How To Run Effective Data-led B2B Marketing

Marketing has changed drastically in the last few years. People’s perceptions over how much their personal data is worth have evolved, and people are growing more protective and savvy about who they give their personal information to and how it is used. For B2B Marketers doing data-led marketing, the data once considered a ‘win’ for lead generation (names, numbers, email addresses) are now harder to get and less valuable to receive. The methods of data collection for B2B data-led marketing, and the technology used to encourage someone to give their data over, have progressed hugely though, so if you’re still relying on outdated methods for generating leads, then you run the very real risk of being outpaced by more agile competition.

Data that really matters is data that tells a story and allows a business to build up a picture of the person behind the data, in this article and video, we look at how taking a smart approach to data-led B2B marketing and leveraging a new technology can revolutionise your lead generation.

Where once basic user details mattered, the future of lead generation lies in personalisation. Staying ahead of the curve of data-led marketing means finding ways to collect powerful, impactful data that your business can act on in a meaningful way. We’ve mentioned the increasing desire of online users to protect their data, and you may have seen this present itself as a struggle to get people to share their information with you, but it’s no surprise that people will be reluctant to share their data if they’re receiving nothing, or something of low value, in return for it. In order to earn a prospective client’s data, you need to be offering them something that’s more valuable to them than their data.

At the heart of effective data-led B2B marketing is this idea that you must offer something to the user that they perceive to be more valuable than their data to convince them to give you their personal information.

If you rely on impersonal messaging, you’re following up with a prospect with a generic email or uninformed cold call, hoping that at the exact same time you message them, they are in-market for the exact solution or product you’re offering. How many generically titled emails have you ignored because they weren’t relevant to you? 

Without a personalised approach, you may struggle to position yourself as someone who can actually offer something unique to your clients, and instead give an impression that you’re just throwing out a net to catch whoever you can. We’ve found that the most successful businesses use a method of collecting granular data that identifies the areas where a prospect is in need of your services. Using this approach to data-led B2B marketing, you’ll be able to follow up with your prospects with a unique and detailed offering that you know matters to them. You can communicate an understanding of their business and the issues that they’re facing. is a new piece of technology that is a game-changer for B2B marketers looking to run more effective data-led marketing. Scorecard technology enables B2B marketers to collect meaningful data on their prospects and allows them to follow up in a personalised way. allows you to create Scorecards that ask people questions. The answers that people give to those questions get processed through an algorithm and a personalised report is generated for them. The report tells them meaningful and insightful information that they want to know about themselves. 

The answers they give also allow you, as a company, to follow up with them and talk to them about the things that matter most to them. The data you collect can be used to develop a deep understanding of your prospective client’s circumstance, wants, and needs, and allows you to talk to them directly about how you can deliver the most value to them.

Head over to our homepage to see how the technology works. We also have some example Scorecards you can take and a demo video that explains how it all works and how to set up a Scorecard for yourself.

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