9 Ways Ecommerce Businesses Can Increase Sales with a Quiz

Ecommerce Quiz Sales

Quizzes aren’t just nice-to-have tools for engagement. They can become an integral part of your lead generation system, enhance your customer experience and bring you more sales.

But to get those results, you need a strategic Ecommerce quiz.

So, I’ll show you exactly how to use quiz marketing successfully to supercharge your Ecommerce business. 

1. Use a quiz to send bespoke product recommendations

Personalisation will only become more and more important in marketing and business. In fact, a whopping 80% of shoppers are more likely to buy from companies that offer personalised experiences. 

Ecommerce Personalisation Stats

So, how can you deliver a special one through your Ecommerce business? With a quiz, of course!

For example, you can create a quiz that helps your customers find the right products for them.

This won’t only bring you more ka-chings: it’ll also be incredibly valuable to your audience. You’ll save them time and help them avoid choice overload and overwhelm (so, they’ll trust and appreciate your brand even more).  

  • Use your quiz to uncover each participant’s preferences, needs, budget or style
  • Segment them accordingly
  • Send them bespoke recommendations in their results
  • Nurture them via email and retarget them in a personalised way

For example, if you run a beauty Ecommerce, you could create a “Find Your Perfect Skincare Routine” quiz. Then, recommend the right products for their specific skin type.

With a ScoreApp quiz, you get to segment your quiz participants, set up different results pages and send out separate nurturing sequences… all automatically!

2. Offer a personalised shopping experience

As you now know, personalisation is key. There’s more than one way of making the most of it through your quiz, though.

As well as recommending the best products for your customers, you can also use it to elevate their ENTIRE shopping experience.  

  • Use your quiz to discover each participant’s preferences, challenges, goals and budget
  • Share personalised recommendations, discounts or curated collections based on their quiz results 

For example, let’s say you’re an outdoor brand. You could boost both engagement and sales with a quiz along the lines of “Make Your Dream Adventure Happen This Year: What Do You Actually Need?”

Use your quiz questions to understand what type of hike or holiday they’re dreaming of, what outdoor or camping gear they already own and what else they need to buy or consider at this stage. 

Then, send them valuable quiz results and emails with tips, resources and links to the best products for them. You could even create a time-limited discount that references their dream adventure, like “To make your road trip happen, you’ll need a good tent. Enjoy £50 off our entire range.”

3. Help consumers find the right size or style selection

Fancy selling more, getting your audience to engage with your brand, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing returns?

The right Ecommerce quiz will do all that for you!

This is especially useful if you sell clothing or accessories that come in different sizes and designs. You could create a quiz that helps people find the right model or size for them.

For example, a shoe brand could launch a quiz titled “Find Your Next Favourite Shoes in 5 Steps.” Then, there could be a mixture of practical questions (like getting people to measure their feet) and inspiring ones (like showing them photos of celebrity outfits to understand their dream style). 

By the end of the quiz, they’ll receive shoe size recommendations and links to the best collection for their style and habits.

4. Create compelling gift guides

Choice overload doesn’t only happen when buying products for ourselves: holidays and birthdays can be really stressful, too!

So, once again, show your audience that you’re there for them. Help them save time and avoid overwhelm through an Ecommerce quiz to find the right gift for someone else.

  • Use your quiz questions to identify the type of occasion and find out more about the gift recipient 
  • Segment your quiz participants based on their answers
  • Turn their results into gift guides with tips and a curated selection of products
  • If relevant, include incentives (like time-limited discounts or reminding them that they’ll save on shipping if they get all their presents from the same Ecommerce store)
  • Nurture them and retarget them accordingly 

For example, Christmas shopping can be particularly overwhelming, with most people spending almost 7h looking for presents. So, imagine how relieved they’d feel if they were to see a quiz titled “Christmas Shopping Sorted in 5 Minutes” (I know I would!).

5. Use Ecommerce quiz marketing for lead generation

Sure, quizzes are fantastic for engagement. But if you use an external platform with results that disappear forever after someone clicks away? That’d be a HUGE wasted opportunity!

After all, not everyone buys from a brand right after hearing about it for the first time. In fact, 48% of all Ecommerce purchases come from returning visitors. So, it’s important to keep in touch with your audience regularly.

How can your Ecommerce quiz help with that? Simple: 

  • Ask your participants to share their email address so that they can receive their results
  • Keep nurturing them and targeting them with personalised email sequences and communication, from tips to product recommendations and exclusive offers

With ScoreApp, that’s a breeze to set up, and you can even retarget people who didn’t complete your quiz in the first place (we leave nothing to chance!).

6. Boost user engagement and retention

An engaging and strategic Ecommerce quiz will also benefit your business and increase your sales by:

  • Keeping users on your website for longer and reducing bounce rates (which is great news for SEO!)
  • Offering more touchpoints and targeted recommendations
  • Directing your audience to the right page, product or next step for them
  • Creating a MEMORABLE shopping experience
  • Encouraging repeat visits and purchases

So, make sure your entire quiz is compelling and valuable to your target audience. But remember: all this is pointless if you host it on a separate platform. 

That’s why, with ScoreApp, we give you the option of adding your quiz to your actual Ecommerce website.

7. Send promotions and loyalty discounts

Offers and discounts can be a fantastic way of encouraging your audience to buy from you. Let’s face it, though: they’re already bombarded with tonnes of generic promotions on a daily basis!

So, how can Ecommerce quiz marketing help you stand out and grab their attention?

  • Use your quiz questions to segment your audience based on their preferences and unique situation
  • Send them personalised offers, discounts and incentives

You can do that in your nurturing emails or by creating a gifted quiz that promises them an exclusive offer.

For example, you sell stationery for self-employed people, and your quiz revealed that this participant wants to become more organised. Then, rather than a generic discount, send them one for your new line of productivity planners.

8. Collect post-purchase feedback

Another smart way of increasing sales for your Ecommerce business? Optimising and elevating your shopping experience. 

But you can’t do that if you keep relying on guesswork and never collect feedback from your actual audience. So, instead:

  • Create a short post-purchase quiz: gather honest feedback, find out what your customers liked and disliked and figure out if they’d benefit from any complementary products
  • Analyse your results regularly
  • Use them to make informed decisions, enhance your customer experience and tweak your nurturing sequences accordingly 

This type of Ecommerce quiz will also show your audience that you care about their opinion. So, a win-win!

9. Integrate your Ecommerce quiz with your social media strategy

To boost your sales, you must first get more traffic and eyeballs on your products. 

Of course, having an engaging quiz on your Ecommerce website will help, but don’t leave it at that!

Promote your quiz beyond your website too, and especially on social media:

  • Link to it in your bios
  • Make the most of platform-specific features (like Instagram stories or highlights)
  • Use it as a call to action in your posts and videos
  • Create new content around it consistently 

And there’s another tactic to reach more people on social media through your quiz: getting your participants to share their results. 

So, make it easier and a no-brainer for them to do so by:

  • Adding social share buttons to your quiz results
  • Creating an automated message that encourages people to share it, like “Your travel profile is Active Adventurer. We bet that’s the same for some of your friends. So, share your results and find your new travel buddies!”

Use a ScoreApp quiz to increase your Ecommerce sales

When you use it strategically, Ecommerce quiz marketing will:

  • Get more people to find out about and engage with your brand
  • Bring you more leads
  • Improve your overall customer experience and satisfaction
  • Generate more sales and repeat purchases
  • Contribute to your long-term growth and success

And now you know exactly how to do that. The next step? Making it happen!

Use ScoreApp to create your Ecommerce quiz today and for FREE.

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