Quiz Lead Form. Should it come before or after your questions?

Quiz Leads Form

If you’re thinking of launching a quiz, then you’ll need to make an important decision…

Should you have your lead form BEFORE or AFTER the quiz questions?

It’s often a difficult choice because the success of your quiz could be impacted if you get this wrong.

In this article, we break down the pros and cons of each option, so you know which is right for you.

Quiz Lead Capture

What is a quiz lead form?

A quiz lead form is what you use to collect contact information for anyone who takes your quiz. It’s where they can “opt in” to take part, answer some questions and get a score at the end.

It usually consists of:

  • A name field
  • An email address field

It could also include a phone number, an address or any other information you really need to collect.

Lead Quiz Forms

Now you know what a lead form is, we’ll go through the two options you have as to where to place the lead form, before the questions or after.

Before the quiz questions

When building a quiz, one option is to have your lead form BEFORE someone can take your quiz. Having the form before the quiz means your visitor has to fill it out and give you their contact information before they can access the quiz questions and take part.

The form could be placed directly on the landing page, or you might use a button that triggers a popup.

Lead Capture Before Quiz

Most people are used to handing over their contact information before they get access to free content like a free PDF or a webinar. This makes it a good option when sending cold traffic to your quiz funnel.

Pros of before

Having your lead form before the quiz questions means you collect contact information straight away. Even if your visitor doesn’t complete the quiz, you can still follow up with that person using their contact information

Some people will be eager and excited to take part, and they’ll be happy to hand over their contact information so they can take the quiz and get their score at the start.

Cons of before

If you have your lead form before the quiz, you may find that people will start the quiz but not finish it. This means the data you have from your quiz will be limited, and you won’t have as much context to the person’s situation. This might make things more difficult if you want to follow up with them and offer specific personalised content

Some people may be under the impression that the quiz is freely available without handing over their contact information. In this case, they might see the lead form and decide to leave and ignore the quiz.

After the quiz questions

Some online quizzes allow you to answer the questions first and then ask for your contact information afterwards before revealing your results. This method is often used because it taps into people’s need to complete what they’ve started. They often think… “I’ve come this far and answered these questions, I may as well complete the process and enter my information.”

Lead Capture After Quiz

You see this used more when taking personality quizzes. People’s curiosity and need for an answer is powerful enough to push someone to hand over their contact information.

Pros of after

Having the lead form after the questions means people often feel more committed to seeing the results. They have given up their time and effort to answer the questions, and they want to see the results. This means a lot of people will hand over their contact information without a second thought.
Everyone has to complete the quiz, this means you get a more accurate understanding of the person’s situation.

Cons of after

You will only be able to collect contact information for people who complete the quiz from start to finish. If a visitor gets bored or distracted partway through completing the quiz, you have no information to follow up with.

Some people may find this option a little sneaky. As they go through the quiz and answer questions, everything is fun and easy, but at the end, they realise that they can’t access their score until they have entered their contact information. Some people may take issue with this and just leave out of frustration.

Where to place your quiz lead form

As you can see, there are many factors to consider when deciding where to place your quiz lead form. You will certainly want to test both to see what works for you. However, I have included a few scenarios below to help you decide.

A small amount of traffic before

If you only have a small amount of traffic coming to the quiz, then you might be better placing the lead form before the questions. The reason is, every single lead is valuable.


If you get 10 visitors to your quiz and you have a lead form before the questions, it looks like this…

10 visitors – 5 people start the quiz – 2 people complete the quiz = you still have 5 new leads.

However, if you use a lead form after the quiz questions, it might look a little different.

10 visitors – 5 people start the quiz – 2 people complete the quiz = you have 2 leads

When you only have a few leads coming in, you want to make sure you collect some data so you can follow up with your leads.

Large amount of traffic afterwards

If you have 20+ quiz leads every day, then you might decide to have your lead form after the quiz as it isn’t as important that every single person hands over their contact information. This way, you and your team can focus on the people who completed your quiz, as they’re generally more committed and more invested. Having more traffic to your quiz generally means you have to focus on quality rather than quantity.

The number of questions you ask

The number of questions you ask as part of your quiz will impact how many people complete it. The more questions you have, the less likely it is that someone will stay to the end. This means you can decide whether to have the lead form at the beginning or at the end based solely on how many questions you have.

Number of Quiz Questions

You have 5 questions – 5 questions isn’t a lot and will take 5-10 seconds to answer therefore, most people will be happy to hand over their contact information at the end.

You have 10 questions – 10 questions is a little more tricky as it requires twice as much time, and people might start dropping off before the end of the quiz. You will want to test the lead form before vs after to find the perfect setup.

You have 10-20+ questions – You will certainly want to have the lead form upfront as you will have a lot of dropoffs partway through the quiz.

Traffic source

Where your traffic comes from is another important factor when deciding where to place your lead form.

For instance, Paid traffic is different from organic traffic and the cost to acquire that traffic is completely different.


Facebook ads

If you’re using Facebook ads to generate traffic, then you’ll know it isn’t cheap. For every single click you get, you have to pay Facebook a fee. This means that every single person who takes your quiz via Facebook ads is valuable. Therefore you might want to capture their data before they access the quiz. Even if they don’t complete the quiz, you still have the visitor’s information to show for your ad spend.

Organic Leads

If you are generating most of your quiz leads from organic content on your website, then the traffic is generally cheaper. This means you can afford to be more relaxed about where the lead form is placed. You have more opportunity to test before vs after because you’re not paying for every lead like you would with pay-per-click.

What should you do now?

After reading this article, you should have a pretty good idea of where to place your quiz lead form based on your situation. There is no right or wrong answer, you should definitely test both options to see what works for you. However, we generally find that lead forms convert much better when they are placed before the quiz as opposed to after. People are eager to take part, and this means conversions are usually higher.

If you want to test this for yourself, sign up to a 14-day free trial with ScoreApp and built your own lead generation machine.

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