Contact Forms vs Quizzes to Pre-Qualify Your Leads

Contact forms vs quiz to prequalify clients

If you want to close more sales and stop wasting hours talking to wrong-fit prospects, you MUST pre-qualify your leads.

But should you do that with a simple contact form or a more interactive quiz?

I’ll show you the pros and cons of both so that you can find the right pre-qualifying process for your business.

Let’s dive right into it!

The importance of pre-qualifying leads before they contact you 

Pre-Qualifying Leads Contact Forms

If you haven’t been pre-qualifying your leads so far, you might be tempted to think “the more, the better” when it comes to new enquiries, email exchanges and sales calls. In reality, this can backfire!

Instead, when you pre-qualify your leads, you unlock lots of benefits: 

  • Saving time – You won’t have to ask your usual pre-qualifying questions on a 1:1 basis, put up with endless email exchanges or get on so many calls with prospects who just aren’t the right fit
  • Saving money – If you have a sales team, let’s say you pay them £12 per hour and they waste 10 a week talking to wrong-fit prospects. That’s +£6,000 a year! And if you’re the one running these sales calls? That’s time you CAN’T use to run your business and make money
  • More opportunities to make sales – When you’re so busy engaging with wrong-fit prospects, you have less time to talk to the ones who will actually become customers
  • Gathering data – If you don’t pre-qualify your leads, you have to start from scratch every time you talk to a new one. When you ask strategic questions through your form or quiz, on the other hand? You get to save time, prepare for that call, offer a more personalised experience and recommend the right option more easily
  • Better follow-ups – Use your data to send more personalised messages after your call, too
  • Easier onboarding – Your pre-qualification data can simplify that process as well, allowing you to focus on what this prospect cares about the most
  • Closing more sales – From having more data to focusing on the right-fit prospects, get ready to hear more “YESes”

When you think about it, it’d be crazy NOT to do this! But should you use a contact form or a quiz to pre-qualify your leads? 

Let’s see.

Using a contact form to pre-qualify leads 

Quiz Pre-Qualification Leads

Most websites have a contact page with a form. This includes fixed fields like name, email address, phone number and some room to type an enquiry.


  • Quick and easy – Your prospects will be able to fill out your contact form within minutes or even seconds
  • Simple and versatile set-up – You can add a contact form to any website, and you can usually start with a template
  • CRM – It’s also easy to connect your website contact form to your emails and CRM 


  • Standard – EVERYONE is using contact forms, which makes it harder to stand out
  • Static – You can’t personalise that first touchpoint because you can only show the exact same contact form to everyone
  • Limited data – With most contact forms, you can only add a few fields to ask open questions (if that!). So, you won’t get a lot of information from your prospects at this stage
  • Bots – The internet is full of bots specifically programmed to fill out contact forms. These can skew your data, fill your inbox with fake enquiries and even lead to risky situations (like phishing and dangerous links)

Using a quiz to pre-qualify leads 

Contact Form Pre-Qualification

With a quiz, you get to ask strategic questions to your audience and go more in-depth.

You can choose to create an attractive quiz as a lead magnet (for example, a content marketing agency could create a “Content Marketing Scorecard” quiz) and use around 10% of your questions to pre-qualify your leads.

Alternatively, have a different quiz on your contact page that’s all about making that enquiry more strategic. It’ll still be valuable to your audience because they’ll get to better understand their current situation while enjoying a personalised experience.


  • More and higher-quality data – With a quiz, you’ll get to ask super targeted questions in different formats (from open text to multiple choice and sliding scales). This will allow you to fully understand your prospects’ situation before getting on a call with them
  • Standing out – Quizzes are nowhere near as overused as contact forms. So, you’ll set yourself apart from your competitors right from the start
  • Memorable first impression – Showcase your brand’s personality through your quiz questions and design 
  • Compelling – Quizzes are more fun and interesting to fill out: perfect for higher engagement
  • Segmentation – Your quiz will divide your leads into groups based on their answers, making it easier to nurture them strategically
  • Dynamic and personalised experience – From different follow-ups for each segment to more relevant sales calls, a quiz allows you to tailor your communication to each prospect’s unique situation
  • Valuable – Your prospects will receive insightful and personalised results even before you reply to their enquiry and get on a call with them
  • CRM – When using professional quiz builders like ScoreApp, it’s a breeze to connect your quiz to your email marketing platform and CRM


  • Potentially misleading answers – Some people might be wary of sharing their actual struggles and budget at this stage 
  • Longer set-up – Creating an entire quiz from scratch can take more time than putting a basic name-email-phone-message contact form together. When you use ScoreApp and our AI quiz builder, though? You’ll get the entire quiz ready in 3 only minutes

Pre-qualify your leads with a FREE ScoreApp quiz

What pre-qualifying quiz questions should you use to get the best results?

Pre-Qualifying Quiz Questions

This will really depend on your business model and types of products or services. So, to identify the right pre-qualifying questions for you: 

  • Talk to your sales team (or if you’re the one running these calls, go through your past exchanges) and uncover the most common questions and objections
  • Get clear on what makes someone a good or bad fit for your business

For example, some popular pre-qualifying quiz questions involve your audience’s:

  • Problems “What do you struggle with the most when it comes to X?” 
  • Potential solutions“Have you already tried any of the following to solve it?” or “Have you worked with a [type of business] before?”
  • Readiness “Have you already got X in place?”
  • Budget “What’s your budget for [type of product or service]?”
  • Knowledge or values “Do you think the following is true or false: [insert a common objection around your industry]”

Make sure you keep your questions short and easy to answer, too (you don’t want to overwhelm your prospects!).

You could also make your quiz varied and even more compelling through a mixture of question formats, like single choice, open questions, sliding scales, questions with gifs and so on.

NEW ready-to-go scorecard template for a 1-2-1 call or strategy session

1-2-1 Strategy Call Templates

Do you usually get on a call after pre-qualifying your prospects?

Then, save time, book more calls and close more sales with ScoreApp’s template for 1-2-1 sessions.

You can customise it to match your needs, but overall, the main benefits of this template involve:

  • Asking strategic questions to pre-qualify your prospects
  • Automatically offering different call lengths based on relevant factors (like longer ones for prospects who have a bigger budget or more problems you can help them with)
  • Having a tonne of juicy data to refer to during the call
  • Personalising the entire experience, making bespoke recommendations and closing more sales 

Pre-qualify your leads with ScoreApp, save time on calls and sell more

You can choose to pre-qualify your leads with a contact form or a quiz. 

To take full control of your pre-qualification process, however, quizzes are a no-brainer.

Use ScoreApp’s 1-2-1 Strategy Session template, or create your own quiz to get the answers you need. Then, use them to only get on calls with warm prospects, save time and close more sales.

Stop wasting hours talking to wrong-fit leads! Create your pre-qualification quiz with ScoreApp today and for FREE.  

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