7 Riddle Quiz Maker Alternatives: Pros, Cons & How to Choose

Riddle Quiz Alternatives

There are all kinds of quiz makers out there. Riddle might be a logical choice for some businesses – especially if they want a basic but entertaining quiz. 

But since you’re here, I take it that… it doesn’t sound like a good match for your preferences, budget or goals?

Then, let’s find out for sure and then look at the best quiz maker alternatives.

We’ll go through their pros and cons so that you can find the PERFECT tool for you.

Riddle quiz maker overview

Riddle is a platform to create quizzes, polls and surveys. They’re simple but entertaining, usually along the lines of “What’s your travel style?” and “Find your perfect shoes.”

If you run a large company (with a big budget) and want to engage your audience with a fun quiz? It might be a good choice.

However, it’s pricier than most Riddle alternatives. Despite this, it lacks features that you might take for granted, like customisable landing pages.

So, if you’re looking to share valuable content and rely on a full lead generation funnel, you might find it limiting.

Price – from £69/month (£708 if paid annually)


  • Simple – Riddle has an intuitive interface and a drag-and-drop quiz builder
  • AI – You can use it to speed up the creation process
  • Integrations – Riddle can be connected with several third-party apps (and it’s also available as a WordPress plugin). So, you can use it to contact your leads and send them personalised recommendations
  • Languages – It’s available in 60+. Ideal for businesses that target customers all around the world


  • Expensive – Riddle’s CHEAPEST plan is a whopping £69/month. And if you want to match your brand completely with custom fonts and a CSS editor? You’re looking at £299/month. This might not be a problem for the largest companies, but it can certainly be too much for small businesses and individuals (especially when you consider the following points) 
  • Limiting features – Despite being a quiz-building tool, Riddle doesn’t offer any pre-built landing pages. So, you’ll have to create them on your website and embed your quiz, all manually
  • Limited quiz types – Riddle is mainly about quizzes for engagement, such as personality, opinion polls and ‘pop quizzes’. But if you want something different (like a more strategic quiz to generate actual leads)? It might not be the right tool for you

7 best Riddle quiz maker alternatives

Are you looking to go beyond engagement-focused quizzes? Then, let’s find the best Riddle alternative in your specific case.

1. ScoreApp Quiz Maker

ScoreApp is our online quiz builder, and we created it to make quiz funnel marketing easy and affordable for all businesses. 

So, forget about basic or standalone quizzes! You’ll finally rely on a full funnel to get relevant warm leads, insightful data and more sales.

This is thanks to useful integrations and effective features, like strategic landing pages and Scorecards.

Basically, with your ScoreApp quiz, it’ll be a breeze to

  • Get those email addresses
  • Segment them
  • Send personalised recommendations based on someone’s results (and sell more)

Price – freemium and from £29/month (£290 with year plan)


  • Easy – It doesn’t matter if you’ve never used an online quiz maker before. Creating your first quiz couldn’t be easier with our intuitive interface, drag-and-drop builder and pre-made templates
  • Lots of quiz and question types – ScoreApp is incredibly versatile. You’ll access a wide range of quiz formats and questions, from multiple choice to sliding scales and open text (and more!)
  • Customisable – It’s your quiz, so it only makes sense that it matches your brand colours, fonts and logo
  • AI – We were the very first quiz software to integrate it. Now, you can use it to create your entire funnel in 3 minutes
  • Dynamic results – Most quiz builders show a standalone result or a single percentage. Not that compelling, is it? That’s why we give you the option to send personalised Scorecards to your customers. They’ll divide the results into categories, outlining what they’re already doing well and what they still need help with. You can then send targeted emails based on their results (and watch your conversions and sales GROW)
  • Strong analytics – You need to monitor your results to perfect your quiz and make informed decisions. So, unlike more basic Riddle alternatives, we offer you tracking features that are both in-depth and easy to analyse 
  • PDF reports – Our higher plans let you email a personalised and downloadable report to everyone who completes your quiz
  • Integrations – You’ll get to connect your ScoreApp quiz with several CRMs and email marketing software, as well as additional third-party tools through Zapier
  • Freemium – Build your first quiz without spending a single penny


  • Whitelabelling – If it’s a non-negotiable, we’re not the right Riddle alternative for you at this stage. In the future, we might very well include the option to remove our logo. But 5000+ businesses and agencies are already sharing ScoreApp quizzes with their clients, so it doesn’t seem to be a problem in most cases
  • Slightly more expensive – Our higher plans include features and analytics that go beyond other Riddle alternatives. So, they cost a little more. But don’t forget that you can start with a free plan or save 20% with a yearly subscription

Launch your free quiz today, and start getting higher-quality leads and more sales – all automatically

2. ProProfs Quiz Software

ProProfs is a SaaS training software and an entire learning management system. You can choose to invest in separate tools (like its quiz maker) or bigger solutions. 

ProProfs Quiz Maker

Overall, it’s geared towards employee training. So, it’s a good Riddle alternative if you run a large company and that’s all you want to focus on.

It does have some options for customers too, but it’s not the best online quiz maker to create a full lead-generation funnel.

Price – freemium and from £20.42/month


  • Internal training – You can create a variety of quizzes, tests and tools to train and upskill your employees
  • Lots of features – From 15 question types to 1,000,000+ pre-made wordings, this Riddle alternative comes with plenty of useful functionalities
  • Integrations – You can connect your ProProfs quiz to its LMS and external tools
  • Languages – With 70+, it’s handy for multinational companies and global audiences


  • Limited use – ProProfs is a fantastic Riddle alternative for internal training and, potentially, customer service. That’s about it, though. If you want to get more leads and sales, it’s not the best quiz building software for you
  • Learning curve – If you were after a simple quiz builder, you might struggle with ProProfs. And if you don’t make the most of its additional features? You might not get your money’s worth
  • Limited customisation – You can personalise certain elements, but not as much as you would with some other Riddle alternatives 
  • Limitations and confusing model – Getting started with ProProfs isn’t very straightforward, especially because it’s divided into separate products. So, it might be tricky (and potentially expensive) to find the right solution for you

3. Wufoo form builder

Wufoo is an online form builder by SurveyMonkey: contact forms, payment forms, surveys, applications… you name it!

Wufoo Quiz Builder

Overall, it’s a budget-friendly Riddle alternative to gather feedback and create reports.

But if you need a funnel to get new leads automatically, it wouldn’t be for you.

Price – freemium and from £11.50/month


  • Easy – Wufoo offers 400+ pre-made templates and a drag-and-drop builder. So, you won’t struggle to create a simple form 
  • Payments – As well as feedback and data, you can use your forms to collect payments automatically
  • Analytics – Wufoo is a tool by SuveyMonkey. So, I’m not surprised that it offers strong reporting features and different ways to export data
  • Budget-friendly – The free plan is so limited that it’s more of a trial, but the Starter option includes quite a few features and integrations


  • Steep learning curve – Creating a basic form? Easy. Going beyond that? Not so much, according to several users
  • Limitations – Wufoo forms aren’t as customisable as other Riddle alternatives. Many users also felt limited by features like field restrictions, data export and not enough credit card getaways
  • UX Many people have also been wrestling with Wufoo’s outdated interface and glitches 
  • Limited use – If you were hoping for actual leads and sales (as well as data), you’d be disappointed. It’s just not what Wufoo was built for

4. 123FormBuilder 

The name pretty much sums it up. This Riddle quiz maker alternative is all about online forms, from applications to surveys and more.

123 Form Builder

You can also collect payments and connect these forms with your existing tools.

Overall, 123FormBuilder is useful for collecting customer feedback. If you’re after a lead generation solution, however, it’s not for you.

Price – freemium and from £16.32/month


  • Simple – Choose among 2000+ templates, and use the drag-and-drop builder to create your first form
  • Integrations – You’ll get to connect your form with the rest of your systems and software
  • Secure – You’ll collect data in a safe online environment, with secure payments and forms that comply with major regulations (like GDPR)
  • Budget-friendly – The free and basic plan might be enough in some cases


  • Limited use – 123FormBuilder does have some quiz options, but they’re extremely basic. That’s simply because it’s not its focus! If you’re only after forms, it’s a good tool. But if you need something else (for example, a full funnel), it wouldn’t be for you
  • Learning curve – Despite the name, going beyond a basic form is NOT always as easy as 1, 2, 3 
  • Might be expensive – Do you need more than what the free and basic plan can offer you? Like collecting payments and unlocking additional integrations? Then it’ll be £31.01/month, which can be a lot for a form builder

5. LeadQuizzes 

As you probably guessed, this is a Riddle alternative to get more leads with a quiz. It has options for forms, surveys and tests, too.

LeadQuizzes Quiz Tool

However, despite its focus on lead generation, it lacks features that are usually a given. For example, its landing pages, quiz styles and analytics are rather basic. You also can’t match your brand to the T.

So, it’s not for you if you want to take full control of your funnel. It’s good enough to engage your audience with simple and fun quizzes, though.

Price – from £29.71/month


  • Lead generation – Rather than just feedback and data, this Riddle alternative can help you get more leads, too
  • Versatile – You can create quizzes, surveys, forms and tests
  • Simple – Start with a basic template, and use its drag-and-drop blocks to add to it
  • Integrations – It has 25+. So, you should be able to connect it with most of your usual tools


  • Limitations – You can only really create scored, personality and trivia quizzes
  • Basic landing/results pages – Unlike some of the best LeadQuizzes alternatives, there’s only so much you can do. For example, you can’t add strategic elements (like videos and testimonials) to maximise your conversions. You also can’t follow them up with downloadable PDF reports 
  • Basic analytics – Tracking data is an essential part of a strong funnel. Unfortunately, LeadQuizzes offers fairly limiting options
  • Might be expensive – The cheapest plan lacks important lead-generation features (like sending personalised emails with results). So, to create a stronger funnel, you’re looking at £59.41/month. Not a problem for huge companies, but it might be too much for small businesses or individuals 

6. Quizizz – ideal for teachers

This is probably the best Riddle quiz maker alternative for teachers. Quizizz is a LMS platform to boost student participation and make learning more fun and effective.

Quizizz Teacher Quiz

You’ll get to create different types of interactive content like quizzes, tests and assessments.

Needless to say, though, it’s NOT relevant if you run a business.

Price – freemium and with custom quotes


  • For teachers – Quizizz is a handy tool that, according to their website, can save teachers 3.5h every week. This is thanks to features like a huge content library and 30M+ pre-made activities
  • Helpful for students – They can also use it to revise and prepare for tests
  • Versatile formats – You have A LOT to play with, such as 6 question types, interactive lessons, memes, a whiteboard feature and real-time insights 
  • Accessible – This Riddle alternative has inclusive features like a read-aloud mode for elementary students and English language learners


  • Cheating – Quizizz does try to prevent it, but many teachers still have problems with this
  • Wrong information – The shared content library is great. But it also means that your students can access inaccurate data (after all, anyone can create these resources)
  • Limited use – Even though they introduced a business option for employee onboarding and gamification, Quizizz is mostly relevant for teachers. If you want to get leads and sales for your business, it’s not the best Riddle quiz maker alternative  
  • Pricing model – There’s a free option for teachers but it’s more limited. So, to access its full potential, you need to convince your school or district to sign up for a plan

7. QuestionPro – good for surveys

This Riddle alternative is mainly about surveys: you can use them for market research or to increase employee engagement. 

Question Pro Software

With its more expensive plans, you also access a few quiz options. However, they’re just not the main focus of QuestionPro, so they’re not as in-depth as other quiz builders.

I especially recommend this platform if you need to collect data for research purposes (NOT lead generation) and… if you have a big budget.

Price – freemium and from £79.36/month


  • Surveys – QuestionPro includes a wide range of features to create the perfect surveys, from branching logic to around 30 question types 
  • Reports – It’s easy to convert your survey results into graphs and reports
  • Integrations – You can connect your surveys to quite a few CRMs and third-party tools


  • Learning curveSome users found its interface too complicated and struggled to make the most of its features
  • Limited use – If you only need to focus on market research and data collection, QuestionPro is excellent. But if you were hoping for a full funnel that brings you new leads automatically? It won’t be for you
  • Might be expensive – The free plan is very limited, so you’re probably looking at at least £79.36/month (per user). For its higher plans, you’ll need a custom quote. So, it’s clear that QuestionPro was created with large companies (and big budgets) in mind

Note: all prices correct at the time of publishing

Riddle me this: what’s the best Riddle alternative for your business?

The best Riddle alternative in your case will depend on your specific needs and goals. 

As you now know, most of these tools have different focuses and features (like ProProfs for internal use and Quizizz for teaching).

But if you’re after a full funnel that keeps bringing you leads, data and sales? Then it’s not a riddle at all: the best alternative is obviously ScoreApp because… that’s exactly what we built it for!

Launch your first quiz for FREE, and take control of your lead generation today.

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