Things to consider when making a quiz

Quiz Software to Choose From

So you know you want to build a quiz for your business? That’s awesome.

Building a quiz can help generate a ton of new leads and help you understand more about your audience at the same time.

The only question is… which quiz software should you use?

There are so many quiz options to choose from, and your needs might be different from someone else. This is why we decided to write this article.

Below, I’ve broken down all of the key elements that will help you decide which quiz software is right for you.

Although ScoreApp is our software, we understand that it might not be right for everyone, and this is why we’ll try to be as unbiased as possible throughout this article.

Quiz functionality

When deciding which quiz software to use, you need to know the differences between the main types of quiz available. That way, you can choose a quiz tool that offers exactly what you need. If you buy software that doesn’t do what you need it to, then you could end up wasting time and money.

Quiz Software Functionality

Scored Quiz Software

If you’re building a lead generation quiz, then you’ll probably want to offer something of value in exchange for contact information. For this, you would use a Scored Quiz. A scored quiz will help your audience assess themselves in a particular area by answering some questions. You would then present them with a score and some extra content to help them improve. Scored quizzes tend to be perfect for businesses looking to increase the number of leads they are getting.

Personality Quiz Tools

Personality quizzes are different from scored quizzes. Rather than offer in-depth, valuable results, personality quizzes tend to put you into “groups”. These groups are based on how you’ve answered the quiz questions. These types of quizzes use an “associate score” that tells you which category you are part of. Examples of personality quizzes include:

  • Which Harry Potter house are you in?
  • Who should you vote for?
  • What kind of Vegan are you?

Although personality quizzes are fun, they don’t tend to offer as much value for the end user as a scored quiz does.

Trivia Quizzes

Trivia quizzes are used more for fun than for lead generation. Everyone loves a good trivia quiz to test their knowledge, but it’s not really used for business. If you are looking for a simple trivia tool, check out this article on how to make a quiz for free, it includes quiz templates and questions to help you get started.

Easy to use quiz software

Tech headaches are the worst. Nobody likes paying for difficult software that takes months to figure out. You need something quick that’s intuitive and easy to understand.

Most quiz software allows you to test them out with a 14 or 30-day trial. Try a few of them out and use the metrics below to determine which option is the easiest to use.

Simple Quiz Software

User experience is key for quiz-building tools

How user-friendly is the quiz software? Does it make it simple for you to get started or is it confusing and complicated? Try creating a simple quiz and see how seamless it is. Even if you use demo data to begin with, it doesn’t matter. Try getting a quiz live as quickly as possible to test it out.

Quiz maker templates

Does the quiz software come with easy-to-use pre-built templates or not? Do they allow you to install the templates easily and edit them with a few clicks? If not, you may have to create a quiz from scratch, which will take you more time.

Quiz templates help you get your quiz live faster so you can start testing and tweaking later.

How much data does your quiz software provide?

If you are using a quiz to get more leads, that’s great. But don’t forget about the value of your quiz data. The data you can gather can be incredibly valuable if you review regularly it and use it.

Data Export from Quiz

What data do you get?

All quiz software provides you with a list of leads and scores, however, that’s where the similarities end. There is such a vast difference in the data you see when using various quiz tools. Some tools only provide the basics, but some quiz software makes it easy to see everything from the dashboard such as:

  • The overall conversion rate for your quiz
  • Average quiz completion time
  • Which questions have the biggest “drop-off”
  • The overall score performance of each category
  • And much more

Having access to more data like this will help you improve your quiz and spot teaching and content opportunities for your audience.

How easy is it to use the data?

Collecting data is one thing but using the data to grow your business is something else entirely. If assessing and using the data is important, then be sure to look into this before buying quiz building software.

Some quiz-building tools will only allow you to export data onto a spreadsheet, which you’ll then need to analyse, but some will give you a ton of data within the dashboard for you and your team to use. Whether you want to quickly identify the best opportunities or extract the data for a whitepaper, you must find a tool that can do this.

Price of quiz tools

Like any software, you can spend as little or as much as you’d like, however, not all tools are built the same, and it’s important to keep this in mind when shopping around.

Price of Quiz Software

Cost of monthly/annual fee

If you’re comparing quiz software, then you’ll certainly be looking at price as one of the deciding factors. Most quiz tools allow you to test them out for free before paying any money, which is really helpful.

After your free trial, the cost of quiz software varies quite a lot. Some tools charge $10-$20 per month, whereas some charge upwards of $300 per month. It all depends on what features you’d like.

It’s also worth mentioning that the price of the quiz software doesn’t matter as much if you are consistently converting leads into sales. If you have a robust sales process and a good price point, then the monthly fee shouldn’t matter as much.

Cost of additional tools

It’s important to understand that the quiz tool itself might not come with all the features you need. You may need to purchase additional tools that allow you to make your quiz a success. So, just because one tool is cheaper than the other on the face of it, you might end up spending more across multiple platforms in order to build a complete lead generation quiz.

Spend as much as you can afford to get the best quiz software possible, because you don’t want to waste time piecing together a solution using lots of cheap tools.

Quiz Landing Page

If you want more people to take your quiz, then you’ll certainly need a good quiz landing page. Whenever you ask for someone’s data online, such as a name, email address and phone number, your visitor has a decision to make. Do they hand over their details, or do they pass and click the back button? This is where a good landing page can help.

Landing Page Quiz Software

Does it come with quiz landing pages?

When looking for quiz software, find out if the company provide landing pages as part of their service. The landing page you use for your quiz can make a big difference when converting someone from a visitor into a quiz lead. Some tools won’t provide landing pages, but others will.

Are the landing pages good enough?

Landing pages are not all built the same. Some quiz tools provide basic landing pages with a simple heading and a button, whereas some quiz tools provide a full webpage promoting your quiz.

The difference between one landing page and another could mean twice as many leads. This is why you must do your research and find the quiz software that allows you to build the best possible landing page.

How much can you change?

To get the most out of your quiz software, you should be able to make changes freely to your landing page. Every aspect of the page needs to be optimised for conversions. Headings, colours, fonts, images and buttons all need to be editable for you so you can convert more people into leads.

Some quiz software will only give you limited access, which means you might not be able to make the relevant changes to the landing page.

Quiz Results Pages

Once someone has completed your quiz, they should be redirected to a quiz results page. This means your lead can see their results or score and know how well they performed.

Quiz Software Results Page

The results page is one of the most important elements in the entire quiz process because it’s how you deliver VALUE to your audience. If a quiz tool doesn’t allow you to have complete control over the results page, then you might struggle to provide enough value.

Does it provide value?

The first thing to consider when it comes to your quiz results page is whether or not it looks valuable by default, or does it just show a score and some basic copy? Have a look at their examples and templates to see how much information they allow. Your results page is the best opportunity you have to provide valuable content that helps your audience. It’s always good to over-deliver and to share more actionable insights.

Can you edit the quiz results page easily?

How much access do you have to be able to make changes and edits to the results page? Can you add new sections with a variety of content? With some quiz software, you can’t, but with some, you can add:

  • Your own style so it can stay on brand
  • Images to make the page look amazing
  • Multiple buttons to help convert more leads into sales
  • Videos to tell people about you and your services
  • Bullet lists to explain features and benefits
  • Icons to create visually appealing content

All of these elements will allow you to deliver more value and convert more leads into sales.

If your quiz software doesn’t allow you access to edit all of these, your quiz probably won’t be as successful and may impact conversions.

Does it show dynamic quiz content?

The whole point of a quiz is to make the content relevant to the user based on their answers. There is no point in having someone take your quiz and give up their time if they only receive basic advice.

Some quiz tools allow you to be ultra-specific with your results and allow very in-depth content that’s relevant to your audience. On the other hand, some quiz results pages are vague and don’t really offer much value to the end user.

Quiz Report/PDF

A report is a document that gets sent to your lead after completing the quiz. It’s usually a PDF report that outlines all the results as well as advice and guidance.

Quiz Tool Report

Will your audience want a quiz report?

Some quiz software allows you to create an attractive report as a PDF document, and some don’t offer this as an option.

The PDF report acts as an extra resource that your audience can save, print and share with their team. Online reports and scores are great but sometimes, having the option to print a document that outlines their results along with a list of tasks is very helpful.

If you think your audience will find this feature useful, then keep a look out when shopping for quiz software.

How impressive is the report feature?

If you’ve decided you’d like the option to send personalised reports to your audience, then look into how good the report feature is on the quiz software. Is it just a summary that would fit on one page or is it in-depth and super valuable?

Some quiz tools online allow a paragraph or two, whereas some offer a full report with dozens of pages based on their quiz score.

Integrations with your quiz software

For your quiz to be functional, you’ll need to connect it with your preferred email marketing tool or CRM. You don’t want to have to manually copy and paste data from your quiz software to other third-party tools.

Quiz Integration Software

Does it integrate with your other tools?

When browsing through quiz software, check to see if a tool integrates with your current email marketing provider or CRM. A lot of software connects flawlessly via the tool, whereas others might need to use a connector like Zapier.

As long as the tools can connect, then you’ll be able to automate your lead generation and follow-up steps.

Do they add integrations regularly?

Another thing you can look out for is how often integrations get added. Are they regularly adding additional new third-party services or not? If they are relatively active with updates and new integrations, then it’s a good sign that the quiz software is committed to delivering amazing value.

Tech Support

Like any software, tech support is VITAL. Without good, fast customer service, you might struggle to get your quiz built. That’s why it’s important you do your research and find out who has great customer support and who doesn’t.

Software Support for Quizzes

How good is their tech support?

Customer support has changed a lot over the years. These days, we all want super fast support with multiple contact options. When looking for some quiz software, be sure to do your research and find out how good their support is.

How many support options are available?

What’s your preferred method of communication if you need tech support? Email, ticket requests, live chat? Good software should offer multiple avenues to contact the support desk. Sign up to a free trial and test out their support to see if it’s up to your standard.

Quiz Training and Resources

Your quiz will only be successful if you can attract consistent leads on a regular basis. To make this happen, you may need extra guidance and support once your quiz is live.

Some quiz software provides tons of content, training and templates to help you make your quiz a success. Whereas other quiz tools let you fend for yourself and provide little to no resources. This is why it’s so important that you take your time when choosing which quiz software to use.

Quiz Software Training

Here are some of the ways you can assess how supportive they are…

Do they have lots of tools and resources?

How much effort does the company put into creating helpful tools and resources?

Before you sign up, have a look around their website to see have valuable their content is. Do they provide extra training or tools such as:

  • Regular webinars
  • Training courses
  • Promotion checklists
  • Email templates
  • Quiz planners

If they don’t have much of this content, then you have to wonder how committed they are to helping you succeed.

Do the quiz software offer community support?

Most quiz tools have email or ticket support when you pay a monthly fee. This is pretty standard and is to be expected. However, do they go the extra mile?

Some quiz tools offer private community support for their customers. They allow their customers to ask questions and ask for feedback from other people in a Facebook group. Community support is a really good extra that makes things easier when building a quiz. If you think this would be useful for you, find a tool that offers this as part of their service.

Do they provide regular training?

Does the company put on regular training or webinars to support their community? Getting set up with your quiz is not always easy, and sometimes, you need extra motivation and some guidance that can get you over the finish line. This is why regular training and support is helpful.

Find out if your preferred quiz tool arranges regular training to help support their community after the quiz has been built too.

How to choose the best quiz software?

I’m sure after reading this article, you’ll have a good idea of what’s important to you when building a quiz and choosing a tool to use.

Rather than looking for the cheapest tool, write down all of the features that are important to you before making a buying decision. A quiz tool can act as a complete lead generation system that delivers qualified customers day in and day out… but only if you choose the right quiz software.

We’ve put together a list of the best quiz software available to help you decide which is right for you.

To test out our quiz software, ScoreApp for free, click the link below and get a 30-day free trial.

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