How to increase your quiz conversion rate using a Gifted Quiz (Or A Gifted Survey)

Gifted Quiz / Survey

Quizzes make fantastic lead-generation tools.

They’re fun, engaging and personalised, which is why they convert so well compared to other types of lead magnets.

For instance, a typical quiz landing page converts over 30% of visitors into leads.

However, there is a simple way for you to increase the conversion rate by a lot and maybe even double your conversion rate using what we call…a Gifted Quiz or Gifted Survey.

Using a Gifted Quiz, you’ll be able to increase the number of people who take your quiz and stay right through to the end.

What is a Gifted Quiz or a Gifted Survey?

A gifted quiz is much like a regular quiz and includes:

  • A Landing page
  • A set of questions
  • A Results page

However, the main difference is that rather than the “quiz result” being the reward. The person taking the quiz gets something extra as the main incentive.

Quiz participants receive something even more valuable as a gift for taking the time to complete the quiz.

For the most part, everything else stays the same. It’s just a much more effective way to increase the number of leads you get and the conversion rate.

Gifted Quiz vs Gifted Survey

There are some slight differences between gifted quizzes and gifted surveys. For instance, a gifted quiz is generally shorter and more focused on calculating a score and what someone can do to improve.

Questions for Quiz Software

A gifted survey is usually longer and can be used to gather interesting data and insights from your audience for market research. You don’t always receive a score at the end, which is why an extra incentive can really help.

Types of gifts and rewards you can offer

The gift you choose would ideally be related to your products and services; that way, you know that everyone who takes part is a potential customer, client or partner.

Another thing you’ll have to consider is whether or not everyone who takes part will receive a gift or will you select a winner after a certain amount of time. There are pros and cons to each, but you need to be explicit on the landing page.

You can use many different gifts as a reward for completing your quiz or survey.

You could consider gifts, such as:

  • Your Book (physical or digital)
  • Book bundle
  • Free Consultation
  • Downloadable documents with valuable information (like a cheat sheet)
  • Short courses or free videos
  • Digital goodie bag
  • Business gift hampers

Alternative gifts could include:

  • Gift cards
  • Coupons or discount codes for your products and services
  • Charity Donations

There are ENDLESS possibilities depending on your type of business and industry.

Choosing a gift that attracts the right audience

You don’t want to give stuff away to people who aren’t relevant to what you do or are just in it for the freebie. To do this strategically:

You must clarify who should take your gifted quiz – For example, if you’re an agency for B2B companies and are gathering data to inform your next launch, you’ll want to clarify that this is a survey for founders of B2B businesses.

Choose a reward that’s particularly relevant to that segment – With monetary incentives, you can run the risk of attracting random respondents who’re only after that sum or discount.

So, in most cases, they make more sense if you’re sending this gifted survey to an existing list. If it’s public or you’re trying to reach new people to generate more leads, choose an incentive that’s only really relevant to that group.

For example, if it’s graphic designers, offer a mini-course on how to create content for your graphic design business. We doubt you’ll get any replies from – say – builders and doctors!

Keep it proportionate – It probably wouldn’t be very cost-effective to offer an expensive gift hamper to everyone who answers a quick three-question survey. So, choose the right incentive based on how much you’re asking of them. For example, a cheat sheet can work well for short surveys. But if you want a high-quality lead to answer several questions in-depth, then you might want to offer them a more valuable reward like a free training video or a copy of your book.

Consider running some A/B testing – Worried about giving so much away for free? You don’t have to go all in! Start with a smaller test audience first. Offer different prizes to different segments, and monitor the number and quality of responses you get. Then, pick the one that performed better and roll it out to everyone else

Why do gifted quizzes have a better outcome compared to normal quizzes?

Simple: because of that coveted reward waiting for them at the end! Think about it.

Surveys – You’re basically asking people to interrupt what they’re doing and spend time answering your questions… with nothing in return other than your gratitude. Some will scroll right past it, whereas others might be willing to give it a go: the more questions you have, though, the more people will exit it without completing it. But when you have an incentive? They’ll be much more likely to get to the end!

Quizzes – People are usually more willing to keep going if you’re promising them some kind of personalised report or Scorecard. However, you can boost your response rates even further by adding an incentive. Traditional quizzes have a 30-50% completion rate. Gifted ones? 60-80% on average

Is it really worth giving away free things to host a gifted survey?

Yes: if you plan it strategically, it’s TOTALLY worth it!

You’ll be getting accurate insights into your customers’ heads, use that data to inform your marketing and content and also get to keep in touch with your respondents.

And even with gifted surveys, you’ll still receive valuable answers. Some business owners refrain from offering incentives: they’re worried they’ll get random replies from people who don’t put in any effort, just because they want to access the freebie. In reality, that happens a lot less than you’d think.

For example, the content marketing agency Jammy Digital used ScoreApp to create a gifted survey on entrepreneur mental health.

Gifted Survey

They also ran a competition to encourage their specific target audience (business owners, entrepreneurs and freelancers) to complete it. In return, they gave away a free copy of their book, Content Fortress, to everyone. Plus, by completing it, all respondents were automatically entered into a prize draw, with a chance to win £750 worth of goodies.

The results? A whopping 83% completion rate! Not only that, but the data were incredibly valuable, too.

Quiz Conversion Rate

How to market your gifted survey to encourage participation

Buckle up, because here comes the BEST part: marketing a gifted survey or quiz is much easier than promoting traditional ones.

Why? Because you can lead with that valuable incentive!

Instead of it coming across as “please, fill in our survey” or “take this fun quiz” , your message will be “get this freebie/reward.”

Use your incentive as the hook – Whether you’ve opted for a gift card, a free call or a book (or something else), your headlines and the initial part of your message should focus on that final reward.

Expand on that through the core of your promotion – From the body of your written copy to the main part of your promotional videos, tease the benefits that this freebie will bring to your audience.

Position the survey as the no-brainer path to get there – Basically, you’re shifting your audience’s attention from the actual task (filling in the survey = effort) to their desired outcome (receiving the freebie once they’ve done that = HURRAY!)

Get the very most out of your gifted quiz data

Since you’ll be putting a lot of effort into your gifted survey or quiz and even giving something away for free, it only makes sense to maximise it.

Ask everything you need to ask (within reason) – As we’ve seen, the final incentive will help more people push through their ‘survey fatigue.’ So, you can ask them a few more questions than you would with a traditional survey. At the same time, be realistic! We doubt anyone wants to spend half an hour of their time answering +50 questions just to get a free eBook

Improve your audience research – Thanks to the higher completion rate and those additional questions, gifted quizzes and surveys help you get to know your customers a lot more. So, use your new data to integrate your existing research, especially when it comes to their pain points (what are they struggling with?), what they’ve already tried to do to solve them and what’s stopping them from investing in your type of solution.

Once you know all this, you can take strategic action and boost both your lead generation and sales!

Use those insights to create the right marketing content – Now that you know exactly what your audience is struggling with and what’s going on in their head, create new content around it.

For example, did they say they’re reluctant to invest in a marketing agency because they rely on referrals? Write a blog post on why referrals are unpredictable and counterproductive.

Create an original report – As well as informing your own content and marketing strategy, these answers can be turned into a white paper, report or infographic. This will immediately make you stand out as a thought leader because you’ll be showing up with original research.

For example, Jammy created a full report based on entrepreneur mental health statistics as a result of their gifted survey.

Entrepreneur Mental Health Research

Nurture those new contacts to generate more leads – Send targeted email sequences to those who’ve completed your gifted quiz or survey. You’ll move them down the sales funnel until they’re ready to buy – from you.

Create your gifted survey or quiz today…

When used correctly, a gifted survey isn’t only “worth it”: it’s a GOLDMINE of data and leads!

Now that you know exactly what to focus on and what to avoid, it’s time to create your strategic quiz.

How about starting for FREE thanks to our 14-day ScoreApp trial – and using our AI quiz generator to get it ready in less than 3 minutes?

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