How B2B Marketers Can Pre-Qualify Prospects With a Quiz

Pre-qualify leads for B2B Marketers

The quality of your leads is important, especially if your team have sales targets to hit.

There’s nothing worse than getting hundreds of low-quality leads that your sales team struggle to convert.

As a B2B marketer, you shouldn’t just aim to generate “more leads.” It’d be wiser to focus on getting “more relevant prospects” booked in for sales appointments.

Here’s why that matters and how you can do that automatically (spoiler alert: with a quiz).

Why should you pre-qualify leads? 

You should pre-qualify leads because it’ll save time and energy (for you and your sales colleagues) and money (for your department and company). 

It’ll also result in higher conversion rates than when the sales team has to speak to EVERYONE.

Think about it! 

  • Saving time and energy – If you don’t pre-qualify these leads? Your company’s salespeople would have to spend time with any random prospect, even those who wouldn’t be the right fit
  • Saving money – Let’s say your company pays their salespeople £20/hour. If your marketing team keeps sending them unqualified prospects? They might spend 10 hours a week talking to them (without closing those sales). That means you’ve wasted your company £10,400 a year!
  • Avoiding problems – Sometimes, the sales team might still manage to sell that product or service (even when the prospect is not a perfect match). But that could cause dissatisfaction, complaints and refunds later down the line
  • Increasing closing rates – Once the sales team only gets on calls with pre-qualified prospects? It’ll be easier for them to close them successfully!

So, pre-qualifying leads is both about attracting the right-fit prospects and repelling the wrong ones. 

But how can you do that?

Using a quiz to pre-qualify leads as a B2B marketer

B2B prequalify leads with a quiz

Your goal is to:

  • Find out if someone would be a good fit for your company’s products or services
  • Understand their current situation 

before the sales team speaks to them. That’s where a quiz comes into play! 

With professional software like ScoreApp, you can create a strategic quiz that keeps bringing you leads, pre-qualifying them with the right questions and segmenting them for you – all automatically.  

I’ll show you how to do that!

But first, there’s something you need to find out.

What does your B2B sales process look like? 

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. So, when planning your new pre-qualification strategy as a B2B marketer, you must work with the sales team. 

Overall, you’ll want to understand:

  • Exactly how their process works 
  • What questions and objections they hear the most 
  • How you can make their lives easier (for example, a salesperson would probably want to know if they’re speaking to the business owner or a manager, their budget, their current knowledge of your industry and solution, and so on)

How can you set up a quiz to pre-qualify leads? 

So, you’ve figured out what information you must get? Excellent!

Now, it’s time to plan a quiz that’ll keep bringing quality leads to the sales team.

1. Discover each prospect’s goals and priorities 

If you can uncover a prospect’s priorities through a quiz?

The sales team will then get to lead with those (NOT with assumptions or what other customers prefer).

Pre-qualifying quiz question examples

  • “What are you hoping to achieve with your [e.g. content marketing strategy]?”
  • “What would be THE dream scenario for you?” (with different options in a dropdown)

2. Ask questions to understand their biggest pain points

That final goal will motivate us. But we’re actually more likely to take action to get rid of an existing problem. 

So, if your sales team knows exactly what each prospect is struggling with? They’ll be able to recommend a specific product or offer a custom action plan.

Pre-qualifying quiz question examples

  • “What do you struggle with the most when it comes to [e.g. promoting your business on social media]?”
  • “What do you tend to spend the most time on, during your workday?”

3. Find out if they’re already using a competitor or if they’re still new to the market 

This will make a HUGE difference during the actual call! 

  • If they’re using a competitor – The sales team can prepare for this scenario by highlighting how your product is better (specifically and with examples). It’d also be helpful to find out why that prospect is thinking of jumping ships
  • If they’re new – This prospect might not know just HOW MUCH of a difference your type of product can make for them. So, the sales team will need to take this into consideration and educate them (or even better: you can do that before they talk to these prospects. More on that soon!)

Pre-qualifying quiz question examples

  • “Have you tried a similar product or service before?”
  • “Are you currently using any of these products or services?”

4. Ask what their budget is for this service or product 

It’d be counterproductive for your sales team to try and sell a £3k solution… to a small business with a £1k budget. 

But if they’re aware of it? They can lead with your entry-level product which is only £500. 

So, when pre-qualifying your prospects through a quiz, include a question on budget (psst: dropdowns tend to work really well).

Pre-qualifying quiz question examples

  • “What’s your budget for [e.g. content creation]?”
  • “How much are you currently spending on [e.g. SEO]?”

5. Learn their current stage in the buyer’s journey

Is that prospect still in the awareness stage, or are they already considering different options? Maybe they’re so close to investing in you and just need a final nudge. 

Or it could be that they’ve already bought from you in the past but are now interested in a new product.

Either way, for the best results? The sales team will tailor their approach to the prospect’s stage in the buyer’s journey. 

So, don’t leave it to chance!

Pre-qualifying quiz question examples

  • “Have you already tried to find a solution for [type of problem]?”
  • “Do you currently have [what they must have in place before working with you]?”

Get a scored quiz to provide tailored marketing 

Benefits of a scored quiz

Once you create a quiz that’s both compelling (after all, you want your audience to complete it) and strategic? You will:

Get more leads

Quizzes are some of the BEST B2B lead magnets

They have much higher conversion rates than traditional options and PDFs (30-50% as opposed to 3-10%).

Segment and pre-qualify them automatically

The quiz will divide them into categories based on their results. 

Nurture them in a more personalised way 

Send quiz email sequence based on their results. 

And if a prospect has some objections, concerns or things they should put in place before working with you? You can share relevant sales enablement content. 

That way, you’ll prime them for that sale before they even speak to a salesperson.

Get more people to book a sales call

Quiz leads to sales conversations

Instead of a generic approach, the sales team can start their outreach with a more personalised email and reference the quiz results.

For example:

“ Hi Oscar,

I noticed you took our Email Marketing Quiz a few days ago. You scored 70% in the ‘lead magnet’ section, which is impressive. However, your score for ‘segmentation’ was quite low.

I’d love to share some bespoke advice with you.

Would you be up for a quick call so I can recommend the best strategies to help you improve this?”

Boost your conversions  

The sales team will only need to speak to pre-qualified prospects who’d be the right fit. They’ll also have PLENTY of juicy information about them. 

So, they’ll get to deliver a stronger pitch by making the right offer to the right person at the right time. A recipe for success!

Launch your ScoreApp quiz, and stop wasting time with unqualified leads 

Launch a quiz

“More leads” might have sounded good in theory. But now you know exactly why it would backfire if they’re not pre-qualified. 

Luckily, once you’ve created a quiz, it’ll keep on doing this in the background for you. 

Most quiz builders send a standalone result or percentage. With ScoreApp, on the other hand? You’ll get to share personalised Scorecards divided into categories:

  • Your leads will receive a more attractive result, showing them what they’re already doing well (who doesn’t love a little confidence boost?) and what they still need help with (from you, of course)
  • You’ll schedule more personalised and targeted email sequences
  • The sales team will access a variety of valuable data

Create your ScoreApp quiz today and for FREE. No more wasting all that time and money on wrong-fit leads! Start pre-qualifying your prospects and set yourself up for success. 

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