What is a quiz funnel and why do you need one?

Quiz Funnel

Have you heard the term “Quiz Funnel” before, but you’re not entirely sure what it is or whether you need one?

In this article, we will tell you exactly what a quiz funnel is and how you can use one to get more qualified leads for your business.

Firstly, what is a marketing funnel?

Before we talk about quiz funnels, first, you’ll want to understand what a marketing funnel is.

There are many different marketing funnels, but the basic idea is always the same.

You take a potential customer through a series of stages, where each stage either offers free content or paid products.

Here’s an example of a basic marketing funnel:

Step 1. You attract a lead – someone fills out their contact information on your website in exchange for some content (e.g. a free PDF, cheat sheet or a free training video). They then get added to your email list.

Step 2. You offer a low-priced product – The lead has the chance to buy a low-cost product that provides some value without the customer paying a lot of money.

Step 3. You offer a more expensive product – Once they have purchased your first product (and they’ve been impressed by it!), you can offer them a more expensive (more valuable) product.

The idea is to get more leads to complete the first step. A percentage of them will buy your first offer, and then a percentage of those people will buy the second offer. And so on.

For example, it could look like this:

Step 1: 100 leads
Step 2: 20 low-cost product sales
Step 3: 5 high-cost product sales

Marketing funnel

As you can see, it looks a bit like a funnel, hence the name Marketing Funnel.

What is a quiz funnel?

A quiz funnel is a highly-effective marketing technique that allows you to offer specific content and products based on a person’s quiz score.

Quiz Funnel Example

Using a scoring system within your funnel is a powerful way to hook your visitor in and keep them engaged throughout the entire funnel.

A quiz funnel has some key differences from a traditional marketing funnel.

Rather than offer a free PDF or free video at the start of the funnel, you would send your traffic to a quiz. This quiz would allow people to fill out a series of questions and hand over their contact information to see the results.

A quiz funnel also allows you to show tailored results and content depending on how your visitor has answered specific questions.

With a quiz, you can also segment your leads based on their scores. This means they’ll receive tailored emails following the quiz that are incredibly helpful and specific just to them. We’ll go through this in more detail in this article.

Why you need a quiz funnel?

Using a quiz at the start of your funnel tends to work a lot better than a typical lead magnet because:

  • People love taking online quizzes as they are fun and interactive, and everyone likes to know how well they perform.
  • People get more value from personalised content and are more likely to give their data for tailored feedback and results.
  • Your sales conversion rate can improve dramatically because you can offer more relevant products and services to your leads based on their scores.
  • It shows your leads that you care by giving them tailored advice based on what they might be struggling with. They’ll feel more than ‘just another lead.’
  • You’ll have more data about your potential customers, which means you can develop products and services based on what your leads tell you.
  • You can take the data from the quiz and transform it into stand-out content which is unique and exciting for your audience.

As you can see, there are many reasons why quiz funnels work better than traditional marketing funnels.

With a quiz, you’re much more likely to transform your leads into paying customers, quickly moving them from step one to step two. This is because you’ve provided tailored advice in a fun and exciting way, and you’ll know exactly what they’re struggling with, so you can pitch to them effectively.

Lead Generation Quiz Course

How do you build a quiz funnel?

Okay, now for the practical bit.

Quiz funnels sound amazing, right? Quizzes are a far superior way of collecting leads and gaining data than any other lead magnet out there. But here’s the problem, how do you create a quiz funnel?

A quiz funnel is made up of 5 key sections. You can build these sections manually using various tools, or you could use an all-in-one software like ScoreApp.

  • Landing Page
  • Quiz Questions
  • Results
  • Call to Action
  • Follow up

Before we break these down, it’s important to point out that the best quiz funnels have a crystal clear product of service to offer. If you’re spending time and money on lead generation then you’ll want to be 100% sure your offer and messaging is what people want.

Quiz funnel landing page

The landing page for your quiz is super important because it’s how you’ll convince more people to take your quiz.

Landing Page Quiz Funnel

At the very least, your quiz landing page should:

Entice your visitor using clear, compelling copy and a prominent call-to-action button
Build trust using high-quality photographs and social proof
Make a promise which tells your visitor which areas they’re likely to improve

If you want more leads, make sure your landing page ticks all three of these boxes. Some quiz building tools like ScoreApp have some quiz landing page templates you can easily edit without the need for any coding. Plus, every landing page ticks all the boxes above.

Quiz questions

The second part of a quiz funnel is to ask a series of questions that your leads will need to answer to get their score.

The questions you ask can determine the success of your quiz funnel, so be sure to take some time to plan these out. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Quiz Funnel Questions

Use a mixture of questions

Ask a mix of simple AND thought-provoking questions. This will keep your visitor engaged with your quiz and keep them sharp right to the end.

Use simple, clear language

Use simple language and avoid jargon so your visitor can answer quickly and they don’t get bored.

Only ask question you need to

Be conscious of how many questions you ask and remember that more people will complete the quiz if it’s short, i.e. 10-20 questions.

Make it easy

Use multiple-choice questions that are easy and quick to select.

Most of your quiz questions should be light and fun to encourage more people to stay until the end.

Results Page

Once a visitor has completed the quiz, they see their results.

Some quiz software will only allow you to view “the score,” whereas others, like ScoreApp, will give your lead a full breakdown of how they scored based on key areas.

Quiz Software Results

If you think about it, a simple score like ‘you got 8 out of 20!’ isn’t really that helpful to the user, right? They need to understand how they can improve. It’s super important that you give as much value as possible to your visitor on the results page, that way, they are much more likely to buy from you in the future.

Here are a few tips for your results page:

  • Rather than simply “giving people their quiz score”, tell them why they scored the way they did and what that means for them.
  • Show your leads a breakdown of their answers or topics so you can be specific about your feedback.
  • Provide value. Give advice, guidance and support so your leads can improve their score and get better results going forward.

The results page within a quiz funnel is arguably the best content you could ever offer your audience.

If you can show your leads that you care about them by using a mixture of personalised feedback and specific advice, then your audience will love you for it! A static PDF or pre-recorded video simply cannot complete.

Call to action

At this point, you have delivered exceptional value and helped your leads, so now is the time to promote a product or service.

You can actually pitch a product on your results page.

Quiz Sales Funnel

At this point, you already have a lot of information about your leads, and you can be ultra-specific about the product you offer as a call to action. You can even offer different products based on the different scores your leads receive. This may be difficult to set up yourself, but is simple using quiz building software like ScoreApp.

Here are a few options you could choose from for your call to action:

Offer relevant products based on scores

Of course, not all your products will benefit your lead, but you can choose which products and services to promote based on their score by using a quiz.

Ask leads for a call

Instead of a product or a service, you could ask people to schedule a call with you to discuss their options. You can include a link to your calendar and offer a 15-minute chat. Naturally, some people will prefer to speak to you before making a buying decision.

Offer more helpful content

Some people might want more content before buying from you. You might want to use your call to action to get them to book a webinar or download a checklist. Nobody will complain about receiving too much value!

As you can see, there are many different calls to action you can use within your quiz funnel. Don’t be afraid to use a combination of these based on how your leads score in the quiz.

Follow up with quiz leads

Not everyone will buy from you when you offer a product or service on the quiz results page, so follow up!
As part of your quiz funnel, you need to follow up with leads to keep them warm and engaged. For this, you will use an email sequence. If you have provided value, your leads will want to hear from you. Below are some things you’ll need to build an email sequence.

Email Quiz Funnel

An email marketing tool

Using a tool like Active Campaign, Convert Kit or Mailchimp, you’ll be able to automate your email sequence, so you save more time.

5-10 pre-written emails

People usually need to hear from you 6-8 times before they feel comfortable buying from you. This is why it’s best to plan at least 10 to be on the safe side.

A mixture of email content

Rather than just sending long text-based emails, mix it up during the email sequence. For example, you can use images within your email, link to videos include links to extra content.

People like to get to know you before buying from you, so having an email sequence is an essential part of your quiz funnel.

Who should use a quiz funnel?

Businesses of all shapes and sizes use quiz funnels to attract more leads and grow their revenue. Below, I’ve listed a few examples of businesses already using quiz funnels successfully.

Service-based businesses

A service-based business such as a marketing agency, accountant and interior decorator can all use quiz funnels to attract leads and help them pre-qualify customers before speaking to them.

The more data you have about your prospects, the better and more meaningful the conversion will be.

Coaching and development

If you are a coach (e.g. a fitness coach or a business coach), you could use a quiz funnel to help your prospects understand what stage they are at and where they could be with your help.

Quiz funnels help people measure themselves before knowing what action to take next.

Bespoke products

If you sell bespoke products such as made-to-measure furniture or bespoke garden houses, then a quiz funnel will help you educate your leads so they can make an informed buying decision. As a result, leads will feel more confident and know more about how you can help them.

When NOT to use a quiz funnel?

We love quiz funnels, and there are many reasons to use them. However, there are times when using a quiz funnel might not be necessary. For instance, if you sell simple products that don’t require much thought, you might not benefit from using quiz software like ScoreApp.

Someone who walks into a shop and buys a phone charger probably doesn’t need to take a quiz to buy. It’s quick and straightforward, and the person knows what they want.

Quiz funnel tools

Many tools allow you to build a quiz funnel for yourself. Some will enable you to build your entire quiz funnel from start to finish, such as ScoreApp. Whereas other tools will only allow you to build certain pieces of the puzzle.

Using ScoreApp

ScoreApp allows you to build everything you need to run a successful quiz funnel.

  • Landing pages
  • Quiz builder
  • Dynamic Results page
  • Specific call to action
  • Follow up email once someone has completed the quiz

The only thing you might want to add is an email marketing tool so you can deliver long-lasting value over time. Of course, you may already have an email marketing tool like this.

Best Quiz Funnel Software

Not using ScoreApp

If you are building a quiz funnel without ScoreApp, you’ll need to get a pen and paper and make some notes.

Building a quiz funnel yourself means you’ll need to buy many different tools to build something that works.

This includes:

  • Landing Pages software such as Lead Pages – From $49 (Monthly)
  • Website Hosting to host the quiz – $5-$50 (monthly)
  • Stand-alone quiz software such as interact – From $29 (monthly)

There are many other tools you can use at various price points; these are just a few of the popular quiz funnels tools aside from ScoreApp.

What can you do now?

If you found this article useful, why not try out ScoreApp?

You get 14 days to try it out for FREE.

This means you can start generating leads today without spending a penny. So click the link below, and let’s get started.

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