Best Types of Sales Enablement Content for B2B Marketers

Sales Enablement Content

Getting leads is a good thing… but is it really enough if you want high-quality sales from the right customers?

As a B2B marketer, you might be working hard to generate lots of leads consistently. However, if your company’s salespeople can’t deliver a personalised and engaging sales experience? 

Those prospects will NOT become customers, and… all your hard work will be for nothing.

The good news, though, is that you can provide your company’s sales team with the right resources to succeed: sales enablement content.

Let’s look at what it is, how it’ll boost your sales and what you must focus on.

What exactly is sales enablement content? 

Sales enablement content includes resources that help a sales team close more deals (like case studies, comparison articles and more).


Priming customers

Sales enablement content acknowledges their pain points, addresses their objections and answers their questions… before they’ve even spoken to a salesperson!

Supporting the sales team

It should also give them the tools to keep your company’s message consistent, be prepared for different scenarios and handle each call more effectively.

Building trust and credibility 

This content will also back up your company’s claims. Without it? 

You’d be expecting buyers to take a random salesperson’s word for them. You can see why they’d be reluctant, can’t you? 

In fact, 78% of executive buyers complain that salespeople haven’t got enough examples or relevant case studies!

How do you produce effective sales enablement content as a B2B marketer using quiz software?

Creating and sharing B2B sales enablement content sounds like a lot of work. Luckily, you can make your life (and that of your sales team) easier with quiz software.

With ScoreApp, you can create a quiz lead magnet that:

  • Is valuable to your target audience (e.g. “Test your SEO knowledge to receive a free report”)
  • Gives you a tonne of data
  • Brings the marketing and sales teams together, closing more deals 

Instead of a basic answer or percentage, you’ll get to send Scorecards to your prospects. They’ll divide their results into categories, showing them what they’re already doing well and what they still need help with. Much more valuable, right? 

So, a ScoreApp quiz won’t just bring you more qualified prospects. It’ll help you nurture them in a personalised way and increase the closing rate of your company’s sales calls.

Here’s how! 

Segmentation and targeting

You don’t want the sales team to start the same generic conversation with everyone!

With a quiz, you’ll give them information like:

  • A prospect’s job role
  • Industry
  • Budget and/or company size

And the biggest differentiator will be… the actual quiz results! 

These will show you a prospect’s needs, goals and unique situation. That’s when you can target them with more personal (and effective) emails and sales conversations. 

Nurturing leads post-enquiry

Once someone has taken your quiz, they’ll receive their personalised and valuable results. 

“And the next step is the sales call, right?”

Mmh, it could be too soon for that!

So, to increase your chances of success, nurture these prospects with drip campaigns based on their results

For example, did the quiz uncover a specific pain point? Send them emails with links to sales enablement content that addresses it 

Did it identify a misconception about your industry? Show them a blog post that debunks it. 

Personalised content recommendations

The sales team will also get to go more in-depth – before, during and after a call. 

For example, did a prospect score particularly low on a specific category (like “social media marketing”)? 

Then, your salespeople can share a case study on that company that used to be in the same situation before working with you. 

Get a feedback loop with customers

As a B2B marketer, you already know that ‘testing’ is just as important (if not more) as ‘doing’ and ‘creating.’ Sales enablement content is no exception!

So, you could use a separate short quiz to get feedback from these prospects.

  • Was your sales enablement content helpful?
  • Did they feel like something was missing?

Then, use this information to tweak your existing content or create additional pieces. 

12 types of sales enablement content that B2B marketers should use to boost sales

Now that you’re clear on what sales enablement content is and how to manage it with a quiz… what does it look like in practice?

Well, you can create different resources depending on your industry and audience’s needs and goals, but these are some of the most popular and effective options.

1. Product datasheets & spec sheets

Particularly useful for SaaS businesses and companies offering lots of different products (especially with technical features).

Imagine you’re a busy prospect, and a sales rep keeps talking to you about numbers and specs, jumping from one option to another. You’d feel overwhelmed and confused, wouldn’t you?

So, create a detailed spreadsheet overview with all your company’s products, their features, specifications and – most importantly – benefits.

That way, the sales team can share it with buyers, and the latter will actually get to follow the conversation as they go through the sheet.

2. Customer case studies

Salespeople are notorious for exaggerating the value of what they’re promoting. So, you can’t expect your prospects to just… believe them.

Instead, create multiple case studies that show exactly how your product or service has already helped a client. 

Then, the sales team can share the most relevant one based on that prospect’s situation and quiz results (for example, there might be a case study of a company in the same sector).

This will build credibility and demonstrate the ROI that a new customer can expect!

3. eBooks and whitepapers 

These are great examples of B2B sales enablement content to share before the call.

  • eBooks – Write them on relevant topics, and go more in-depth than you would with a blog post. These eBooks will educate and entertain your prospects. But of course, you also want to showcase the benefits of your products and answer the questions in your audience’s head
  • Whitepapers – Less direct persuasion, more facts. Whitepapers should be backed by data, research and real-life examples. So, you can use them to educate your prospects, demonstrate thought leadership and position yourself as an authority in your field (= build trust)

4. Competitor-comparison content

Once they slide towards the bottom of the funnel, some of your prospects know they need the type of product or service you offer.

What they’re still not sure about? Whether they should get it from you or your competitors.

So, make their life easier with comparison content: review all options and highlight their pros and cons (e.g. ‘Typeform vs ScoreApp – which is the best quiz software for you?’).

Some advice? Be objective!

It’s tempting to only say good things about your product, but you could:

  • Lose your prospects’ trust
  • Sell it to people who wouldn’t be the right fit (and that would lead to disappointment, complaints and refunds)

5. Product demos and tutorials

As they say, “Show, don’t tell!”

Sure, your sales team will also need to talk about features and specs. But in many cases, it’d be more effective to show your prospects what they mean and look like in practice.

The best sales enablement content for this is:

  • Videos – Share demos that go through how your product works and what difference it makes
  • Blog posts – Write tutorials that include visual elements, like screenshots and embedded videos

6. Testimonials and customer reviews

For prospects to say yes, they must believe that your product will actually work for them. 

A sales rep can paint that picture, but if they’ve already heard it from a previous customer? Someone who used to be in the same situation, perhaps? It’ll prime them for that sale.

So, before someone gets on a call, show them some success stories.

As well as case studies, you can:

  • Share testimonials and reviews in an email
  • Embed them in your quiz results page
  • Add them to other pieces of sales enablement content (like eBooks)

7. Sales playbooks

These documents educate the sales team and set them up for success by giving them a clear overview of: 

  • Company messaging
  • Strengths and weaknesses in relation to competitors
  • Different prospects and segments
  • Pain points, desires and objections
  • How to address them effectively in different scenarios
  • Questions they should ask

So, a sales playbook will make it easier for them to tackle all kinds of challenging situations (and close more deals).

8. Email templates

They shouldn’t be based on ‘best sales practices’ alone: they’ll work better if they’re tailored to each prospect’s situation.

So, as a B2B marketer, it makes more sense if you create these email templates – based on your audience’s quiz results, of course.

That way, the sales team will be more likely to succeed when they use them for outreach and follow-ups.

For example, instead of a cookiecutter-style message:

“Hi Kellie,

I noticed you recently took our Content Marketing Quiz. You scored 80% in the ‘social media’ section, which is fantastic. However, your score for ‘SEO blogging’ was quite low. I’d love to share some custom advice with you.

Would you be up for a quick call so I can recommend some strategies that’ll help you improve this?”

9. FAQs 

It might be tempting to leave them for the sales team, but… 

  • It’d be too time-consuming to address these questions during the call, and it could disrupt its flow
  • If some of those concerns are deal-breakers for your prospects (and you haven’t addressed them)? They WON’T get on that call in the first place

So, find out what questions your sales team is already getting.

Then, answer the most common ones in a blog post, resource or drip campaign. Smart, right?

10. Interactive content

This type of sales enablement content is TWICE as likely to engage your prospects as opposed to static elements!

So, consider creating and sharing interactive content that grabs their attention, entertains them and helps them understand your product or service.

For example, this could be an interactive video or demo, a quiz, a game and so on.

11. ROI calculators and tools

This type of sales enablement content is especially relevant and effective if your product helps customers save time or make more money. Why?

  • Interactive – They’ll want to give it a go!
  • Personalised – It’ll show them what they can actually expect, based on their unique situation 

So, you could:

  • Have a calculator quiz as your lead magnet (e.g. “How much money can an accountant save you every year?”)
  • Send it as part of your drip campaign after someone has taken a different quiz lead magnet
  • Ask the sales team to share it with prospects during calls 

12. Pricing Sheets

This type of sales enablement content is especially useful:

  • For SaaS companies
  • If you offer discounts, packages and different pricing options (for example, your standard offer is £15 per user/month, but only £10 when bought for +200 employees)

You can’t expect the sales team to remember all these possible scenarios! There’d be room for human error, and the prospect could get confused.

Instead, make your pricing structure clear and transparent (like product, description, price, discount per user for each bracket, etc.). 

The sales team can then share this pricing sheet during calls. Easy!

Start sharing sales enablement content and boost conversions with a ScoreApp quiz

B2B sales enablement content:

  • Bridges the gap between the initial touch point and the actual sales call
  • Gives value to your prospects and primes them for that sale
  • Makes your sales team’s lives easier and their calls more effective

But as you now know, you first need to get that data and segment your prospects. That’s how you’ll show them the right sales enablement content for their specific situation.

Well, ScoreApp will do all that for you! 

Create your ScoreApp quiz today and for FREE. Ready to save time, simplify the sales process and get more customers?

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