How authors can use quizzes to promote their business book

Quiz for Book Authors

So, you wrote a business book? Congratulations! While that’s a HUGE achievement, your work isn’t quite done.

Now, it’s time to get your book in the hands of your audience and turn them into clients for your main business.

As you probably know, a book is the best business card, but it’s not always easy to get people from buying a book to becoming a client.

There are many strategies for helping you do this, such as talking about it on social media and sharing the book with your audience. However, we’ve found that using a quiz or a scorecard is one of the most effective (and overlooked) ways to draw attention to your book and help prime readers to become clients.

How do quizzes based on books work?

As an author, you will massively benefit from using a quiz. This is for two main reasons:

  • Quizzes help new people find out about your book to begin with
  • Quizzes help your existing readers become clients or customers

And the best thing? You don’t have to come up with a whole new concept or set of topics! You can take the key teachings in your book and repurpose them into a quiz. Simple.

For example, the Key Person of Influence Scorecard follows the same principles as the Key Person of Influence book. It follows the 5 P’s to becoming the leader in your industry. It was easy for Daniel to create the KPI scorecard because all of the ideas and questions had already been explored and tested with his audience.

Key Person of Influence Quiz

So, you can create your quiz by referring back to the framework or core chapters in your business book.

Overall, think of it this way:

  • If someone hasn’t read your book yet, you want to help them figure out what they’re already doing well and what they need to improve – when it comes to your niche and book topic. The solution? Buying your fabulous book to dive deeper into it or investing in your services to get there faster
  • If someone has already read your book, you want to quiz them on what they’ve learnt and show them what they still need to improve – and position your services as the obvious solution

Luckily, you’ve already done all the planning and thinking when you worked on your book (pheeeew).

Now, it’s just a matter of repurposing it into a quiz.

With ScoreApp, you can also rely on an AI quiz builder to write the actual questions, results and email sequences, creating the entire thing in 3 minutes.

Why you should use quizzes to promote your book

You only create your quiz once, but it’ll keep on benefiting your book and business in different ways.

1. Using a quiz allows you to generate leads directly – and nurture them

Most of your readers will probably buy your book on Amazon. While it might be great for that initial sale, it also means that… you can’t identify them and stay in touch.

Book Quiz

When you create a quiz for your business book, on the other hand, you can generate more leads and actually keep track of them. You’ll collect their email addresses to send them their personalised results, and you’ll then get to email them directly through your newsletter.

By doing so, you’ll nurture them and position your products or services as the logical next step. They’ll then get in touch when they’re ready to take their learnings to the next level by investing in you.

2. You can embed learning

We bet you don’t want people to read your book, put it back on the shelf and forget about you forever. You need to keep up the momentum!

So, by encouraging your readers to complete your quiz, you’ll allow them to apply what they’ve just learnt, figure out what they still need help with and keep their excitement levels up.

As for those who haven’t read your book yet but completed your quiz? You’ve just primed them by shining a light on those core topics. Because they haven’t gone through the actual book, they’re also more likely to get lower quiz scores. So, they’ll see exactly why they need your help – whether that’s by buying your book or investing in you.

3. You’ll give your audience a roadmap on what to improve

When presented with a lot of information and too many tasks, many people get overwhelmed and… end up doing nothing.

Instead, quiz software with categories will show them what they actually need to focus on first.

For example, a content marketing quiz might show your audience that they’re already doing well with their social media but they’ve never blogged on their business website. So, they should start blogging ASAP to attract relevant traffic and position themselves as a thought leader.

4. Your book will get a personalised twist

Books are a fantastic tool to increase your brand awareness and grow your business. However, they have a limitation: they’re not bespoke! And over 3 in 4 consumers are more likely to buy from brands that personalise.

With a quiz, you can implement this personalisation element by sending out different results and advice depending on their score.

This will allow your participants to receive bespoke feedback on what they’re already doing well and what they actually need to focus on to improve – all based on their unique situation.

5. You can use a quiz to promote your book, too

If you want to build momentum for your book, then using a quiz will help you promote your book before its release.

For instance, leading up to the release of Scorecard Marketing, Daniel launched a scorecard as a waitlist. People who wanted a free digital copy could take the scorecard, answer a few questions and get an advanced copy.

He was able to share the scorecard on social media and with his audience to build excitement and momentum before it was even published.

Scorecard Marketing Book

This allowed Daniel to gain huge traction and have an army of eager readers waiting to pounce whenever the book was ready.

How can you turn readers into quiz takers?

Ready to get in touch with the readers who’ve already purchased the book on external platforms? Here’s how you can do that.

Book More Leads

1. Mention your quiz in the actual book

You don’t want Amazon to hoard all those potential leads and email addresses. So, reference your quiz in the book, and do so several times – don’t be shy!

  • Introduce the quiz at the start of the book – Include a simple URL (e.g.
  • Repeat it throughout your chapters, and make it an integral part of the learning – Tell your readers that the quiz will enable them to figure out what they’re already doing well and what needs improving
  • Remind them to take the quiz when they get to the end of your book – Encourage your readers to reassess their situation and figure out what they’ve actually learnt

Here’s an example of some copy you could use within your book to promote your scorecard…

Before you get into this book, you should know where you are right now with [what you teach in your book], and, more importantly, where you can improve.

Luckily, there’s a simple way you can do this. Take our free, two-minute [insert name] scorecard/assessment/quiz at The scorecard/assessment/quiz will tell you…

1. [Insert benefit one of taking your scorecard]

2. [Insert benefit two of taking your scorecard]

3. [Insert benefit three of taking your scorecard]

Just answer these quick, simple questions, and at the end, you’ll know exactly where you are right now and exactly where you need to improve.

And if you’re now thinking, “But it’s too late! The book is already available for purchase on Amazon!” Don’t worry: it’s an easy fix.

All you’ll need to do is edit the start of your book, add the quiz in a few places, and resubmit your book to Amazon. The whole process should take you 30-45 mins. What’s worse, though: spending time doing that now or missing out on all those direct leads forever? We think the latter!

2. Include the quiz on your business website

Your audience shouldn’t have to scout for your quiz: it should be easy to find on your website. Even better? Visible as soon as your audience lands on it.

You can promote your quiz on your website by adding it to:

  • Your hero section, either as your main call to action or a separate button (for example, if someone isn’t ready to click the main one to book a 1:1 call, they’ll see a second option right next to it: starting with a quiz – a more alluring and lower-commitment step at this stage)
  • Your top header bar
  • A pop-up or a slide-in/scroll box that comes up from the bottom of the page
  • Your menu
  • Your resource page
  • A full-width banner
  • Your blog posts

Having your quiz on your website will also reach potential clients who have not read your book just yet.

3. For everyone who compliments your book, send them the quiz!

Once your book is out, we’re confident you’ll start receiving messages and emails about it.
Don’t leave it at “Thank you for your feedback!” Continue the relationship by sending them a direct link to the quiz.

For example, you could say something along the lines of: “I’m so glad you found my book useful! If you’re excited to put it into practice but not sure where to start, I recommend taking my free quiz. It’ll create a personalised report with the right next steps for you.”

4. Include your quiz as bonus material for your book

Are you selling your book on your own site as well as Amazon and external platforms? Then send the quiz to everyone who purchases it, and position it as an exclusive bonus for added value.
After all, they’ll get a free resource to monitor their learning and receive personalised feedback. Who wouldn’t want that?!

Creating your personalised quiz to promote your business book

The right quiz will allow you to:

  • Sell your book to more people
  • Turn more of your existing readers into leads – and nurture them
  • Get some of them to invest in your brand to receive additional help now that they see you as the obvious solution to their problem

How about trying all this for FREE?

At ScoreApp, we offer access to the platform for free. Sign up today, get your quiz live in less than 3 minutes using our AI builder and turn your book into a lead-generating machine for your business.

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