How Event Organisers Can Use Quizzes to Deliver the Most Amazing Events

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Are you putting on an event or conference soon?

Whether it’s online or in-person, events take a lot of time to plan and prepare for. This is why you’ll want to make the event as valuable and engaging as possible for your attendees.

I’m sure you’ve already planned your schedule and marketing campaign, but have you also thought about using a quiz to improve the overall experience?

Why use a quiz at your event?

I’m sure you’ve taken an online quiz before. Quizzes have a number of benefits such as:

  • They are fun and easy to do so people enjoy doing them
  • The results are personalised so people are more interested
  • They are interactive and engaging which makes people stay til the end

This is why quizzes make great lead magnets.

But how can quizzes help you improve your event.

Here are 8 ways to use quizzes for your event to improve attendance, engage your audience and learn more about their experience.

1. Pre-event quiz/survey to build excitement

Before your event, you might ask yourself, “how can I make this event as valuable as possible?”.

You can do this with a pre-event quiz.

You can send a pre-event quiz to people right after they have booked a ticket or just before the event to excite your attendees.

You can use this quiz in several ways:

  • You can ask people what topics they need help with the most so you can tailor your content
  • You can ask them how they like to learn, e.g. with examples, through stories, Q&A etc. This will help you plan your content better.
  • You can ask about their knowledge level. Are they a beginner, or are they experts? It’s essential you have the right level of content to deliver value.

Pre-event quizzes are powerful and informative so try to use them for every event you put on going forward.

If you want to be REALLY clever, you can use a quiz as your event registration page. When someone registers for our upcoming event, they are immediately taken to a quiz with 3-5 questions. This has helped us to improve our attendance rate dramatically.

Event Registration Quiz

2. Offer a quiz to help attendees navigate a multi-track event

Planning a multi-day event with different tracks, schedules and overlapping sessions?

I bet it’s going to be packed full of value… but it could also feel overwhelming for some of your attendees!

After all, they’ll have to spend some time looking into every single option to figure out what to choose and where to be during a specific slot.

And if they don’t? They’ll probably end up feeling like they didn’t get the most out of your event – which isn’t great for engagement and reviews.

Atomicon Event Quiz

So, instead, create a pre-event quiz to:

  • Help your attendees identify which talks or sessions are better-suited for them
  • Get them even more excited about your upcoming event
  • Build trust and prime them to have a positive experience by showing them you actually want them to get the best out of it

For example, that’s what Andrew and Pete did for their ATOMICON event, the UK’s biggest sales and marketing conference – with different rooms and more than one speaker offering sessions at the same time.

They sent a ScoreApp quiz to their audience before the actual event. It included questions about their attendees’ goals and what they were struggling with when it came to their marketing, sales and business. Then, the quiz created a personalised report: it showed them exactly what sessions would have helped them fix their current problems and achieve their objectives.

Smart, right?

3. Have a quiz as a strategic lead magnet

This is a particularly effective tactic if you run multiple events every year – especially recurring ones.

Using an event-related quiz as your lead magnet will allow you to build your list, nurture your prospects and sell more tickets.

But, how can you do this?

Create a quiz that helps your audience identify the best events for them

For example, you could quiz them on their current knowledge on your industry or ask them about their struggles and goals. Then, send them a personalised report highlighting the best upcoming events for them

Send them a more targeted email sequence and campaign to promote those specific events

You can even reference their quiz results (e.g. “Since you only scored 20% in [quiz category], we thought you’d want to be the first to know about [upcoming event]. It’ll help you overcome your current challenges with [topic/quiz category] and achieve [final outcome].”)

4. Use a quiz on stage to keep a large audience engaged

It’s a well-known fact that the ideal presentation length to keep your audience’s attention is around 20 minutes.

However, some presentations last 30-40 minutes, which means you have to work hard to keep your audience engaged right to end. This is where a quiz can help.

You might want to break up the talk with an audience participation quiz. You can ask people to scan a QR code and answer a few questions live. This is a good way to get real audience engagement while everyone is in the room.

For larger-scale events, simple yes or no and quick-answer questions tend to work better – and are easier to organise.

For smaller ones, you can choose to be hyper-specific and go more in-depth.

Either way, these types of quizzes will improve your events even further by:

  • Breaking up a long session and keeping it varied
  • Promoting engagement and interaction, showing your attendees that you actually care about their opinion
  • Taking your events from passive to active
  • Boosting knowledge retention and the overall learning outcome: a quiz will make it easier for your audience to absorb what they’ve just listened to
  • Getting your attendees excited and promoting a sense of positive competition
  • You can also collect contact information from your audience live and send them relevant information after the event

Audience participation quizzes will make you stand out, keep people engaged and be more memorable.

5. Generate leads by using a quiz during exhibitions, trade shows and expo events

Do you have an exhibition stand?

Why not use a lead generation quiz to help you collect contact information when people approach your stand?

If you offer something of value then you’re much more likely to attract more leads. Here’s how you can do it…

  • Create a quiz that’s relevant to your niche and industry
  • Include questions that’ll help your attendees understand what they’re already doing well and what needs to improve – and how
  • Ask for their email address so that you can share their results
  • Send them a personalised and helpful report based on their answers

Not only is this tactic helpful in getting their details: it’ll set you apart from the rest of the stands thanks to the gamification and interactive element of quizzes!

Logistically, you could have tablets or point your attendees to a QR code that opens the quiz on their phones.

And whenever someone completes it right in front of your staff? They could have more in-depth conversations based on those results.

6. Test your attendees’ knowledge during workshops or seminars

People love to test their knowledge and find out how well they score.

You can use a knowledge quiz before, during and after your event to help people retain information for longer.

Here are two ways to integrate knowledge quizzes into your event:

Compare their pre-event and post-event knowledge

You could ask your attendees to complete a quiz before getting started so that they can check how much they already know about that particular topic.

Then, invite them to take it again to see how much they’ve learnt (loads, I bet!). This will make your attendees feel more confident and proud of themselves while also getting them to realise just how valuable your workshop was.

Break up the event

Consider embedding learning into the actual workshop or seminar. After each core topic, have a little break and quiz your audience on what you’ve just covered.

This will help keep your audience engaged and listening for longer.

7. Allow your event speakers to stand out and make an impact with a strong call to action

Most event speakers deliver an engaging talk but then end it by telling their audience to “follow me on social media” or “download my slides.” How very anticlimactic, don’t you think?

Because everyone is using it, this type of generic call to action doesn’t compel your attendees to actually follow through with it.

Instead, imagine offering them a free, personalised scorecard or quiz based on their unique situation!

Event Quiz QR Code

When a speaker uses a quiz as their main call to action:

  • They stand out immediately
  • They give something valuable to their attendees (a scorecard that’ll show them what they’re already doing well and what they still need to improve)
  • They can generate more and higher-quality leads and retain them with bespoke email sequences based on their results

Every presentation you give from now on should include a link or QR code for people to take your scorecard.

8. Post-event quiz

Let’s face it: we’ve all been there. We attend an event, enjoy it, feel buzzing about those topics… and then get back to reality the next day and forget about everything that inspired us.

This is usually the case if nothing was done to keep the momentum up or if we absorbed too many things – and now feel overwhelmed because we don’t know where to start to put them into practice.

Either way, don’t let it happen to your audience!

Create a post-event quiz that people can take. Get them to answer questions and learn more about what they found valuable.

Send them a personalised scorecard with actionable next steps to take so they can ensure they take the information from the event and take action.

Event Quiz Example

This will allow your audience to:

  • Understand exactly what they’ve actually learned, what they still need help with and what steps they should take next
  • Feel looked after and keep their motivation and excitement levels UP

The more action they take after attending your event, the better chance they have of becoming successful. A quiz and action plan can help them do this.

What kind of quiz will you use for your next event?

Now that you have 8 effective ways to use event quizzes, I’m sure you’ll have plenty of ideas on how you can improve your events going forward.

Overall, using a quiz before, during and after an event will make you stand out, deliver a tonne of value and impress your audience – and stay in touch with them more effectively.

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