11 Best Quiz Platforms for Engagement & Learning

Best Quiz Platforms for Engagement & Learning

Thanks to their interactive and question-based nature, quizzes are perfect to grab and retain someone’s attention as well as to test their knowledge.

So, they can work well for different sectors, from teaching to corporate training and businesses looking to get more people to interact with them.

But what are the best platforms to create quizzes for engagement and learning?

It really depends on your needs, budget and goals. So, to help you find the right one for you, we brought a varied range of quiz builders in one place and highlighted their top features.

Best quiz formats for engagement 

These are particularly useful for businesses that want to grow their audience through a fun and engaging quiz lead magnet (like “Find your traveller profile” or “What Disney princess are you?”). 

They can also be used to keep attendees entertained during events or presentations, getting them to interact with the speaker.

Overall, the best quiz formats for engagement involve a mixture of question types or focus on a specific style, like:

  • Multiple choice, particularly quick and easy to answer 
  • Image-based or video quizzes, for a visually compelling experience 
  • Personality quizzes that reveal something about the participant’s character
  • Puzzles or timed quizzes, with a countdown to raise the stakes
  • Polls and surveys that let people share their opinions 

Best quiz formats for learning and development 

These quizzes are perfect in educational settings and for employee training and development

They can also be used by businesses as a valuable lead magnet. In this case, the focus is usually on assessing your audience’s situation or testing their knowledge on a specific topic (like “What’s your content marketing score?” or “Get your free SEO report”).

The best quizzes for learning and development tend to involve: 

  • Short answers, so that attendees can use their own words to explain a specific concept
  • Scenario-based questions to see how they’d apply their learnings to a real-life situation
  • Drag-and-drop questions to place each item in the correct order
  • Multiple choice, true-or-false and fill-in-the-blanks questions to test your participants’ knowledge
  • Flashcards to memorise new information 
  • Scorecard quizzes that assess your knowledge in a specific area

11 best quiz platforms for engagement, learning and development

Some tools are definitely better suited for different types of businesses or environments (for example, educational or corporate) but you should also focus on what you’re actually aiming to achieve with your quiz.

1. ScoreApp 

We built ScoreApp to help more businesses attract warm leads, gain powerful insights and increase sales.

Thanks to a valuable quiz lead magnet and full funnel? You will reach new people and turn them into customers while offering them a compelling and personalised experience.

With ScoreApp, you can create different types of quizzes, including personality quizzes and scorecards. The former are perfect for engagement. The latter are ideal for learning and testing (because they measure someone’s knowledge or skills in a specific area).

Our quiz software is less relevant for teachers looking to gamify lessons, but as a business, you can use ScoreApp for all kinds of additional tasks and goals. To name a few? Building waitlists to sell out your launches, pre-qualifying your leads, conducting market research and more. 


Freemium and from £24/month

Key features

  • Full quiz funnel – From the initial landing page to the quiz itself and all the strategic content you can share afterwards (like valuable results pages and personalised email sequences)? Your ScoreApp funnel will keep bringing you leads!
  • Lots of formats – You can create different types of quizzes and keep them varied thanks to several question formats, from open text to sliding scales and much more
  • Segmentation – Your ScoreApp quiz will divide your participants into groups based on their answers. So, you’ll get to nurture or contact them in a more personalised (and effective) way
  • Drag-and-drop quiz builder, templates and AI – This all makes it a piece of cake to get started, even if you’ve NEVER built a quiz for engagement and learning before
  • Integrations – Your ScoreApp quiz will work seamlessly with your email marketing platform, CRM and additional third-party tools
  • Robust analytics – Use them to find out what’s working (and what isn’t) with your quiz. Then, optimise it even further

Best quiz platform for:

Any kind of business looking to generate more leads and sales with a quiz lead magnet and funnel, whether that’s by engaging their audience (for example, with a personality quiz) or by testing their knowledge and assessing their situation with a scorecard

Create your ScoreApp quiz for engagement and learning for FREE 

2. Kahoot!

This fun and colourful game-based learning platform was created with teachers and students in mind, especially younger ones.

It allows the former to gamify their lessons while helping the latter revise and practice independently.

Kahoot! is particularly popular for its flashcards, learning games and trivia quizzes.

It does have some options for corporate and professional environments, but it’s not its strongest point.


From £10/month 

Key features

  • Gamification – From colourful flashcards to leaderboards, it makes learning fun for children in particular
  • Lots of formats – You can create different types of games and questions (like sliders, true or false, open-ended, puzzles and more)
  • Drag-and-drop quiz builder, templates and AI – Kahoot! is fairly intuitive and simple to use
  • Business presentations – You can also create colourful and interactive slides

Best quiz platform for:

K-12 teachers who want to break up their lessons and keep their young students engaged with fun quizzes and games

3. Quizlet

This quiz platform for learning includes a few interesting options for teachers but its focus is on helping students revise and test their own knowledge.

For example, both teachers and students can use Quizlet to create study sets, flashcards and quizzes. 

Needless to say, it’s just not relevant for businesses looking to engage their audience, test their employees or generate leads. 


From £6.99/month

Key features

  • Study sets – As well as accessing those created by their teachers, students can put together their own study sets, too 
  • Lots of formats – Quizzes, flashcards, competitions, dynamic tests… Teachers have many options to assess their students and keep them engaged 
  • AI – This allows Quizlet users to save plenty of time, from turning students’ notes into flashcards to helping teachers create their material faster 
  • Languages – It has 15+, which makes it ideal for multinational classes and foreign language teachers

Best quiz platform for:

Students who want to study, memorise and revise their lessons in a more engaging way, especially through flashcards

4. Socrative

While some quiz learning platforms are mainly popular among the youngest students (like Kahoot!), Socrative is a more versatile option. It can easily be tailored to higher education and corporate settings, too.

It also lets teachers and trainers create separate rooms for simultaneous activities, and it offers real-time feedback.

However, it lacks integrations and more advanced features that might be necessary for certain subjects. Plus, it won’t be relevant if you were hoping for a quiz platform that could help with lead generation as well. 


Freemium and from £7.84/month 

Key features

  • Fun features for kids – Socrative offers a popular Space Race quiz, classroom games, countdowns and more
  • Features for higher education – You can access content from educators all around the world. Socrative also makes it easy to create different types of quizzes and team activities to keep lectures engaging
  • Corporate training features – Socrative can be used for employee learning too, including tests for certifications. You can also save time by importing data from your existing spreadsheets

Best quiz platform for:

Higher education and businesses striving to create real-time quizzes and tests with a more professional-looking (but still engaging) tool 

5. Google Forms

It’s not very well known for it, but this tool can also be used to create simple quizzes.

The interesting thing about them is that you can grade them in different ways, like choosing whether or not to reveal each participant’s results immediately.

However, keep in mind that, because they’re not its main focus, Google Forms is quite limited when it comes to quizzes. For example, you won’t get to match your branding entirely, access in-depth analytics or build a full funnel. It also lacks the fun interface and collaborative features that would keep a classroom engaged. 

So, I only recommend it if you need a quick and easy option to put together a basic quiz or test, maybe as a one-off.


Freemium and from £9.41/month

Key features

  • Grading – For example, you can choose to grade by question or individual and to release the scores immediately or send them via email
  • Conditional logic – You could use it to unlock different questions based on someone’s answers
  • Google integrations – Your quiz will work seamlessly with the rest of Google’s products
  • Drag-and-drop blocks and intuitive interface – It’s easy to put a simple Google Forms quiz together

Best quiz platform for:

Small businesses with a limited budget and that only need to create quizzes occasionally (for example, to test their employees’ knowledge)

6. Mentimeter

This is a handy engagement tool to improve your presentations, workshops, lessons or team meetings, whether that’s by testing your audience or gathering their opinion in real time.

Mentimeter has a sleek and professional-looking interface (as opposed to more fun and colourful options like Kahoot!). This makes it more suitable for businesses and higher education settings. 

Keep in mind, though, that it just won’t be relevant if you want to use your quiz to generate leads as well as engagement. 


Freemium and from £10/month 

Key features

  • Mixture of formats – You can create word clouds, live polling, quizzes, Q&As and surveys
  • Presentations – As well as making the overall delivery and experience more engaging, you can put together the actual slides with Mentimeter, too
  • Profanity filter – It’ll stop inappropriate answers from showing up on your screens
  • Analytics – This quiz builder lets you collect and review a lot of useful data 
  • Phone connection – Use your phone like a remote during your presentations

Best quiz platform for:

Businesses aiming to deliver more interactive presentations, and higher education teachers who want to keep their students engaged during lectures (especially with real-time quizzes and polls)

7. Quizizz

This is a full learning management system for teachers first and foremost.

It’s particularly useful for boosting student participation during lessons and for helping them revise independently.

Quizizz did introduce some options for businesses too, but mainly for onboarding and employee training. So, it’s not really geared towards engaging quiz lead magnets to grow your audience and get more customers.


Freemium (basic free option for teachers) and with bespoke plans for schools and businesses 

Key features

  • Content library – You can use 30M+ pre-made activities and templates. However, keep in mind that your students might access inaccurate information!
  • Integrations – Quizizz connects with handy educational tools and software like Google Classroom
  • Lots of formats – Keep your quizzes and lessons varied with 6 question types, memes, a whiteboard feature and more 
  • Accessible – Its read-aloud mode is ideal for language learners, younger students and those with special needs
  • Business – They’re not the most extensive, but Quizizz does include some features for employee onboarding and training, too

Best quiz platform for:

Schools that are ready to invest in a comprehensive option for several teachers, and businesses that want to make their employee onboarding and training more engaging

8. Typeform

This online builder for forms and surveys is known for its one-question-at-a-time design that flows like a conversation.

You can add scores and calculations to your Typeform quizzes. However, because they’re not its main focus, those features aren’t very extensive (especially when compared to quiz platforms to create a full funnel or test a classroom in real time). Some users also encountered problems with bots, which can be annoying when your plan goes up based on the number of submissions you receive.

Overall, though, Typeform can be a nice simple option to keep your audience engaged while you ask strategic questions and collect insights. 


From £21/month 

Key features

  • Drag-and-drop builder and 3,000+ templates – While some advanced features might require more of a learning curve, it’s easy to create a simple form or quiz
  • Unlimited forms and questions – You get that even with the basic plan 
  • Integrations – It connects with lots of third-party apps, and it’s particularly easy to embed your Typeform quiz on your website

Best quiz platform for:

Businesses that mainly need to collect insights from their audience (especially on their website) but want to make the overall experience more engaging

9. ProProfs Quiz Maker

ProProfs is actually an entire learning management system for businesses, but you can also choose to invest in individual tools like its quiz maker.

It does include a few options to engage your customers, gather feedback from them or create student assessments as a teacher. Its main focus, however, is clearly on corporate training.

As long as you can get past its initial learning curve, you’ll find lots of useful features to onboard and upskill your employees. 


Freemium and from £7.83/month

Key features

  • Corporate training – You can create pre-employment tests, onboarding, quiz certifications, compliance assessments and more
  • AI, 100+ templates and 100,000+ ready-to-use questions – ProProfs might not be the most intuitive platform, but it does include some handy features to help you get started
  • Languages – It has 70+, which is ideal for multinational companies with global audiences
  • Robust analytics – You can collect and analyse plenty of data

Best quiz platform for:

Internal training and onboarding (with all kinds of quiz and test formats)

10. Poll Everywhere

This polling and quiz platform has a big focus on real-time engagement. 

You can use its surveys, polls, quizzes, word clouds and Q&As to get your audience involved during online meetings, in-person events, employee training or lectures. They’ll be able to access them on both phones and desktops, too.

When it comes to educational settings, Poll Everywhere hasn’t got many features to facilitate learning or revising, and its interface can make it less appealing for younger kids.

However, it’s a great tool to make live training, events and lectures more interactive.


Freemium and from £7.84/month 

Key features

  • Versatile options – You can use Poll Everywhere before, during and after the actual event, too. It also includes handy features like asynchronous feedback 
  • Integrations – It’s not the most impressive list, but it could easily be all you need when it comes to presentations and lectures
  • Robust analytics – With some paid plans, you also get to access in-depth reporting features
  • Moderation – Avoid inappropriate or off-topic responses by reviewing them before they go live 

Best quiz platform for:

Higher education settings and businesses that want to make live events and training more engaging (through a mixture of quizzes, polls, surveys and other features)

11. Gimkit

Created by a high-school student, this game-based platform for classrooms focuses on fun learning, quizzes and challenges

Students compete against each other by answering questions on their smartphones, tablets or laptops, or they can use Gimkit to revise independently, too.

It’s definitely a compelling and engaging tool. However, it offers limited question types, and it’s not the most versatile platform (for example, it’s less relevant for older students or businesses).

Given its pricing model, Gimkit is only really worth it if the entire department or school is on board.


Freemium and £509.61 or £784.01/year for departments or schools

Key features

  • Lots of formats – For example, you have 10+ different game modes to choose from
  • Competition – Gimkit keeps students motivated with features like in-game cash and leaderboards (although you could argue that they might end up focusing more on winning than learning)
  • Collaborative options – Students can also submit their own questions, and if you accept them, the whole class will play a game based on those

Best quiz platform for:

Departments and schools that want to gamify some lessons every once in a while (for K-12 students in particular)

All prices correct at the time of publishing this article

Improve engagement and learning with ScoreApp

As you now know, some of these quiz platforms for engagement and learning are better suited for different goals and settings, from corporate training to K-12 teachers and higher education.

But if you want to create an engaging or assessment-style quiz to attract more people, nurture them and turn them into customers? Then the logical answer is ScoreApp! So, create your first engagement and learning quiz today and for FREE.

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