Lead Generation for B2B: How to Boost It With a Quiz 

Boost B2B Lead Generation with a Quiz

Word of mouth and referrals are always a big plus. If you want to grow sustainably, though? You MUST take control of the lead generation for your B2B business. 

With the right strategy, you’ll always have a pipeline filled with relevant prospects (bye bye, feast and famine).

There are different B2B lead generation tactics, but when you introduce a quiz? It’ll complement and simplify every single one of them.

So, let’s go through the most effective tactics. I’ll show you exactly how they’ll benefit your lead generation and how you can use quiz software to supercharge it.   

What’s the best way to generate leads for B2B?

The best way to generate leads for B2B is to grab your target audience’s attention, get their permission to market to them (usually, by collecting their email address) and nurture them until they become customers.

That’s where a quiz as a lead magnet comes in!  

  • Attractive – A quiz is entertaining and gives something valuable to your audience
  • Effective – Traditional lead magnets have a 3-10% conversion rate. Quizzes, on the other hand? 30-50% 

As for channels and strategies to generate those leads, there are several to choose from. 

In fact, most of these B2B lead generation tactics can work together! And you DON’T want to put all your eggs in one basket.

So, here are the best options.

Content marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO)

We bet your website is already targeting customers who’re looking for your type of business. But 95% of your audience are NOT ready to buy. 

So, how can you help them find out about your company? By blogging on your business website and optimising those blog posts for SEO! 

And just so we’re clear: we’re not talking about company news. 

You must write helpful articles that educate your audience and answer their questions (e.g. if you run a graphic design agency: “X signs you need a graphic designer” or “What’s the difference between graphic design and web design?”).

How content marketing and SEO will boost your B2B lead generation

  • Reaching more people – You can write blog posts for each stage of the sales funnel
  • Trust – Show your audience that you actually know your stuff and are there to help 
  • SEO – Blogging helps your entire website rank higher (and reach even more eyeballs)
  • Standing out against competitors – Sharing unique and thought-leadership articles will position you as an authority 
  • Top of mind – Once more of that 95% becomes ready to buy, guess who’ll they go to? (Yes, you) No wonder this tactic brings +67% leads per month!

How to supercharge it with a quiz

Getting more people onto your website through your blog posts is a great first step. But if you haven’t got a strategy to turn them into subscribers? They’ll leave.

So, don’t end your articles with boring calls to action – like “Drop a comment” or “Subscribe to our newsletter.”

Instead, offer them something free and unmissable that’ll benefit them: your quiz!

For example, you can invite them to take a quiz on a topic that complements that blog post, something to test their knowledge or to access a free resource.

Email marketing 

Getting someone’s email address is not the end game: you also need to nurture them. 

And you might think that’s a given, but so many companies don’t actually email their list regularly. 

A bit shocking since it can be THE most effective marketing channel, generating $42 for every $1 you invest! 

So, start showing up in your subscribers’ inbox.

Not with company updates, though! Send useful and personal content that’s relevant to your industry and positions you as the logical next step.

How email marketing will boost your B2B lead generation

  • Nurturing – With the right email marketing strategy, you’ll smoothen the sales funnel and take more people from subscribers to paying customers
  • Owning it – Social media can also help with your B2B lead generation, but it’s rented space. If their algorithm changes, you might reach fewer people. Instead, with email marketing, you own your list. And as long as you don’t start sending spammy emails, you’ll always show up in your subscribers’ inbox (oh, did we mention that 99% of them check it every single day?)
  • Cost effective – As we’ve just seen, you can expect a whopping 4,200% ROI!  
  • More personal – You can segment your audience and send more targeted emails. How? With a quiz, of course

How to supercharge it with a quiz

A quiz complements your email marketing in two main ways:

  • Getting your audience on that list – People are becoming more and more selective with their emails. So, “Sign up to hear from us” just won’t cut it anymore. Offering a free quiz that gives them helpful results? NOW we’re talking!
  • Segmenting them – Instead of generic emails, you’ll get to send more personalised and effective follow-ups based on their results

Paid ads for specific keywords 

SEO content is a solid and sustainable long-term strategy. But if you need new B2B leads fast? Focus on paid ads, too.

That way, you can put a strategic blog post or page right in front of your target audience’s eyes from day one. 

How paid ads will boost your B2B lead generation

  • Fast – Get clicks before your SEO has kicked in
  • Growth – You’ll reach new people and increase brand awareness 
  • Control – You get to choose who sees your ads, as well as ‘where’ and ‘when.’ So, you can really fine-tune them to speak to your specific audience in the most effective way
  • Measuring your success – Run some A/B testing and check your analytics to make your ads even stronger 

How to supercharge it with a quiz

Once again, there are different ways to use quiz software to boost your B2B lead generation. 

A versatile option?

Create a website page or blog post around a relevant search term (something your audience is already googling). Then, position your quiz as the next step, and run paid ads for that keyword.

For example, let’s say you’re an accountant and know that your audience is googling “Do I need an accountant for my small business?”

Write an article that answers their question, and end it with a quiz titled: “How much money will an accountant save YOU?”

Much more appealing than a generic contact form, right?

Social media marketing 

Social media is NOT just for B2C content! It’s an effective tactic to reach your audience, stand out and get more B2B leads – as long as you use it properly, of course.

So, don’t keep talking about yourself or sharing company updates.

Instead, create content that entertains and educates your specific audience. 

LinkedIn might be the best platform: it’s responsible for over 80% of all social media B2B leads! But it all depends on where your target customers are lurking. 

So, open an account on a couple of those platforms, start creating content and interact with your audience.

How social media marketing will boost your B2B lead generation

  • Reaching more people – Your social media content will help more users find out about your brand
  • Funnel – You can create valuable content for different stages of the sales funnel and levels of awareness
  • Standing out – We bet your competitors are already on social media. So, don’t get left behind! And with the right content, you can become your customers’ favourite (sorry, competitors)
  • Humanising your brand – Create more personal content, and share stories to cut through the noise
  • Traffic – Use social media to direct people to your website and email list. How? Once again, with a quiz

How to supercharge it with a quiz

Use quiz software to take your audience from followers (= on a platform you don’t own and that can limit your reach) to subscribers (= that you can email directly).

So, add your quiz to your social media bios and profile links. You can also use it as a call to action at the end of your posts.

Instead of “Check out our website to learn more,” you’ll impress them with “Take our free quiz to find out [something valuable].”

Retargeting campaigns 

Sometimes, people will interact with your content or website but without making a purchase. 

Some businesses will just forget about them. But if you’re serious about increasing your B2B lead generation, you should totally go after them!

Not in a creepy or threatening way. 

Just meet them where they’re at, remind them about it and offer them an incentive (like a discount) or a compelling call to action (a quiz).

How retargeting campaigns will boost your B2B lead generation

  • Relevant prospects – You’ll be targeting people who’ve already expressed an interest in your brand
  • Cost- and time-effective – It’s cheaper and easier to retarget a previous lead than to get a new one from scratch 
  • Brand awareness – Retargeting campaigns help you stay top of mind
  • Personalised – You can really grab someone’s attention by referencing their current situation or previous step (e.g. the product they looked at)

How to supercharge it with a quiz

There are so many ways to use quiz software for your retargeting campaigns!

For example:

  • Free resource – Get those prospects to engage with your brand again: invite them to take your quiz to receive a useful resource or result (e.g. “Free SEO report”)
  • Decision-making – Maybe they didn’t buy because they got overwhelmed and couldn’t identify the right solution? Offer them a quiz that’ll do that for them! (e.g. “What type of outdoor gear do you actually need?”)

Outbound marketing 

Most of the previous B2B lead generation tactics are about making your audience come to you. But for faster results, you can reach out to them directly, too.

Outbound marketing includes all kinds of options, like cold calling, cold emailing, sending brochures and attending trade shows (and more!). 

How outbound marketing will boost your B2B lead generation

  • Fast – In some cases (e.g. cold emailing), you can get leads within days… or even hours! 
  • Reach and brand awareness – You’ll put your company in front of people who might not find out about you otherwise 

How to supercharge it with a quiz

Stand out and impress your audience by offering them something free and valuable.

From leaflets with QR codes to mentioning your quiz in that cold email: you can really use it to grab someone’s attention and compel them to take action.

Then, nurture them and offer a personalised solution based on their results. Much more effective than jumping on a sales call with someone you know nothing about!

How can the quiz software ScoreApp get you more B2B leads?

As you now know, a quiz can complement all your B2B lead generation tactics. 

It’s the perfect bridge between “grabbing your audience’s attention” and “turning them into qualified prospects and customers.”

But of course, you need an effective and strategic quiz. That’s where ScoreApp comes into play! 

Unlike with the most basic quiz builders, your ScoreApp quiz will bring you relevant LEADS – not just engagement. 

  • Your audience will receive an insightful Scorecard divided into categories, showing them what they’re already doing well and what they still need help with
  • Then, you can use their answers to segment them, nurture them in a more personalised way and sell the right option for them
  • Thanks to our robust but straightforward analytics, you can always review your quiz and make it even more effective

The best part? With our AI quiz builder, you can create your ScoreApp quiz within minutes and for FREE. Take control of your B2B lead generation today!

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