complete it and share it
  • … and again, continuously!

So, what you need now is a strategic quiz that’ll keep on doing all that in the background for you. 

How about starting for FREE? At ScoreApp, we offer a 14-day free trial, and you can get your quiz live in less than 3 minutes using our AI builder.

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