How to Use a Quiz to Get Hot Leads Through LinkedIn DMs

LinkedIn DMs Leads

LinkedIn DMs can be a goldmine for lead generation, and yet most business owners are still making these mistakes:

  • Overlooking them altogether
  • Putting their audience off with a cold pitch

So, how can you capture your customers’ attention and start a conversation successfully? With a compelling quiz!

I’ll show you exactly what to focus on so that you can generate high-quality leads through your LinkedIn DMs.

Why focus your lead generation on LinkedIn?

Are you still thinking of LinkedIn as “the boring social media platform”? Think again!

It can easily become your best channel, especially if your business is B2B. Why?

  • Professional platform – From connecting to buying from others, LinkedIn users are already in the mindset of doing business 
  • Search features – Thanks to its filters and search options, it’s easy to find and target your ideal customers on LinkedIn
  • SEO – When you optimise your LinkedIn profile (we’ll show you how!), you can also help them find you
  • Organic reach – While it’s been decreasing by a whopping 18% on platforms like Instagram, it’s still really good on LinkedIn
  • Different options – As a solo entrepreneur, you can use your personal profile for lead generation. As a bigger business, you can rely on a company page but also encourage your top talent to develop their personal brand, using their profiles to get leads
  • Easier to stand outOnly 1% of LinkedIn’s active users are creating content regularly!  
  • Better lead generation – LinkedIn is 277% more effective than Facebook and Twitter, and it’s responsible for (wait for it) over 80% of all B2B leads

So, it’d be crazy NOT to use LinkedIn for lead generation, right?

But now that we’re on the same page, you might still be wondering:

Why choose a quiz to generate leads on LinkedIn

A free quiz lead magnet is super valuable for your audience (= it’ll help them understand their current situation and give them personalised results) and will position you as the logical next step.

So, when you create a compelling quiz lead magnet, you get to:

  • Grab your audience’s attention – Most businesses are still showing up with static and overused PDF lead magnets. So, by offering a valuable quiz to your customers, you’ll stand out straightaway!
  • Get more subscribers – Traditional PDFs only convert at 3-10%. With quizzes, you can expect a 30-50% conversion rate
  • Segment your audience – Divide them into groups based on their answers, and target them more strategically
  • Personalise your communication – As if personalised results weren’t impressive enough, you can tailor all your messages to your audience, from DMs to automated email sequences. This is A LOT more effective than using the same generic approach with everyone! 
  • Pre-qualify your leads – Around 10% of your quiz can include questions to find out if someone would be a good fit and if they’re ready to take action (e.g. “What’s your budget for [type of service]?”). This will save you a TONNE of time because you won’t have to do it manually or jump on calls with wrong-fit prospects
  • Complement your content strategy – Your quiz won’t be JUST about generating leads through LinkedIn DMs! You can use it on your website, as a call to action at the end of your blog posts, as part of your social media content and much more

Create a full quiz funnel for FREE with ScoreApp

How to get B2B leads through your LinkedIn DMs using a quiz

Now that you’re clear on why you should focus on LinkedIn and quizzes, let’s go through your next steps.

Identify your ideal customers 

LinkedIn is a good platform to stand out, but you won’t do that by sharing company updates or trying to target EVERYONE.

So, move from a company-centric to an audience-centric approach:

  • Who are your target customers? (For example: industry, job roles and so on)
  • What are they struggling with right now?
  • What have they already tried to do to solve their problem?
  • What are their goals?
  • What about their likes and dislikes?

If you haven’t got those answers, don’t worry: you can create a separate quiz and use it for market research.

Optimise your LinkedIn profile

It’s your profile, but it should really be about how you can help them (your ideal clients).

So, optimise it accordingly by:

  • Writing an attention-grabbing LinkedIn headline – For example, “I’m a [type of business] helping [type of clients] achieve Y by doing Z / without doing Z”
  • Crafting a strategic About section – A strong framework you can steal is: starting with your customers’ problem, agitating it, positioning your business as the obvious solution, telling them a little bit about you, and then ending it with how they can take action
  • Using keywords – Add them to both your headline and About section to help your audience find you
  • Making the most of its other features – Don’t forget to create a banner and populate your Featured section with relevant content

Create an engaging and relevant quiz 

The sweet spot for your initial idea? Something that:

  • Is valuable to your audience and that they’d actually be interested in
  • Positions your services or product as the logical next step

For example, a productivity coach could create a quiz along the lines of “Find the best morning routine for your personality”.

Then, plan a mixture of engaging questions that’ll allow your participants to get interesting results while giving you data.

Finally, create different types of results, and don’t forget to choose a compelling title for your quiz.

Sounds like a lot of work? It doesn’t have to be! With ScoreApp, you can create your entire quiz in as little as 3 minutes thanks to our AI quiz builder.

Promote your quiz, and ask your audience to comment for access 

Link to your quiz in your LinkedIn profile (for example, your main link and the Featured section), and promote it through your content.

Unfortunately, even though LinkedIn’s organic reach is better than many other platforms, links can ruin it. Apparently, posts with links get 6x less reach than those without one.

So, how can you work around it? 

Simple: ask your followers to comment or DM you to receive your quiz. This will also boost your engagement and prompt the algorithm to show your posts to more people. So, a win-win!

For example, you could write a post about your audience’s main problem and position your quiz as the solution:

 “Struggling to create a routine that sticks? It’s not your fault: what works for someone else might not work for you. 

You need to find the right steps for your personality. 

That’s why I created a FREE quiz to help you identify them. Comment the word QUIZ to receive it”

You could automate these keyword-activated DMs with tools like ManyChat or Chatfuel so that you’re not doing it manually every time.

Either way, this will give you the perfect opportunity to start a chat with your target customers (and even better: a chat they asked for, not a spammy message!).

Connect with your ideal customers, and send them a short note

I bet you’re wondering: “Does that mean I must always wait for my ideal customers to start that conversation?” Not at all!

You can do that, too. Just make sure you’re doing it tactfully (= without pitching them straight away).

One of the best opportunities to do this naturally is when connecting with someone:

  • Create a template message – Keep it short and sweet: introduce yourself, tell them why you chose to connect with them (if it was you sending that request) and start a light conversation
  • Build rapport – Ask strategic questions to learn more about their business and problems. This will allow you to find out if you can help (once again, nobody likes to receive an unsolicited cold pitch in their DMs!). So, aim to be helpful and conversational
  • Send them your quiz – If they’re showing interest, ask them if you can send them your quiz to help them solve their problem. By offering them something so useful and compelling, you’re bound to stand out on LinkedIn!

Share polls and posts for customer research

This is another excellent tactic to get leads through LinkedIn DMs! You’re basically:

  • Starting a 1:many conversation that primes your audience for a 1:1 DM 
  • Showing them you care about their opinion
  • Boosting your engagement and reaching even more people as a result

So, how can you do this?

Easy: you just ask a question that’s relevant to your audience’s pain point or goals (for example, “What do you struggle with the most when it comes to growing your freelance business?”). 

Then, send them a DM that references their answer, offering to share your quiz to help them out:

“Hi Jack,
Thank you for participating in my poll on [TOPIC]. 

I noticed you replied with [ANSWER]. I have a free quiz that can help with that! Would you like me to send it to you so that you can [OUTCOME]?”

Smart, right?

Send personalised follow-up DMs 

Now, keep that conversation going!

When using a professional tool like ScoreApp, you can connect your quiz to your CRM and email marketing platform. That way, you get to automate different email sequences for each segment.

However, if you started your conversation on LinkedIn, you can also choose to reach out to them manually:

  • Continue your chat – Now that they’ve taken your quiz, you could ask them if they have any thoughts or questions 
  • Invite them on a call – Look at their quiz answers: would this person be the right fit for your products or services? Have they already gone through your email nurturing sequence? Then, invite them on a call! Instead of using a generic message, though, boost your chances of success by referencing their results

For example, your LinkedIn DMs could follow this template:

“Hi [name]

I just looked at your results after you took my [quiz name]. 

You scored [highest score] in the [section name], which is really impressive. However, your score for [section with the lowest score] was quite low. I’d love to share some custom advice with you. 

Would you be up for a quick call so I can recommend some strategies that’ll help you improve this?”

Much more effective than the usual “Are you free for a call?” or a cold pitch, right?

Get leads through your LinkedIn DMs (and beyond) with a ScoreApp quiz

LinkedIn can be your best lead generation platform. Don’t add to the white noise of generic B2B content, though: cut right through it and become UNMISSABLE for your audience.

With a ScoreApp quiz, you will:

  • Grab your target customers’ attention on LinkedIn
  • Get more sign-ups
  • Segment them strategically
  • Nurture them in a more personalised and effective way
  • Pre-qualify your leads
  • Complement the rest of your content strategy

… all automatically!

So, start making the most of LinkedIn for your business, and get customers through its DMs: create your ScoreApp quiz today and for FREE

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