Product Updates September ’21

At ScoreApp we’re constantly working towards making Scorecard marketing as quick and as easy as possible for small businesses to implement and benefit from. This month we’re excited to announce a big leap forward in this direction.

Scorecard Templates have arrived

We’ve launched beautiful fully ‘done for you’ templates so you can hit the ground running with your Scorecard marketing strategy. These templates include landing pages, questions, scoring and result pages all written and designed for you by our team of marketing professionals. All you need to do is choose a template, tweak the branding to suit and hit go live! You could be generating higher quality, higher converting leads in just a few minutes. It’s now that simple.

We plan to add lots more templates over the coming months. If you don’t see a template that suits for you industry please let us know at [email protected]

To Celebrate…more live Scorecards

For our existing customers…we’d love for you to be able to try one of the new templates so we’ve increased the amount of live Scorecards you can have in your account. Starter plans can now have 2 live Scorecards, Advanced 6 live Scorecards and Pro 15 live Scorecards.


If you’re already up and running with your Scorecard but just wanted to try out one of our new landing page designs, then you will also find that all of the new landing pages are available to use within your existing Scorecards as new templates.

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