19-Part Waitlist Email Sequence for an Effective Launch

Waiting List Email Sequence

Having a waitlist for your new product or service is a smart move. However, if you NEVER email your subscribers and just drop an offer out of the blue, it’s still unlikely to work.

Instead, you must keep the momentum going by nurturing your list and getting them excited.

So, think of your emails as a bridge between your waitlist announcement and the actual product launch.

Not sure how to build it? Steal our waitlist email sequence below (you’re welcome!).

Benefits of launching a waitlist for your new offer

Most businesses are still basing their entire launch on guesswork. This means it could work… or it could easily flop and cause them to waste a tonne of time and money!

Instead, when you create a waitlist for your new offer, you get to:

  • Validate your idea –Test your initial concept with your audience before developing the full product or service
  • Gather data through a waitlist quiz – Were you only planning on collecting names and email addresses and telling your audience “Sign up to be the first to hear about it”? That’s NOT enough to set yourself up for success! So, create a short waitlist quiz too. Ask questions to find out what your audience actually needs and wants as well as what they think of your idea. That way, you’ll gather valuable data to inform your product development and marketing. You can build a waitlist quiz for FREE with ScoreApp
  • Plan your launch accordingly – Did your waitlist and quiz show you there’s enough interest? Hurray! Then, launch your new product confidently, using your quiz data to highlight what your audience was most interested in
  • Improve your product – If you get some interest and the feedback is mediocre, don’t panic. Use your quiz data to improve your offer idea before developing it
  • Avoid costly mistakes – If you don’t get enough interest or the feedback is negative… Well, that’s annoying! Still, it’s much better to fail fast and cheap than to spend months and lots of money creating something nobody buys. Plus, you can use your waitlist quiz data to go back to the drawing board and plan something your customers actually want (pheeew!)
  • Prime your subscribers for your launch – When you nurture your audience with a strong waitlist email sequence, you’ll keep them engaged and get them excited for the actual launch
  • Launch successfully – No more guesswork! With this method, you’re pretty much GUARANTEED to sell out

Integrate your email marketing software with a ScoreApp quiz and waitlist

As you now know, attaching a short but strategic quiz to your waitlist will give you plenty of insights and maximise your chances of success

When you rely on a ScoreApp quiz and landing page to promote your waitlist:

  • It’ll keep collecting both email addresses and juicy data for you (psst! If you tell your audience why you need their input, they will complete your waitlist quiz)
  • It can also segment your subscribers based on their answers
  • You can choose to wow them with personalised results and advice (for example, you could use your free quiz as an incentive to get people on the list, combining questions that are valuable to them and some to help you validate your new idea. Then, send them results that allow them to better understand their current situation or profile)
  • You can then set up a full waitlist email sequence to nurture your subscribers (or create different ones for each segment) until you’re ready to launch

So, once you connect your ScoreApp waitlist quiz to your email marketing software, you’ll get a full launch funnel. Smart, right?

Create a waitlist quiz for FREE with ScoreApp

Best emails to include in your waitlist email sequence to sell out your launch

Remember: your waitlist email sequence is a bridge between the initial landing page and your actual launch.

The goal is to create a buzz and a sense of urgency and excitement, priming your audience for that BIG announcement.

So, to help you build a strong bridge, we put together some templates for each stage of your launch: pre-launch, announcement, and last chance to buy.

Focus on those that are most relevant to your business and offer, and personalise our waitlist email templates accordingly.

Email 1 – Thanks for joining the waitlist

Subject line – You’re in! / You’re on the VIP list 

This first email is all about welcoming your subscribers, thanking them and setting the right expectations. If you mentioned an incentive on your waitlist landing page, you can remind them about it, too.

Email example

“Hi Name

Great to have you on board!

We can’t wait to launch our first digital marketing course for freelancers. So, thank you for answering our quiz questions: they’ll allow us to make our course as good as it can be.

When it launches, you’ll also receive an exclusive 10% discount as a ‘thank you’ for your help.

And of course: as soon as we have an update, you’ll be the first to know.

Speak soon!

Your name”

Email 2 – Bad world, good world

Subject line – What difference would THIS make for you? / Imagine this

Deep down, people don’t really buy products: they buy a solution to their problems. So, get your waitlist subscribers to start picturing that transformation!

Open this email with their current pain point (using empathy!), position your new offer as the logical solution and show them how it’ll change their situation.

That’s one of the many reasons why you should start with a waitlist quiz: so you can get crystal-clear on what that problem is for your audience.

Email example

“Hi Name

I bet that, right now, you’re still feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with your marketing.

You’re spending so much time creating content for your social media, churning out blog posts, writing yet another newsletter… but it doesn’t feel worth the effort, does it?

I promise: it’s not your fault. Delivering your services and knowing how to market them are two separate sets of skills.

That’s exactly why we’re creating a marketing course for freelancers like you: to give you all the tools to promote your services successfully without feeling like you’re winging it.

Imagine if you knew exactly what to focus on with your marketing and could follow some clear frameworks. You’d only spend 3-4h on it every week, and you’d finally get your target clients to come to you.

This can be YOUR reality once you’ve completed our upcoming marketing course and put our strategy into practice.

Not long to go!

Your Name”

Email 3 – A personal story

Subject line – There’s something you should know / I wanted to share this with you

This waitlist email will help you create a more personal connection with your subscribers. So, focus on an anecdote that’s relevant to your new offer. 

For example, you could tell them about how you used to experience their same problem and that’s why you created a solution for it.

Email example

“Hi Name

I have a confession. It might not look like it right now, but years ago, I had NO idea how to grow my business on Instagram!

I kept looking for advice from different accounts—even though they all promised a different silver bullet—and putting it into practice. I was wasting hours on it every week and was sure I was doing everything right. And yet I kept seeing other people’s accounts blow up while mine… well, crickets.

That’s when I decided to stop following random advice and invested some time into experimenting with a proper strategy. 

After lots of trial and error, I realised there ISN’T’ a one-size-fits-all solution but there ARE some do’s and don’ts. Now, my account reached 200,000 followers, and I get most of my clients through Instagram.

So, that’s why I’m putting together my new 1:1 programme: so that we can create the right Instagram strategy for you (and you won’t have to waste your time and money making my same mistakes).

Almost time!

Speak soon

Your name”

Email 4 – Key insight

Subject line – THIS was the biggest game-changer / [Concept] makes all the difference

What made the BIGGEST difference for you when solving that initial problem? Was there a wrong belief that you had to ditch? Share it with your waitlist subscribers! How?

Set the scene, talk about that aha moment, make it relevant to your audience and tie it back to your new offer.

Email example

“Hi Name

Do you still think that you’re either born photogenic or you aren’t? I did, too!

And I was pretty sure I was NOT born photogenic. So, there was no point in pushing myself outside my comfort zone and sharing brand photos for my business (even though I KNEW I needed to do that to become visible to my target audience).

Then, I had an epiphany: surely, it wasn’t possible that every single famous person was born photogenic, right? Statistically, that didn’t make sense.

So, I watched some celebrity interviews and behind-the-scenes from their shoots. That’s when I realised that being photogenic is actually a skill. So, like any other skill, YOU can improve it, too!

That’s why I’ll be running my Feel Good, Look Good masterclass. After learning from professional photographers for years, I’m now ready to share those insider tricks with you. 

That way, you can finally share your brand photos confidently (without worrying about whether or not you’re photogenic).

Keep an eye out so that you don’t miss it!

Your name”

Email 5 – Question to reply to

Subject line – Can I ask you something? / Quick question, Name

Get more insights from your audience so that you can position your offer as the best solution for them

Luckily, if you started with a waitlist quiz, you already have these insights. Still, you can use this email to get more evidence (especially if you had to tweak your initial idea after reviewing their quiz answers) or to remind your audience of their pain point.

You’ll also show them that you actually care about creating the perfect product for them (and they’ll LOVE you for it!).

Email example

“Hi Name

As you know, I’ve been putting together a new coaching programme. It’s all about helping high-achievers like you become more productive by optimising their time and mindset.

I really want this programme to be super valuable for you, so I thought I’d ask:

when it comes to managing your workload and personal life, what are you struggling with THE MOST right now?

Hit reply (yes, for real) and let me know.

You’ll help me create the perfect solution for you and other people in your same situation.

So, thank you in advance!

Your name”

Email 6 – Product/service behind the scenes

Subject line – We thought you might want to know… / An update we weren’t expecting

Keep the momentum going, and make your future customers feel like a part of the journey. There are so many options at this stage of your waitlist email sequence! 

For example, you could talk about the challenges you’ve faced or the lessons you’ve learned along the way.

Email example

“Hi Name

We’ll be completely honest: at first, when we came up with an idea for a sustainable sports deodorant, we thought you’d be most interested in it being plastic-free.

And you did care about that… but your answers showed us it wasn’t the main thing. 

Turns out, you wanted a natural deodorant that could also stop you from sweating (not just mask the smell).

We hadn’t thought about that! So, we went back to the drawing board. 

It took some trial and error, but we were adamant in creating the right natural and antiperspirant sports deodorant for you.

A couple of months ago, we finally found the right natural ingredient to make this happen (whoop, whoop!). So, we can now confirm that the final product will be entirely natural, plastic-free and antiperspirant.

That’s thanks to YOUR input, too!

So, we can’t wait to share it with you as soon as it’s ready. Keep an eye out for our next email so that you don’t miss it.

Your name”

Email 7 – Big mistakes

Subject line – Are YOU making this mistake? / THIS is what’s holding you back

Why is your audience experiencing that problem in the first place? And why haven’t they been able to fix it, even though they did try? (When you start your waitlist with a ScoreApp quiz, you won’t have to rely on guesswork!)

In this email, you can explain it to them (with empathy, of course) and position your new offer as the perfect solution.

Email example

“Hi Name

Still struggling to stand out with your social media graphics and carousels? 

After working with +100 clients as a graphic designer, I realised there are 3 main mistakes that business owners make when DIYing them:

#1 – Using fonts that look pretty but are hard to read 

#2 – Changing your style and colours every other day (your audience won’t be able to tell it’s YOU!)

#3 – Starting from scratch every time, which causes you to waste +10h on Canva every week

Instead, what if (for a one-off investment) you could get scroll-stopping and on-brand carousel templates and use them to create ALL your graphics? You’d only need 5 minutes per post!

Well, that’s exactly what my upcoming service is about.

I’ll only offer it to 30 business owners, though. Keep your eyes peeled so that you don’t miss it when it’s out!

Your name”

Email 8 – Top tip

Subject line – Try THIS, and see the difference it’ll make / One small change, a big difference

Share some premium advice with your list. By giving value and showcasing your expertise, it’ll be easier to build even more trust with your subscribers. 

Even better? To get the very most out of this email, tease how this tip is related to your upcoming offer (maybe they’ll get to learn even more or go more in-depth?).

Email example

“Hi Name

You want to get actual clients on LinkedIn (not just likes and comments), don’t you?

Then, here’s something you can try right now and that’ll make a HUGE difference.

Whenever you write a new post, picture your ideal client and speak to them directly using “you”.

That way, you won’t run the risk of sharing generic content or tactics that are more helpful to your industry peers than your actual audience.

A game-changer, right?

With my upcoming LinkedIn course, you’ll learn many more strategies and tricks to turn your profile into a magnet for your target clients.

Exciting times ahead!

Speak soon

Your name”

Email 9 – Update and launch date

Subject line – We have a date! / Put this in your calendar

Things are starting to get real! So, get your waitlist subscribers excited. 

You should also create a sense of scarcity and FOMO, encouraging them to watch out for your next announcement. 

Email example

“Hi Name

Great news: your wait for the Marketing Magic course is ALMOST over!

I’m currently creating some juicy bonuses for you, but the bulk of the work is done. So, you’ll be able to go from winging your marketing to acing it in less than a month.

Yes: Marketing Magic will launch on [date] at [time].

As a ‘thank you’ for completing my quiz and being on this list, you’ll receive an exclusive 10% discount, but that’s not even everything!

The first 10 people to snatch the course will get to book a 1:1 session with me (worth £500) for FREE.

So, keep your eyes peeled and set a calendar reminder so that you don’t miss your chance!

Your name”

Email 10 – Get ready, get excited 

Subject line – It’s almost time for [new offer] / – X days to go

Because you already told them about it, you might worry about being repetitive. Don’t!

Not everyone on your waitlist will have seen your previous email. Plus, your subscribers already have a million things on their minds. So, if you want them to notice and remember your launch date, you must keep reminding them about it. 

Email example

“Hi Name

Not sure if you’ve already seen that, but we’re finally about to launch our new Video Marketing service!

We know you’ve been waiting over 3 months for it. So, we really don’t want you to miss it when it goes live on [date], especially because…

the first 5 people to sign up for it will get an exclusive 20% discount!

So, put it in your calendar right now, and make sure you don’t miss that email.

Almost time!

Your name”

Email 11 – Tomorrow’s the day

Subject line – Only one day to go! / You can get [new offer] TOMORROW 

Nearly there! So, send one big heads-up a day before your new offer goes live. 

Remind your subscribers about it, create some FOMO and tell them where and how they can get it.

Email example

“Hi Name

The Copywriting Craft Course you’ve been waiting for is launching TOMORROW at [time]!

And remember: the first 10 people to join will also get a month of 1:1 support for FREE.

But there are +200 people on this list. So, to make sure you don’t miss it:

  • Set an alarm or calendar reminder right now
  • Watch out for that email 

Only 24h to go!

Your name”

Email 12 – “Opening the doors” reminder

Subject line – The doors open in X hours / – X hours to go

This type of waitlist email is particularly effective if you can create some kind of scarcity. Maybe there’s an incentive for the first people who buy your offer? Perhaps the doors will close again after a set amount of time? 

Whatever it is, give your subscribers the BEST chance to make it!

Email example

“Hi Name

Don’t forget: at 12pm, we’ll be opening the doors to our exclusive Passive Income Masterclass.

There are +500 people on this list but only 50 available spots.

So, if you’re serious about turning your passive income dream into your reality, set an alarm right now and look out for that email in 4h.

Will we see YOU on the other side?

Your name”

Email 13 – 30-minute reminder

Subject line – Only 30 minutes to go / Live in 30 minutes

Aaaaaaaalmost there! This is the LAST reminder before the actual launch.

So, keep it short and sweet and, if relevant, remind your subscribers about the stakes (or raise them).

Email example 


The doors to sign up for our upcoming Passive Income Masterclass open in only half an hour (at 12pm).

Remember: there are +500 people on this list but only 50 available spots.

So, be quick!

Watch out for our email with the sign-up link (in 30 minutes)

Your name”

Email 14 – We’re open! Launch email

Subject line – [new offer] is out! / We’ve launched! Get your own [new offer]

This is what you’ve been building up for! So, get your audience even more excited, and create a strong sense of FOMO and urgency.

If you have some kind of time-limited deal or early-bird offer, now is the time to shout about it.

Email example

“Hi Name

After 6 long months of waiting, the Entrepreneurial Accelerator is finally here!

Our intensive group programme is your chance to turn your current idea into a fully-fledged online business in only 6 weeks (without wasting time and money on trial and error).

As if that weren’t exciting enough, the first 10 people to sign up will also get a free 1:1 session with our founder.

But there are +400 aspiring entrepreneurs on this list. So, if you want to snatch that session (normally worth £700), be quick!

We can’t wait to welcome you on the other side of the Entrepreneurial Accelerator.

[link to buy]

Your Name”

Email 15 – Reminder that you’ve launched

Subject line – Only 2 days in and… / You still have a chance (if you’re quick!)

Thought your job was done just because you launched your new offer? Think again! 

Only 1 in 5 consumers buy immediately upon launch. So, now is the time to REMIND your audience about your new product or service.

If there’s an element of scarcity (like limited slots or a discount that’s only valid for a set amount of time), focus on that, too.

Email example

“Hi Name

In case you missed it, the Marketing Magic course (yes, the one you’ve been waiting for for over 3 months) is now live!

This is your blueprint to go from feeling like you’re winging your marketing to acing it in less than a month. Ready to get new clients to come to you organically?

If you’re among the first 10 people to join, you’ll also get a complimentary 1:1 session with me (normally worth £500).

Marketing Magic has only been live for 2 days, but half the spots have ALREADY been snatched.

So, act fast!

Your name”

Email 16 – Most common questions/objections

Subject line – Let me make this clear / Still wondering [main question/objection]?

No matter how interested they are in your new offer, most of your audience will still have some kinds of concerns. 

This could be a question, an objection or even an excuse they’re telling themselves so as not to take action and part with their money (once again, a ScoreApp waitlist quiz can identify those big concerns for you).

So, no matter what’s stopping them from investing in your new offer right now: address it and reframe it for them.

Email example

“Hi Name

I bet you’ve been thinking about joining my self-paced course and community for freelance writers, but you might still be wondering: ‘Can it actually work FOR ME?’

So, I’ll be completely honest.

I’m confident it CAN (and it will) because I created it with your input, too. 

Plus, here are some words from our beta testers:


However, if you join us and realise it’s NOT for you, you can get a full refund within the first 7 days.

So, let’s face it: you’ve got nothing to lose but everything to gain!

[link to buy]

See you on the other side?

Your Name

PS. If you have any other questions, hit reply! I’ll be happy to answer them (I mean it)”

Email 17 – Nearly sold out 

Subject line – Almost gone / – X days to go

Only a small number of spots left? Are the doors about to close again? 

Whatever your element of scarcity is, focus on that… and kick that FOMO up a notch!

Email example

“Hi Name

Are you still serious about learning how to market your own business successfully?

Then, we really wouldn’t want you to miss this: most of the spots for our Self-Marketing Masterclass are ALREADY gone.

There are only 5 left, and we won’t be running this type of masterclass again for another 6 months.

So, if you don’t want to wait that long before fixing your marketing, reserve your spot right now.

Your Name”

Email 18 – Final push: don’t miss out 

Subject line – Last chance to get [new offer] / Only X spots left 

This is the very last reminder before your doors close, the time-limited discount ends or the remaining spots are taken! 

So, make it crystal clear, and remind your audience of the consequences of NOT taking action.

Email example

“Hi Name

This is it. Almost! The doors to our new marketing membership for savvy business owners close TODAY at 7pm.

And we won’t reopen them again for another 3 months.

So, if you want to see the first results in less than 2 weeks (not 14), claim your spot right now.

Your Name

PS. Literally the last chance! We look forward to welcoming you on the other side, if you make it in time”

Email 19 – We’re sold out/fully booked 

Subject line – Ouch, you missed it! / The doors are closed! See you in 3 months?

This final post-launch email is especially relevant if you re-release your new offer regularly but with a long wait in between.

So, use it to emphasise that FOMO (after all, these subscribers did miss out!) and tell them how they can change it next time.

Email example

“Oh no, Name

You missed it! The doors to our membership are now closed.

Over 100 business owners have joined us and are ready to start revolutionising their marketing next week. 

It’s a shame you didn’t make it, but… a heads up?

The doors will open again in 3 months! This time, we’ll only let 50 new people in.

So, don’t make the same mistake again! Stick around to be the first to hear about the next launch.

Your name”

Use a ScoreApp quiz and waitlist email sequence to sell out your launch

Yes, you need a lot of emails to nurture your potential customers and actually sell your new offer. But once you’ve automated them? They’ll keep reaching your waitlist subscribers and working in the background for you!

When you kickstart your waitlist with a ScoreApp quiz, you’ll get to:

  • Earn more sign-ups thanks to your impressive landing page
  • Validate your initial idea BEFORE going all in (and optimise it accordingly, if needed)
  • Gather data that you can use to inform your launch and marketing
  • Connect your quiz with your email marketing platform
  • Segment your audience
  • Send them a strong waitlist email sequence that’ll act as a bridge between the initial announcement and the big launch
  • Launch confidently and sell out!

So, stop relying on guesswork or trial and error for your launch. Create your ScoreApp waitlist quiz today and for FREE.

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