10 Ways to Pre-Qualify Leads Using your Quiz Questions

Pre-qualification Quiz Questions

Everyone wants more leads. A steady flow of leads can help transform your business and get more sales.

However… not all leads are the same.

Some leads our super high quality and deliver new clients, and some leads might be low quality and deliver headaches and wasted time.

In this article, I’ll be walking you through how (and why) you can use a quiz to improve the quality of your leads and increase your sales.

Why and how quizzes can help you pre-qualify your warm leads

Maybe there’s still a little voice in your head telling you “the more, the better,” even if your leads aren’t pre-qualified. After all, your sales team can just work their magic, can’t they?

Well, here’s why not pre-qualifying your leads would cause your business a few problems:

Your sales team would waste time (and money) on the wrong leads

If they’re always busy having sales calls with the wrong prospects, it means they’re not selling to the right ones

It’d be bad for their morale and motivation

Forcing your sales team to keep talking to prospects who are just not going to say yes? Not only does that mean they won’t hit their sales targets: it would also cause stress and frustration, perhaps tempting them to over-promise or pressure the wrong leads into buying

Selling to the wrong leads can backfire

If your sales team ends up doing that, it might feel good to get that initial sale… but it’d create more problems down the line, like refunds and negative sentiment around your brand

Basically, trying to sell to everyone would cost you time, money and energy. Pre-qualifying your leads? It’ll optimise them! That’s where the right quiz comes into play:

You can ask strategic questions that’ll inform your next steps

By gathering the right data and insights, you’ll get to send the right follow-up emails and set yourself up for success with your sales calls. ScoreApp makes this a breeze by allowing you to send different sequences based on a prospect’s quiz results

You can filter those responses and focus on warm leads

No more wasting your sales team’s time and energy by forcing them to speak to every Tom, Dick and Harry

You’ll be saving additional time

No need to ask those pre-qualifying questions during the actual call: the quiz will be doing all that in the background

How many pre-qualifying questions should you use in your quiz?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer, but our main advice is: use pre-qualifying questions SPARINGLY!

Aim for 10% of your quiz questions as a rule of thumb

Think of them as the seasoning, not the main meal. The bulk of your quiz must involve questions that’ll translate into a valuable experience, score and report for your prospects

Don’t open with pre-qualifying questions

Get your prospects hooked and excited by starting the quiz with questions that are related to their current situation, challenges and goals. You want to give, give, give… and then ask for some insights (not the other way around!)

What if my quiz participants don’t like these pre-qualifying questions?

That’s actually unlikely to be a problem: 83% of consumers are happy to share their data to enable a more personalised experience – A quiz primes your prospects to share their information by answering questions. As long as you’re giving value throughout most of it, the majority of them won’t mind answering a few pre-qualifying ones, too. “Quid pro quo”, as they say

Pre-qualifying questions are beneficial to your prospects, too

When planned and written strategically, these quiz questions will help your prospects gain a better understanding of their current situation, such as their challenges and whether or not they’re ready to do something about them. So, it can be an interesting process of discovery for them as well

Don’t leave it to chance or guesswork: monitor it!

When you rely on professional quiz software like ScoreApp, you can check the dropoff rate for each question. So, if your prospects don’t seem to like a specific pre-qualifying step, you can edit it or remove it

10 quiz questions you can ask to figure out if you have a warm lead

Some of these pre-qualifying questions might be more or less relevant to your industry and business model. So, just focus on the ones that would serve you and make your sales team’s lives easier.

Here are some strategic quiz questions to get you started.

1. What’s your current budget for [type of product or service]?

Imagine trying to sell a £3k SaaS tool to a small business with a £500 budget. Not ideal, right? So, this pre-qualifying question will allow your sales team to:

  • Avoid spending time with leads that genuinely can’t afford your products or services
  • Go into the call knowing exactly which option they can recommend based on that prospect’s budget

2. Have you tried a similar product or service before?

This pre-qualifying quiz question will allow your sales team to meet your prospect at the right knowledge level:

  • If they have tried one before, it means they’re already familiar with how it works… but also, that it didn’t work for them! So, your sales team will be able to wow them by explaining how yours is different from that other option
  • If they haven’t, your team should take this into consideration, explaining to the prospect what they can expect from this type of product or service

3. Are you currently using any of these products or services?

This pre-qualifying quiz question will tell your sales team what to lead with:

  • If your prospect isn’t using anything similar, they’ll want to educate them on why it’s important that they invest in a solution to solve their current challenges
  • If they are, they’ll need to show them why your solution is different and better than what they already have in place

4. Do you think the following is true or false: [insert a common objection around your industry]

Every sector is plagued by some misconceptions or common excuses: “SEO is dead,” “coaching is a pyramid scheme,” or “I don’t need to invest in a CRM because we can just use spreadsheets.”

So, based on your audience research, pick the biggest deal breaker and turn it into a quiz question:

  • Does this prospect agree with the statement? Then, instead of offering them to get on a call asap, you might want to send them some educational content first
  • Do they disagree? Awesome: they’re much more likely to be a warm lead!

5. How open are you to exploring new solutions or approaches when faced with challenges related to [their specific problem]?

Once again, this pre-qualifying question can save your business plenty of time (and money):

  • Not open to it? Then retain them and educate them with the right email sequence until they’re ready
  • Already there? Congrats: you have a new warm lead! Time to offer them a 1:1 call

6. When it comes to [specific problem], what strategies have you found most effective?

Psst: make sure you also have an option along the lines of “I’ve not found any effective strategies.”
Once they know what this prospect is already trying to do to solve their current challenges, your sales team can:

  • Explain why they agree or disagree with that solution
  • Offer more relevant alternatives

7. How much time do you spend doing [insert the thing you do]?

This pre-qualifying quiz question is particularly relevant if you offer a solution that saves time as well as generating better results. For example, “how much time do you spend doing your own marketing?”

  • If they say “a lot”, your sales team can talk about how your product or service will give them that time back
  • “Not much” or “none”? That’s fine too: educate them on why overlooking that strategy altogether is a massive problem

8. Would you like to hear more about [solution]?

Heads-up: be particularly strategic with the way you word this quiz question! People don’t like being sold to, but they do love having their problems solved.

So, focus on their current challenge and the transformation they can expect. For example: “Would you like to hear more about a software that will save your marketing team 10 hours every week?”

  • If they say yes, excellent! You got yourself another warm lead
  • No? Don’t be pushy or waste your sales team’s time. Retain, target and educate that prospect with the right email sequence

9. Do you currently have [things they should have in place before working with you]?

What are your non-negotiable for working with someone? What do they physically need to have in place before it’d make sense for them to invest in your offer? For example, if you’re a content writing agency, you might want your prospects to already have a website and be clear on their USP.

This pre-qualifying question is useful in two main ways:

  • It’ll prevent your sales team from wasting time with someone for whom it wouldn’t make sense to invest in your business just yet
  • It’s an eye-opener for the prospect themselves! They’ll realise what else they need to focus on ASAP

10. How do you feel about your current [what you do] efforts?

Emotions can make the biggest difference in sales! So, for example, if you provide SEO services, you could ask, “How do you feel about your current SEO?” or as a personal trainer, “how do you feel about your current fitness regime?”

Through this question, you’ll get some incredibly valuable insights:

  • If your prospect says they don’t feel good about it, your sales team will get to impress them with how you can change this for them
  • If they’re satisfied, it might make more sense to lead with a targeted email sequence first.

Overall, the right pre-qualifying quiz questions will save your sales team time and your business money.

Which pre-qualification questions are you going to ask?

Now that you can see the benefit of pre-qualifying quiz questions, try to choose questions that help you identify warm leads… and don’t forget to monitor them regularly!

When using ScoreApp, you’ll be able to easily see if certain questions are causing friction and affecting the completion rate.

The other great thing about ScoreApp is that the results pages are dynamic. This means you can show different content and “next steps” based on how they answered certain questions.

That way, you’ll get to target your leads with an appropriate email sequence, boosting your conversions even further as soon as they’re ready to buy.

A game-changer, right?

If you’re not using ScoreApp, why not give it a try? YOu can try for free and you can get your quiz live in less than 3 minutes using our AI quiz builder.

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