LeadQuizzes vs ScoreApp Quizzes – which is the best quiz software for you?

Leadquizzes vs ScoreApp Quiz Software

So you want to build a quiz for your business…

Good choice, quizzes are a great way to drive data-rich leads to your business before converting them into paying customers.

But by this point you’ve probably already figured out that there are multiple different quiz software out there – and now you have no idea which one is right for your business.

We created ScoreApp with you in mind, developing software that helps you build a successful, high-converting quiz.

However, we also know that we won’t be the right fit for every business. And in order for you to get the most from your quiz the first step is to choose the right software.

So, in this blog, we’re comparing ScoreApp with one of the most popular quiz builders, LeadQuizzes, so you can figure out which one is right for your business.

Not all quizzes are built the same!

LeadQuizzes vs ScoreApp: what are the main differences?

It’s not obvious on the surface as you end up with a…quiz – regardless of which software you use.

But the software available, the functionality and usability of them and the type of quizzes that can be created differ quite significantly.

The challenge is that businesses have often committed to quiz software before they actually realise this – and by then they’ve sunk time and money into it.

We’ve applied our expertise to compare our software (ScoreApp) alongside LeadQuizzes, to show you how they differ, and help you make an unbiased decision on which one suits you best.

We’re going to compare the two quiz software on

So let’s get into it…

1. ScoreApp vs LeadQuizzes: do they offer landing pages?

A landing page forms a crucial part of your quiz success strategy.

When you ask your prospect for information they are provided with a choice – give you the information or click the back button.

A good quiz landing page helps ensure that your prospects decide to fill in your form, and complete the quiz. Here you can explain what your quiz is all about, and why they should complete it.

Without the ability to create a landing page in quiz software, you will need to use an external program or a pop-up. So having the feature within the quiz-building software makes the process more seamless, and the outcome more powerful.

So, what’s the difference between ScoreApp and LeadQuizzes on this front?

ScoreApp Landing Pages

At ScoreApp we’ve focussed on creating beautiful, high-converting landing pages, as we believe it’s crucial to the success of your quiz.

Quiz Landing Page Examples

We have 30+ customisable landing pages, with over 50 optional sections including:

  • Multiple image banners
  • Numerous call-to-action buttons
  • Testimonials from previous clients
  • Videos
  • Images of your book/report
  • Media badges to build trust and credibility
  • And so much more

You can choose to create a super simple landing page quickly or a longer page that suits your business perfectly.

Another great feature is that you can create more than one landing page, tailored to multiple audiences or split testing multiple messages.

You’ll have unlimited access to improve your conversion rate using our simple landing page editor.

LeadQuizzes Landing Pages

One of the biggest downsides to LeadQuizzes is that they only offer very basic landing pages.

You CAN’T add, videos, testimonials, media badges, etc like you can with ScoreApp.

Leadquizzes Landing page builder

You can only add:

  • 1 Heading
  • Short Description
  • 1 Image
  • 1 button

This means you don’t really have the option to improve conversions as there isn’t really much you can change.

The alternative option is that you can create a landing page via external software such as LeadPages. However, this adds significant cost to what is already pricey software (more on that later).

It’s not the end of the world, however for us, it’s a major downside with the LeadQuizzes software in terms of cost and complexity.

Who has the better quiz landing pages?

ScoreApp is the clear winner with customisable landing page templates that help you drive traffic and quiz conversions.

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2. Quiz Functionality

As we said earlier, not all quizzes are created equally, especially when it comes to business.

Sure, it’s easy to create a fun little quiz that gets some good engagement, but creating quizzes for businesses is about more than that – it has to drive leads and create value so they take action.

One of the ways you can do this is via the type of quiz that you choose to use, there are three common ones.

  • Scored Quiz Software
  • Personality Quiz
  • Trivia Quizzes

Scored quizzes are the most valuable and commonly used for business.


Because they allow your audience to self-evaluate themselves in a particular area before presenting them with a score, and information on how to improve.

You’ll probably be familiar with personality quizzes that put you into “groups” based on your answer, using an “associate score”. Things like:

  • Which Taylor Swift album are you based on your breakfast food choice?
  • Which Harry Potter character are you?

Great fun, and very shareable (think Buzzfeed), but they don’t always add value for businesses.

And finally, Trivia quizzes are usually made just for fun to test your knowledge rather than for business. These can easily be created free online.

You need to know what type of quiz you want to create, and if the software you are looking at will fulfil this requirement. If you buy the wrong software you’ll end up wasting time and money.

ScoreApp quiz functionality

You might have guessed based on the name, but we do one type of quiz really well…a scored quiz.

As we said, it’s the most valuable type of quiz from a business perspective. So we’ve focused on creating the best-scored quiz software possible.

Lead Generation Quiz using AI

However, it’s just as easy to create personality quizzes using scoreapp so can put your leads into groups.

By solely focussing on one type of quiz we have created a comprehensive software that offers features that others don’t (ie. dynamic results, category scores).

LeadQuizzes functionality

LeadQuizzes offers all three types of quizzes: scored, personality and trivia. So, if you aren’t sure what type of quiz you need, or want to create multiple quizzes then this might be good for you.

But much like Interact, the breadth of quizzes available comes at the expense of depth, and the features available are not as in-depth.

Best quiz functionality

ScoreApp wins. Although they both offer the same types of quiz, ScoreApp offers dynamic content and results based on multiple categories within the quiz. Leadquizzes only offer basic functionality.

3. Which quiz builder is easiest to use?

Most software these days is created to be intuitive and easy to use – no one wants another piece of complicated software in their life.

Quiz software is meant to help you grow your leads and business, not take up all your time and effort.

So, there are some things to consider…

Does the quiz software include easy-to-use pre-built templates?

Can you edit the templates, or are they set?

How easy is the page builder to use?

Although pre-set templates make things quicker, you still need to be able to customise things to it look like your brand.

ScoreApp ease of use

ScoreApp is designed to be easy to use, with 30 fully (and easily) customisable templates.

You can get your quiz set up in as little as a few minutes and start collecting leads.

AI Powered Quiz Builder

The landing pages are just as easy to build with fully-customisable templates with flexible sections.

We’ve also recently launched our AI quiz builder, which means you can launch your quiz in less than 3 minutes.

LeadQuizzes ease of use

LeadQuizzes has over 75 simple question templates, that you can build using a drag-and-drop feature. Within these, you can customise all components to create your quiz questions. If you’ve ever used a form builder before, it’s built the same way.

Make a quiz with leadquizzes

They also have logic branches – which allow you to only show relevant questions based on the respondent’s answers.

Again. They don’t have landing page capability with the software, so this adds a little time and complexity when building your quiz.

Most simple quiz make

ScoreApp wins easily. With an AI quiz builder and customisable landing pages, it doesn’t get more easy than that.

4. ScoreApp vs LeadQuizzes: AI Quiz Builder

AI is has taken over the world recently as it simplifies and speeds up various marketing tasks, including quiz creation. However, not all quiz tools are looking to use AI to speed up the quiz creation process.

Some quiz software is prioritising AI integration to expedite quiz creation, while others have not announced plans for a AI Quiz Builder.

ScoreApp AI-Assisted Quiz Creator

ScoreApp has created an AI-assisted quiz builder using OpenAI’s ChatGPT. With this, you can create a full quiz, including the landing page, questions, and results page, in under 3 minutes.

AI Quiz Software

Lead quizzes AI Quiz Builder

Currently, there is no indication that Leadquizzes is developing an AI-assisted quiz creator, which means you’ll have to do everything manually which could take hours or even days.

AI-Enabled Quiz Software

ScoreApp is the AI winner. We have built an AI Quiz Creator. Join the waitlist to be notified when it’s available.

5. Who offers the best quiz/lead data?

The main benefit of a quiz (other than the fact that they are super fun for prospects) is that they provide you with intensely data-rich leads. Not just names and emails, but an insight into how they think and feel, or what problems they are facing in their business – whatever you want to find out you can.

This data allows you to tailor sales copy, create informed content and provide personalised follow-ups. And it allows you to optimise the quiz based on how people are interacting with it.

But you need a way to assess and utilise this data when someone completes a quiz. And that comes down to what data your quiz software provides you with.

ScoreApp data

At ScoreApp we provide you with in-depth insights into everything you might need to know about your leads and their responses. Some of the information you can easily gain access to includes:

Lead Generation Data
  • The overall conversion rate for your quiz
  • Average quiz completion time
  • Which questions have the biggest “drop-off”
  • The overall score performance of each category
  • Source of the lead
Quiz Data on ScoreApp

You can see overall scores, category scores, every answer to every question and geo-locations. You have access to the minute of every single response, allowing you to tweak, optimise and follow up with confidence.

LeadQuizzes data

You can get basic insights into how your quiz is performing using LeadQuizzes. It gives you a broad overview of the quiz and allows you to see individual responses from your leads.

Lead quizzes data

However, you really don’t get much data at all. It’s pretty basic and might leave you wondering how you can improve your quiz.

Most comprehensive quiz data

ScoreApp Wins easily. The data offered with ScoreApp is more in-depth and offers way more insights that help you improve your quiz and learn more about your audience.

6. ScoreApp vs LeadQuizzes: how much does it cost?

We know this is an important one!

How much is it going to cost you to use each of the quiz software?

Remember! It is an investment – you’re using it to get leads and grow your business so it should be bringing a return on your investment.

And not all quiz software will have the same success rate, so the cost needs to be considered in this context.

ScoreApp price

ScoreApp is comparatively more expensive than some of the other software – although we think it’s worth the value.

Annually, it’s $390 for the “starter package” (or $39 per month), which includes 100 responses a month (not as many responses as some others).

The next package up is the “advanced” package, which is $1190 a year (or $119 per month) and includes 1,000 responses a month.

We also have ‘pro’ and ‘enterprise’ packages if you have larger organisations, you can find the full pricing here.

LeadQuizzes price

LeadQuizzes is one of the most expensive quiz software available, however, you do get a lot of response options for your money.

Leadquizzes Integrations

The ‘standard’ starter package kicks off at $49/month and $444 annually. This gives you up to 2500 responses per month.

The next package up, ‘pro’ is $99 per month, or $888 annually, and gives you up to 5000 responses per month.

There is also a premium package if you need it.

Which quiz software is the cheapest?

ScoreApp is the cheaper software at $39pm ($390 per year) LeadQuizzes is $49pm but works out cheaper if you pay annually ($370)

7. ScoreApp vs LeadQuizzes: what results do they show?

The results page is one of the most important elements of the entire quiz process. It’s why your prospects are doing it, so it’s critical that it offers value. You don’t want this to be a generic, surface-level page – it needs to be customisable and personalised.

Post-quiz users should be redirected to their personalised quiz results page, along with their score and how to improve upon it.

Lack of control over the results page then you’ll struggle to provide a valuable results page, and subsequently might not convert.

ScoreApp results page

The ScoreApps results pages offer insights that no other quiz software does. It allows you to create dynamic, pages that change depending on the answers.

Quiz Results Page ScoreApp

One of the ways you can do this is via ‘quiz categories, which allows you to have multiple different categories and scores within these, as well as an overall score. It allows you to create value by pin-point exactly where your prospects need to improve (and it provides you with more information on them).

Plus you are able to personalise the:

  • Branding (ie, fonts and colour)
  • Images
  • CTA buttons
  • Videos
  • Bullet lists
  • Icons to

LeadQuizzes results page

LeadQuizzes offer very basic results pages, which is a shame – and will limit your ability to offer value.

It does allow you to add a headline, an image, a description, a button etc. It really only comes with a simple editing palette, much like a word document.

Leadquizzes Results Page

You can’t change the style of the page and the content is pretty basic. You don’t have the option to add score charts or offer a breakdown of the results based on different categories.

Which quiz results page is the best?

ScoreApp wins on this one with its dynamic, personalised results pages that offer real value to your users and look great.

8. Quiz PDF report

Once your prospects have completed the quiz it’s time to send them a report to go further in-depth on the results and give them points to follow up on.

PDF Quiz Data Report

The post-quiz results are usually in the form of a PDF as this allows them the option to download, print and save them so they can refer back to them.

This might not seem like an important feature, but it’s your chance to actually convert – so it’s crucial you can personalise this step and help bring value to your potential customers.

ScoreApp reports and PDF

On certain plans, ScoreApp gives you the ability to design, build and email a beutiful PDF report all within the quiz software. This enables you to deliver huge value to your leads even after they’ve completed the quiz.

The PDF report breaks down all of the information on the results page along with attractive images, graphics, score charts, and much more.

It’s like an advanced diagnostic report that looks like it might have cost thousands of pounds to have it created.

LeadQuizzes report and PDF

LeadQuizzes does not offer a PDF in any price plan, it only allows you to email your leads for each completed submission. This is helpful, but it could be in a more user-friendly format for your prospects.

Who offers PDF reports?

ScoreApp allows you to follow up with an email and personalised PDF, which adds huge value for your prospects.

9. What software do they integrate with?

It’s important that your quiz software integrates with third-party software, in particular, CRM and email marketing software. This saves you time and reduces the chance of human error which might happen if you had to manually copy and paste leads.

Having the ability to seamlessly integrate with other software is important, as is the commitment to developing integrations.

ScoreApp software integrations

ScoreApp is a relatively new software, so if there is one place it falls behind it’s on the integrations.

However, they currently integrate seamlessly and directly with the most popular CRM and email software platforms such as Hubspot, Mailchimp, and Infusionsoft. For any they don’t directly integrate with, Zapier can be used as a connector.

ScoreApp Integrations

In addition, we are constantly improving and adding integrations to seamlessly enable it to work alongside other software – a great sign that we are committed to continual development.

LeadQuizzes software integrations

LeadQuizzes also integrates directly with multiple advertising, CRM and email marketing platforms.

Leadquizzes Integrations

And for any not included, they can also be connected via Zapier – so there shouldn’t be any issues on the integration front.

Who has more software integrations?

LeadQuizzes has slightly more integrations available as they have been around longer so they take the win here.

However, I am surprised they don’t offer more integrations to say they’ve been around since 2015.

10. Who has the best tech support?

Hopefully, everything will be smooth sailing – but just in case you want to know you’ve got a qualified tech team on hand to help you.

The last thing you want is for something to go wrong with no easy fix available. Tech support ensures that you get the most from your investment.

ScoreApp tech support

ScoreApp has a second-to-none support system including a help centre with a library of articles and videos, live chat and a call option too. Regardless of how you prefer to contact the team, there will be someone there to support you.

ScoreApp Customer Service Reviews

LeadQuizzes tech support

LeadQuizzes also have a great support system with multiple modes of contact available, including a help centre, live chat, email, and call centre.

Lead Quizzes Tech Support

Again, offering multiple contact options ensures that everyone will be able to get tech support in a way that suits them.

Who offers better customer support?

ScoreApp takes the win here. Although both options have brilliant tech support, ScoreApp allows you to book a Zoom meeting with their team and answer any questions you have BEFORE you sign up and share our screen if need be.

11. Training and Education Resources

Quiz software should be easy to set up, but to make the most of it you might want to do some team training.

It’s meant to attract leads on a consistent basis, and so you want to ensure it’s optimised and taking advantage of all the included features.

Some quiz platforms have extensive content, training and templates to help make your quiz a success.

While others let you figure things out for yourself…

ScoreApp training

We’re 100% committed to creating the best quiz content online. This is why we recently created a learning centre that you can use to learn everything you need to know in one place.

There are on-demand demos, blog articles, videos, webinars, and help and support from our specialist support team.

LeadQuizzes tech training

They also have invested a lot of time and energy into creating valuable resources for their users including blogs, a podcast, a help centre, and if all else fails an easy-to-contact tech team.

Who has the best learning resources?

ScoreApp is the winner here. Both companies have an extensive library or training resources to help you make the most of your quiz. However, ScoreApp publishes content every single week.

  • New in-depth blog articles
  • New YouTube videos
  • Regular webinars and Q&As
  • Daily quiz hints and tips on social media

ScoreApp has published a LOT more content than Leadquizzes recently so it’s more up-to-date and accurate.

ScoreApp vs LeadQuizzes: Which is best for your business?

So there – an honest look at the features of ScoreApp and LeadQuizzes to help you figure out which one is best for you.

ScoreApp might be the new kid on the block, however, it’s got innovative features such as dynamic landing pages, results pages, and analytics that allow it to be an extremely powerful lead-generation tool.

Although LeadQuizzes is more established and offers all three types of quizzes – its lack of landing pages, personalised results pages and PDF results limit its value.

At the risk of sounding biased – we think ScoreApp wins this one overall.

If you think that ScoreApp might be the right choice for you, then you can sign up for a free trial here, and get building a quiz.

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