5 Best AI Marketing & Sales Automation Tools for Small Businesses

Best AI Automation Tools

Marketing automation tools have been around for a while and are widely used for saving time.

With the rise of AI in recent months, it’s no surprise that it’s made it even easier and quicker to automate sales and marketing tasks.

However, more options available usually causes more confusion and overwhelm.

This is why we’re writing this article. We want you to have a list of the best AI marketing tools that will save you time and deliver more leads, sales and happy customers.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation means using software, platforms and technologies to automate certain tasks instead of performing them manually.

It’s particularly useful for the most repetitive and time-consuming ones. That way, your marketing and sales teams will have more time to focus on other – and more important – areas, like strategy and creativity.

For example, marketing automation is especially popular for channels like email marketing and social media.

What is an AI marketing automation tool?

AI marketing automation tools rely on artificial intelligence and machine-learning algorithms to streamline – and often enhance – repetitive tasks. Unlike most of the traditional marketing automation tools, AI options allow you to take the optimisation and personalisation elements even further, too.

For example, some AI marketing and sales automation tools can be used to create more effective proposals or get consistent leads through an interactive quiz.

What are the best AI marketing automation tools?

There are lots of exciting options out there. Still, the best AI marketing automation tools for your small business are the ones that are relevant to your specific situation – and that can actually streamline the day-to-day tasks of your marketing and sales teams.

Here are some popular and effective tools you could consider.

ScoreApp – quiz marketing automation tool

Using a quiz as your lead magnet will grow your subscribers. Using a strategic one will also get you better-qualified prospects, more sales calls and a higher close rate.

Lead Generation Quiz using AI

Let’s face it: most quiz marketing software leaves it at an impersonal percentage or black-and-white results. ScoreApp, on the other hand, takes the personalisation element to the next level through scorecard marketing. You’ll get to divide those results by categories, showing your prospects what they’re already doing well and what can be improved – and why they need your help, of course.

Does creating such an in-depth and personalised quiz sound too time-consuming? Well, that’s exactly where our AI marketing automation tool comes into play: how does “3 minutes” sound?

Integrating OpenAI’s GPT-3, it helps you write everything you need to create an effective quiz, from its questions to the landing pages and even the result emails and sequences.

Once it’s set up, you can just watch those warm leads stream in automatically – and don’t forget to use your quiz to increase your sales call close rate, too.

Key features: AI quiz builder, different categories and scorecards, unlimited landing pages, integration with your CRM
Price: starting at $39/month (free trial available)
Best AI marketing and sales automation tool to: fill your pipeline with more qualified leads, gather additional data and convert more sales calls

Drift – chatbox sales automation tool

Drift AI Chatbot

Is your customer service team wasting a tonne of time answering the most basic questions? Are they constantly directing people to website pages or blog posts that already answer them?
Then this marketing and sales automation tool will save you plenty of time and effort while also increasing your leads!

Drift consists of live chat windows that serve your website visitors 24/7 with human-like conversations.

As well as answering their questions, this software uses AI to understand the right next step for each individual prospect, directing them to a 1:1 chat with a human or even scheduling that meeting directly whenever relevant.

So, using Drift will increase your personalisation and lead pipeline without draining your team’s time and energy.

Key features: AI-based custom chatbots and live chats, meeting facilitation, real-time notifications
Price: Drift offers custom packages, and their Premium plan starts at $2,500/month (free trial available)
Best AI marketing and sales automation tool to: provide 24/7 support to your audience in a personal way

Instantly – sales automation tool for email outreach

Instantly AI Outreach

The right cold emailing strategy will bring you more pre-qualified leads and increase your sales. Sending the right initial email isn’t enough, though! You’ll often need to answer some questions and rely on an email exchange before securing that coveted 1:1 call.

How can you do that regularly and efficiently when dealing with hundreds – if not thousands – of people?

Easy: with an AI marketing automation tool like Instantly.

Using artificial intelligence to send compelling messages and book meetings with the right prospects, it’ll allow you to scale your outreach campaigns and make them even more successful.

Key features: unlimited email accounts and warmup, advanced email sequences, email and account analytics
Price: starting at $30/month
Best AI marketing and sales automation tool to: grow your business and book more sales calls through email outreach

Better Proposals – proposal automation tool

Better Proposals AI

Crafting proposals from scratch is ridiculously time-consuming – and don’t let us get started on sending them, tracking them and following up!

Many marketing automation tools offer options to streamline this. Better Proposals, however, takes it one step further through its smart use of AI.

It uses real live data from your industry to suggest specific changes and make your proposal as impressive and effective as it can be, boosting your chances of conversions.

And while this software is obviously renowned for proposals, you can easily use it for other documents too, from quotes to brochures and other types of agreements.

Key features: proposal AI, integrations, legally binding digital signatures
Price: starting at $19/month
Best AI marketing and sales automation tool to: save time on creating proposals and turning more of them into paying clients

Lavender AI – email marketing automation tool

Lavender AI Email

Fancy halving the time you spend writing emails but DOUBLING the rate of your positive replies? Then you’re going to love this AI marketing automation tool!

Think of Lavender AI as a virtual sales email coach and personalisation assistant. Combining OpenAI’s GPT-3 writing and social data, this browser extension will help you write more impactful emails, especially when it comes to cold outreach.

So, get ready to hear (or, better, read) a lot more “YESes” when asking your prospects to hop on a sales call.

Key features: AI-powered writing, email personalisation
Price: freemium model, with the paid plans starting at $29.00/month
Best AI marketing and sales automation tool to: write more successful emails and save time using AI

Which AI Marketing Automation tool should you use?

The right AI marketing automation tools do a lot more than just “save you time”. They optimise your processes, increase your lead generation and bring you more business.

The goal of AI and automation is to make your life easier. I’m sure now, after reading this article, you can see which tools will help you grow your business faster.

If you love the idea of using quiz software that does all that for you, try ScoreApp for FREE!

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