How to generate the best quality leads for your sales team

Quiz Leads for Sales Teams

We all want more leads, right? Who wouldn’t?

Generating consistent leads means your sales team always have new prospects to speak to.

But how good are the leads you’re getting and does lead quality even matter if you have a fantastic sales team?

In this article, we’ll tell you how you can ensure your salespeople have the best quality leads in order to close more sales in less time.

The real cost of bad leads

Getting more leads is going to solve all your problems, right?

Maybe… but maybe not.

We understand why people think this way. It’s certainly never a bad thing to get more leads for your sales team so they can have more conversations. After all, even if those prospects aren’t ready to buy right now, they might buy in the future.

With that being said, if your sales team are consistently having conversations with the wrong people and they aren’t hitting their sales targets, that’s a real problem.

Bad Sales Leads

That problem needs to be fixed fast or it could seriously impact your business going forward.

If this sounds familiar, then you might have to rethink your lead generation strategy because this is what can happen when your leads are low quality…

1. Your sales team loses interest

Salespeople are motivated by, well, getting the sale and making money!

So imagine day-after-day speaking to the wrong types of people who simply aren’t in a place to buy. How demotivating would that be?

Unfortunately, poor lead quality and no sales can lead to stress and frustration amongst sales teams, which is never good for business.

2. You sell to the wrong people

What happens when sales teams don’t hit their targets? They start to panic, especially if they’re talking to the wrong people day after day.

So what tends to happen? Well, maybe they start to pressure your prospects into buying. Or maybe they over-promise.

At first, you’ll be pleased that you’re getting sales. But in the not-so-distant future, you could be giving refunds to clients who weren’t the right fit or managing complaints.

3. You lose money

Ultimately, when your sales team are wasting time with the wrong prospects, they’re not selling to the right people, and this costs you time and money.

Imagine you pay a salesperson £20 per hour, and they spend 10 hours per week with the wrong people.

That’s over £10,000 per year per person! Not fun.

What do sales teams need?

Although really good salespeople can turn cold leads into sales, you really don’t want to leave it to chance. The better quality the lead, the more chance of success.

Salespeople prefer consistent, warm prospects who are eager to find a solution to their problem.

Quiz Software Leads Sales

Your idea of a perfect lead might be different from another business, so it’s a good idea to think about who your ideal customer would be.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to help you determine your ideal leads.

  • What problem do they need to solve?
  • What solutions have they tried before?
  • What is their budget?
  • How eager are they to improve their situation?
  • Who are they? Business owner, manager, HR etc
  • What is their knowledge level of your industry or solution?

When you can answer these questions and agree on who your ideal customers are, you can then start attracting these leads, and your sales team will know what to look for.
But how do you get these high-quality, pre-qualified leads?

That all sounds great, right? But how do you get these magical leads? Where do they come from?

There are traditional outbound marketing approaches like paid advertising and cold-calling or inbound approaches like blogging and SEO. But the problem is, once you’ve acquired your lead, you might not have any information about them except a name, an email address and a phone number if you’re lucky.

This means that when it comes to handing these leads off to your sales team, they have zero idea who is a ‘good’ lead and who isn’t.

Use a quiz to deliver high-quality leads

To collect more information about your leads, you need to provide value first.

This is where using a quiz as a lead magnet can really help.

Taking part in a quiz is extremely valuable for your prospect if it’s built correctly. Quiz Software like ScoreApp will help your leads assess and progress.

Leads can self-assess using a quiz

By answering a series of questions, your prospects will be able to assess their current situation and get a better understanding of what they are struggling with.

Leads can progress using the quiz results page

After answering the questions and receiving their results, your leads receive some helpful information about how they can improve.

Quizzes are fun and interactive, and they feel so much more valuable than static, boring content.

Quizzes are incredibly useful for your sales and marketing teams because a quiz provides you with key information that is vital to making a sale.

Other (outdated) lead generation tactics usually only provide a name and email address whereas a quiz can help you uncover the data you really need. Data that your prospects are happy to hand over before your sales team speak to them.

It’s the perfect lead-generation tool.

Why quizzes generate the best B2B leads for your sales teams

We could go on and on about the value of quizzes, but for your sales teams in particular, quizzes can:

Help you pre-qualify your leads

If you ask the right questions, you can easily identify the ‘right fit’ leads based on how people answer your quiz.

You can ask a few pre-qualifying questions as part of the quiz–as long as the majority of it is helpful and gets people learning! This means you could understand things like someone’s budget, where they are currently or even what other providers they currently use.

They give you data your sales teams can only dream of!

Not only can you pre-qualify your leads, but you can also understand a lot about them.

You can use your quiz to understand your lead’s goals, current problems, where their strengths lie and where their weaknesses are.

Leads for Sales Team

And you can use this data to have excellent conversations with your prospects, who will be impressed at just how much you understand their business and what they need.

Quizzes give sales teams a starting topic to talk about

Going straight into a sales conversation can sometimes feel awkward or difficult. Using a quiz means you have a starting point for your conversation. You can reference your prospect’s answers to certain questions and explain how you can help them or give them advice and guidance.

Referencing the answers your prospect gave in the quiz reminds them of their problems or goals (because they’ve already told you) and allows you to have that conversation more freely.

It’s helping rather than selling.

You’ve already built a relationship with your prospect

Remember, in a quiz, you’re effectively giving away free personalised advice which is far more memorable (and helpful!) than any other lead magnet.

Talking to a prospect after they’ve just filled out your quiz is way more effective as they’ll have a better understanding of how you help and who you are.

How can your sales team identify good leads from quiz results?

You’ll need to use quiz software which gives you a report on how each lead answered every single question. If you’re using a scored quiz, you’ll also want to understand how your lead scored overall and for each category, as this can make a great talking point on a sales call.

But imagine giving your sales team a report full of leads including all this extra data:

  • Their budget
  • Their goals
  • Their problems
  • What they’re struggling with
  • What they’ve tried in the past

Your sales team will love you! To learn more about what types of quiz questions to ask, read this article.

Why a scored quiz gives you the best results

Scored quizzes are exactly how they sound. They give your lead a score and show them how they’re performing in certain areas along with how they can improve.

If you are using software like ScoreApp, your lead will also get a score for each category. So let’s say you’re an accountant and your quiz is about personal finance. You might split up your quiz into different categories like ‘retirement’, ‘personal savings’ ‘assets’ and ‘liabilities’ and give your lead a score in each area.

This allows you to have powerful sales calls with your leads because you can focus on the areas they most need to improve and explain how your products or services can help them.

Quiz Sales Team Leads

How to get leads on a sales call

Once someone has taken your quiz, how can you arrange a sales call or meeting?

Below are a few options you can try that will dramatically improve the number of appointments booked following the quiz.

1. Provide a booking link

On the results page of the quiz, you can include a big obvious button that will allow your prospects to book directly into your diary. When someone has just taken your quiz and received their score, they are a super warm lead. It makes perfect sense to allow them to book directly into your diary for a chat.

2. Identify the best leads from the quiz data you have

When you collect a lot of data about your prospects, you have the luxury of cherry-picking who you speak to first. When looking through the data, try to identify your ‘best’ leads first, i.e. the ones who look to be the “right fit” or have the appropriate budget.

3. Record a personalised video

If you want to really impress your leads, why not record a personalised video introducing yourself? If you can, share your screen and have their quiz answers on the screen. Talk about the quiz they’ve just taken and explain that you can help them in the areas where they’re struggling.

4. Email your leads to book a call

If you receive a lot of leads, then you might want to create a simple email template that you can quickly edit and send to your leads as they come through. A lot of ScoreApp users get hundreds of leads per month so you might want to streamline your processes to save you time. The goal is the get your lead on a call as quickly as possible after completing the quiz, and an email might be best as opposed to a video.

To convert more leads into sales, check this out. It even includes some templates to help your sales team close more deals.

What’s next?

As we said before, you can capture the best data by using a scored quiz. If you’re looking to set this up, then check out ScoreApp.

Over 2000 customers are using ScoreApp right now to gather powerful data their sales teams can use to turn leads into sales in no time.

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