The Future of Quiz Marketing: Trends and Predictions for 2024

Quiz Marketing 2024

Spoiler alert: quiz marketing will keep on growing in 2024. But how?

I’ve just used my crystal ball to predict what quiz marketing trends will gain even more momentum.

Only joking: this is all based on data, technological advancements and current changes in consumer behaviours.

So, here’s what you can expect to see more of in 2024 (and what YOU should focus on with your quiz marketing if you don’t want to be left behind).

What changed at ScoreApp in 2023?

At ScoreApp, we’re constantly adapting and evolving. So, in 2023, we added a TONNE of new features, from additional customisation to abandoned emails that allow you to retarget those participants.

After listening to your feedback, we also partnered with more apps and third-party tools to give you more integrations (because your quiz shouldn’t exist as a standalone asset! It should work with the tools you already use).

But there was ONE major change. 

Something that blew up in 2023 and that I’m confident will keep on growing in 2024 and beyond: AI. And ScoreApp was the FIRST quiz builder to integrate it.

AI-powered quiz software

  • AI quiz builder – Creating engaging questions, writing compelling landing pages, planning different results pages, crafting email sequences for each segment… Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? Not anymore! With our AI quiz builder, you can do all that in as little as 3 minutes
  • AI sales and marketing assistant – What happens after someone has taken your quiz? Well, if you’re serious about getting more leads and sales, you should follow up with the right participants. Thanks to AI, ScoreApp allows you to make more personal and relevant sales communications, and you can follow up with those leads instantly

Quiz personalisation and segmentation

People LOVE personalisation! Since your audience is bombarded with all kinds of generic content, it’s by making it about them that you can actually stand out. No wonder personalisation leads to a 20% increase in sales

Quiz marketing is no exception. You can (and should) use your quiz to:

  • Understand your audience – What are their preferences and dislikes? What do they care about the most? What’s their biggest problem right now?
  • Segment them – Use their answers and quiz results to divide your audience into categories
  • Set up personalised email sequences – Sending the same emails to people with different interests or levels of awareness? You’d be leaving so much money on the table. But when you send targeted and relevant messages based on their answers and results? THAT’S when you’ll grab and keep their attention!
  • Run more successful sales calls – From your email invitation to the actual call: instead of starting from scratch with each prospect, you’ll get to reference their quiz results and make the right suggestions accordingly

So, my quiz marketing prediction for 2024 is that personalisation will become even more popular.

People want answers to their problems faster than ever. So, how can you give them to your audience?

AI-driven personalization

With AI taking over the marketing world, it only makes sense that it’ll be used to improve quiz personalisation even further, too. 

For example, AI algorithms will make it easier to personalise your quiz experiences, predict your audience’s preferences and deliver more customised communication faster.


Personalisation in quizzes should go beyond using someone’s first name in results and emails! 

My prediction is that the most successful quizzes (and, of course, their results) will be even more tailored to individual preferences, behaviours and demographics.

For example, rather than just telling someone “This is your profile,” they’ll include bespoke advice and actionable tips to improve their current situation, much like our Scorecards.

Segment-specific quizzes 

Different segments have different problems, goals and preferences. 

So, it only makes sense that 2024 will see more specific quizzes and email sequences for each of them.

More interactive and immersive quiz experiences

Well, that’s the very nature of quizzes – and one of the reasons why we all love them so much (definitely more fun than traditional surveys!). 

But in 2024? My prediction is that quiz marketing will double down on these interactive elements.


Brands can get the most out of it by implementing game-like features in their quiz marketing. 

For example, think of scores, allowing participants to compare their results, offering prizes (like a gifted quiz) and so on.

Augmented Reality (AR) Quizzes 

I’m sure you’ve heard about augmented reality so many times already, but if you’re not clear on what exactly it is: AR is a real-time integration of the physical world and digital elements (think of Pokémon Go, where you can “see” each Pokémon in your surroundings through your camera phone).

Well, my prediction is that AR will become more popular in the quiz marketing world, too.

Why? Because the metaverse is taking over! People are blending the online and physical world through metaverse devices, avatars and more. 

So, I think we’ll see more quizzes that take place in the metaverse or that include AR elements to offer more immersive experiences

Improved data and insights

Successful quiz marketing isn’t about putting out a set of questions and forgetting about it. Testing it and looking at your quiz data regularly is key! Otherwise, you’d be relying on guesswork.

So, I believe this will become even more important in 2024.

More in-depth insights through AI 

AI will also help us gain better insights and a deeper understanding of our audience. 

It’ll make it easier to collect data and read your analytics, so that you can use them to make more informed decisions (for example, to improve your marketing strategies).

Better lead scoring 

Heard of this before? Lead scoring is a method to rank prospects based on how likely they are to become paying customers. 

It’s extremely useful to sales teams as it shows them who they should focus their efforts on and when. 

Thanks to AI and the right integrations, I believe quiz marketing will facilitate lead scoring even more in 2024. So, you can use your quiz to get more sales and optimise the time you spend with your prospects.

Stricter compliance and data privacy

More and more countries and organisations are trying to regulate how businesses use our data online.

You’ve heard of GDPR, right? Well, my prediction is that there’ll be more and stricter rules in 2024, like the Data Protection (Fundamental Rights and Freedoms) (Amendment) Regulations in the UK.

But what does this mean for you and your 2024 quiz marketing strategy?

Transparency in data collection

You MUST always be clear and upfront on how you collect and use your audience’s data.

Your quiz participants must also be able to unsubscribe from your list easily and whenever they wish. 

This is already important! But if you don’t do it properly, you could breach some serious regulations in 2024.

That’s why, at ScoreApp, we make it a breeze for your quizzes to comply with them.

Get ahead of the latest quiz marketing trends with ScoreApp 

Don’t get left behind with your quiz marketing strategy! 

Choose a platform that’s always keeping up with the right trends and shifts… or even ahead of them, like when we were the first quiz builder to introduce AI.

In other words, create your ScoreApp quiz today and for FREE.

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