How to Create a Viral Quiz for Your Business

Create Viral Quiz

You want your brand to be on everyone’s lips and fingertips, don’t you?

Well, great news: the right quiz will give you the best chances of achieving your dream… as long as you know what to focus on, at least!

So, here’s how to create a quiz with viral potential: the kind that’s easy to share and impossible to ignore. 

Why do you want your quiz to go viral? 

First things first: I know it’s your dream to go viral, but why exactly is that? Is it just for popularity’s sake (and to tick it off your bucket list), or have you got a specific goal?

For example, you might want your quiz to go viral to:

  • Boost your brand awareness
  • Grow your social media following
  • Get more enquiries from your target customers

and so on.

Whatever it is, get clear on that before creating your viral quiz. This will allow you to focus on the right strategy, stay on track and measure your success.

Not only that. If you’re dreaming of going viral with your quiz, you must also be prepared to cope with an increase in attention and messages. Otherwise, if you can’t manage those, it could turn into a nightmare!

For example:

  • If you’re using a viral quiz to grow your brand awareness or social media following, have you got the capacity to reply to more comments and DMs?
  • If you’re aiming to get more inbound enquiries, have you got enough availability to take on new clients right now? And if you haven’t, can you put a waitlist or system in place to deal with those enquiries without getting overwhelmed?

Main factors of ‘viral’ content 

Let’s face it: there can be an element of luck, too. But in most cases? 

Content goes viral when it includes one (or more) of the following elements.

Emotional appeal

It doesn’t matter if it’s happiness, sadness or something else entirely. 

If you can trigger a strong emotional response in your audience? They’ll be more likely to engage with and share your content.

For example, this could happen if your quiz is particularly funny.

Controversial or debatable content

The most viral emotion isn’t joy: it’s anger.

Now, I’m not saying you should be controversial just for the sake of it, especially if it wouldn’t be on brand for you.

But you could create a quiz that makes a statement, leads with an unusual take or speaks to people who have a strong opinion on that topic.

For instance: “No, you don’t actually need to wait months to see your first content marketing results. Find out how you can improve your strategy”).

Easy to understand

Your audience will be less likely to interact with your quiz if… they can’t understand what it’s actually about! Or better: if they need to invest precious time and energy to do that.

Were you planning on using jargon and complicated wording? Like “We’re delighted to announce that you can now take our cutting-edge quiz to understand your SEO limitations”? Then, you’ll confuse (and lose) your audience.

Instead, keep your language simple and your hook immediate. For example:  “Is your SEO actually attracting your target customers and making you money? Not really? Then, discover what you should fix”).


If your quiz has NOTHING to do with your audience, their interests and their experiences… Well, why would they want to take it and share it?

Instead, to go viral with your quiz, focus on something that’ll immediately get them to think “This is so me” or “This is exactly what I needed.” 

Relevance and timeliness

You’ll have higher chances of going viral with your quiz if you jump on a new trend strategically.

Or maybe you were hoping for a timeless quiz? Then, make it super relevant to your audience and their current problem or goal.

It’s really all about showing the right content (or quiz) to the right person at the right time.

Easy to share

Trying to get to your results? Some quizzes crash, force you to jump through hoops or ask you to sacrifice your firstborn (not literally, but you get the gist).

But if you make it harder for your audience to share their results, they won’t do it. Simple as that.

So, for the best chances of going viral, your quiz must be smooth to complete and share.

Creating a quiz that has the potential to go viral 

Full transparency: nothing and nobody can guarantee that your quiz will go viral.

But if you focus on those factors and create a clear, relevant and compelling quiz?

You’ll have the BEST chances. Here’s exactly how to do that for your brand, step by step.

Taylor your quiz to your audience

You’re obviously trying to go viral and reach the highest number of people. So, you might be tempted to create a generic quiz that anyone can vaguely relate to.

DON’T! The opposite is true.

By being generic and trying to appeal to everyone, you usually end up connecting with… no one. It’s actually easier to stand out and go viral with a quiz that speaks to a more specific audience (and is super relatable or useful for them).

So, if you haven’t already done that:

  • Conduct some market research: who is your quiz target audience? What are their demographics and psychographics? What are they interested in? What are they struggling with right now, and what would they like to achieve? 
  • Create your quiz for them specifically

Choose a useful and relatable topic

Now that you know exactly who your target audience is, it should be easier to find the right quiz idea for them.

The sweet spot? Your participants need to be interested in that topic and feel like they’re gaining something by completing your quiz

So, you could focus on:

  • An instant fix, like solving a small problem for your audience
  • A more in-depth, long-term solution, like recommending the best service based on their struggles and goals
  • Offering them a better understanding of their current situation… or themselves!
  • Increasing their knowledge on a subject they already care about

For example, let’s say you’re targeting freelancers who struggle to get clients. Your quiz angle could be: “Discover the best client-attraction strategy for your business and personality. You’ll then receive the right webinar and action plan based on your quiz results.”

And while it can always be useful to look at what your competitors are doing, don’t just copy the quizzes that are already out there! 

If you’re serious about standing out and going viral? You must come up with your own spin or twist.

Create an engaging title 

There’s A LOT of noise online, especially on social media. So, if you want your audience to notice your quiz and stop their scrolling, you must cut right through it!

So, get your target customers curious by making your title and hook:

  • Interesting
  • Entertaining
  • Short, simple and easy to understand (and remember)

Take this example: “Our state-of-the-art quiz to unlock your full potential and reach the next level in your business.” Can you really expect your audience to notice it and remember it? I doubt that! 

You’d have much higher chances of going viral with something simpler and more compelling like “The ultimate quiz to grow your startup successfully.”

Designing your quiz landing page 

Truth bomb: even if it’s a free quiz, you still need to sell it.

That’s the job of your landing page! So, create one that is:

  • User-friendly – Does it take ages to load because you’ve filled it with huge images and videos? Does it look weird on mobile? Then you could lose your quiz audience before they’ve even begun!
  • Filled with compelling copy – Make it clear and engaging. Lead with how taking your quiz will benefit your audience: what will they gain from it? What results can they expect?
  • Visually appealing – Choose a professional-looking design, and keep you landing page on brand

Plan compelling quiz questions

Got someone to start your quiz? That’s great but… don’t forget that they could click away any time!

In fact, most quizzes have a completion rate of 50-70%. So, to maximise your chances of going viral:

  • Be realistic with the number of questions you ask
  • Keep them engaging and entertaining (make your audience curious to get to the end!)

Customising your results page 

A fabulous quiz with a low-quality results page is like a gripping thriller with a disappointing twist.

If you want to go viral with your quiz, your participants must feel that:

  • It was worth taking
  • Their results are valuable

Otherwise, why would they want to share it?

So, don’t leave it at a standalone percentage or a basic message.

  • Send them personalised results – Feed your audience’s ego by making those results all about them 
  • Give value Why did someone get that result? What does it say about them? Is there anything they can do to improve their score? And what should they do next?
  • Make it appealing – Your results page must make your audience want to share your quiz. So, when you customise it, give it a sleek and intriguing look

At ScoreApp, we offer a tonne of options to change and perfect your quiz appearance (and that includes your results pages).

Keep promoting your quiz

Make it IMPOSSIBLE for your audience to miss it by:

  • Having your quiz on your website
  • Adding it to your social media bios
  • Creating new content around it regularly (and actually inviting people to take your quiz)
  • Talking about it whenever you appear on someone else’s podcast, blog or event

Methods to encourage your participants to share their quiz results

Everything we’ve just covered will help you create a quiz with viral potential.

But maybe you want to boost your chances even further? Then, do this, too.

Incentivise sharing 

Don’t just keep your fingers crossed and expect your participants to share their quiz: tell them to do that. 

You could:

  • Add social media sharing buttons
  • Include prompts or incentives to share their results (for example, for a personality quiz: “Find your tribe! Share your results with your friends, and see who else has your same profile.”)

Leverage influencers or communities

Think outside the box! Share your viral quiz with:

  • Relevant communities – Look for online groups where your audience is already hanging out. For example, if your quiz is for entrepreneurs, you could focus on Facebook and LinkedIn business groups
  • Influencers – Partner with those who work within your industry or who are followed by your target audience. Invite these influencers to take and share your quiz, or consider a paid collaboration to reach even more people 

Keep testing and optimising your viral quiz with detailed ScoreApp analytics 

This step-by-step guide will help you create a viral quiz. But once you’ve launched it, you can’t forget about it or just… hope for the best! 

You must also:

  • Look at your analytics – Is your audience actually taking your quiz? Do they make it to the end, or do they tend to give up when they get to a specific question or section? And are they already sharing their results, or do they need a reminder?
  • Optimise your quiz – After looking at your analytics (regularly), you can make more informed decisions. So, edit your quiz accordingly and run some A/B testing to improve it even further

ScoreApp has the perfect features to create the best viral quiz, like:

  • Lots of different and engaging question types
  • Customisable quizzes, landing pages and results pages
  • Analytics that are both in-depth and easy to understand

So, don’t leave it to chance: create your viral quiz today and for FREE with ScoreApp.

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