How to Use Quizzes as Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy

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If you want to grow your audience, then you need a content marketing strategy.

Free content like blog articles, videos and podcasts will help you to educate, inform and entertain your audience. It can help you build more trust and deliver a tonne of value in the process.

However, giving free content away is not the end goal.

If you want more leads and sales then you need to think differently.

That’s where quizzes come in.

Quizzes allow you to:

  • Give personalised recommendations
  • Provide specific feedback on their situation
  • Offer a dynamic experience that stands out from your competitors

Not to mention that quizzes are a fun way to grow your email list.

When you combine quizzes and content marketing they complement each other and help create a standout experience for your audience.

But how can you combine content and quizzes effectively? 

In this 11-step guide, I’ll show you exactly how to integrate quizzes with your content marketing strategy.

Let’s get started!

1. Define your quiz content marketing goals

Before you do anything else, get clear on what you actually want to achieve with your quiz. Otherwise, you won’t be able to measure your success, and you could end up creating content that doesn’t move the needle.

Your main quiz goal will really depend on your business and priorities, but some popular objectives are:

  • Increasing brand awareness and engagement
  • Growing your email list
  • Conducting market research
  • Promoting a specific product or service
  • Getting more and higher-quality leads

For example, Robot Mascot (an agency helping entrepreneurs raise capital through winning pitch formulas) wanted to get more relevant leads. So, they launched a strategic ScoreApp quiz: the ‘Pitch Ready Scorecard.’

Then, they created content around it and kept mentioning the quiz everywhere, from blog posts to social media and webinars. The result? An average of 45 leads per week and +500% revenue growth in 18 months!

So, start by getting clear on your quiz content marketing goals.

2. Understand your audience

There’s already A LOT of noise online. So, with a generic quiz ‘for everyone’, you’d only add to it.

Instead, to cut right through it, create a hyper-specific quiz for your target audience. Something that interrupts their scrolling and makes them think “This is perfect for ME!”

So, go back to your audience and market research:

  • What are their preferences and dislikes? 
  • What do they care about the most? 
  • What’s their biggest problem, and how is it affecting their life or business right now?
  • Have they already tried something to solve it?
  • What’s their ideal outcome?

3. Choose a relevant topic for your quiz

Not to be dramatic, but your topic and title will make or break your quiz.

So, to maximise your chances of success, choose a quiz topic that:

  • Your audience would actually be interested in – This could be a subject they already care about or a quiz angle that would help them solve their problem 
  • Ties together with your goals – Your quiz should position you as the go-to expert in your field and align with your initial objectives

For example, if you’re an SEO agency and your target audience struggles to rank on search engines, your quiz could be “Get your Strategic SEO Scorecard: find out what you need to fix to show up on Google.”

4. Create compelling quiz content

A strategic and attractive topic is a great start. But if you want your participants to complete your quiz (and of course, you do), you must make the entire experience valuable for them:

  • Craft engaging quiz questions that are easy to understand and flow like a conversation
  • Keep your audience interested by using different question types, like multiple choice and sliding scales
  • Wow them with a visually appealing quiz that includes images, GIFs and videos 
  • Create engaging and insightful results that deliver on the initial quiz promise (more on that soon!)

5. Offer value through your quiz

Does your quiz read like an impersonal survey? And what happens when your participants get to the end: do they just get a standalone percentage and a basic result like “Your profile is X”?

Then, you can’t expect to stand out! After all, there’s already a TONNE of free content and quizzes online. 

So, provide something truly exceptional and unique:

  • Plan and create a valuable quiz experience – Whether it’s by entertaining them or educating them (or both), your quiz must make your audience feel like it was worth their precious time
  • Create personalised results – Go in-depth! Set up quiz results that share tailored insights and tips for your participants. For example, when you create a Scorecard, you can divide it into categories. You’ll also show your audience what they’re already doing well and what they can still improve (and how)

With ScoreApp, it’s easy to create valuable quizzes and personalised results pages. In fact, you can create your entire quiz in 3 minutes thanks to AI. 

6. Follow up with your quiz participants

When your participants receive their results, that’s the last touchpoint, right?

WRONG (unless you want to leave plenty of money on the table, at least).

Use your quiz as a starting point to nurture your audience or even to create a funnel that keeps selling for you. How?

  • Segment your participants – Divide them into categories based on their answers
  • Set up different drip sequences for each segment – Make them personalised and valuable! You could link to resources that’ll help each participant improve their knowledge, recommend the best product for them or invite them on a call

For instance, let’s say you run a fitness brand and create a quiz titled “What’s your ideal workout style?” 

As well as revealing their workout style (duh!), the quiz results could include a personalised workout plan. Then, you can nurture each segment with tips to stay motivated and recommend one of your paid programmes. This will strengthen your relationship and get you more leads.

With a ScoreApp quiz, you can automate all this.

7. Encourage social sharing

Your quiz won’t only complement your content strategy. It’ll get you free user-generated content, too – perfect to inspire trust, reach even more people and compel them to take your quiz.

So, to encourage social sharing:

  • Add social share buttons at the end of your quiz
  • Invite your participants to share their results

For example, set up a pre-filled post: “Well done for scoring 75%! Challenge your friends and see if they can do better” or “Found this helpful? Help more people discover their personality type.”

8. Keep capturing leads

A quiz will create more engagement for your brand. But if its results disappear when your participants click away and they never hear from you again? It’d be such a wasted opportunity! 

Instead, build a quiz that also grows your audience and allows you to contact them directly:

  • Connect your quiz with your CRM or email marketing platform
  • Ask your participants to share their email address to kickstart the quiz
  • Send them their quiz results via emails
  • Continue to nurture your leads with personalised drip sequences, as seen in point 6

Once you’ve set up your ScoreApp quiz and connected it to your existing tools? It’ll segment and email your participants automatically based on their results.

9. Optimise your quiz for mobile

55% of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices. So, if you only plan your quiz content marketing strategy with desktops in mind? You’ll miss out on over HALF of your audience! 

To make your quiz mobile-friendly (and just as smooth and attractive as it is on a computer):

  • Create a simple interface with a responsive design 
  • Limit your text and make sure your questions and answers are easy to read
  • Have large buttons that can be clicked with a thumb
  • Keep your load speed fast
  • Use swipe navigation

When you choose ScoreApp, you don’t even have to worry about it. Our quizzes and results are already designed to work well and look fabulous on any device.

10. Promote your quiz regularly and create content around it

To get the most out of it, your quiz must become an integral part of your content marketing strategy. 

How you do this will really depend on the tactics and platforms you’re using, but here are some ideas to promote your quiz:

  • Have it on your website – Your quiz should be IMPOSSIBLE to miss. So, add it to your hero section, notification bar, pop-up, menu, banners and more
  • Share it on social media – Link to it in your bios, talk about it consistently and use it as a call to action in most of your posts and videos 
  • Promote it through your email marketing – Invite your existing subscribers to take your new quiz so that you can re-engage and segment them
  • Link to it in your blog posts – Create blog posts on relevant topics, optimise them for SEO keywords (to reach more people on Google) and have your quiz as the main call to action 
  • Run paid ads on Google and social media – Get more eyeballs on your quiz, especially while your SEO and organic reach are still kicking in
  • Try influencer collaborations and partnerships – Join forces with influencers, websites and publications in your niche, particularly those that are followed by your target audience
  • Send press releases – Get in touch with strategic publications, and package your quiz press release in a way that’s relevant to them and their audience (psst! Thanks to AI, you can create press releases for your ScoreApp quiz within seconds)
  • Mention it everywhere – From guest posts to podcast appearances and events: turn your quiz into your main call to action

11. Analyse, optimise and repeat

Once you’ve created and launched your quiz, that’s most of the hard work done (high five!).

But to get the best out of your quiz and content marketing strategy, you should NEVER rely on guesswork.

  • Measure your quiz performance – Look at your analytics: what are your engagement and completion rates? And how many social shares did your quiz generate? What about leads and sales?
  • Improve your quiz accordingly – Use your analytics to take informed decisions and make your quiz even more compelling. For example, if most people give up after the same question, remove it. You can also do some AB testing to see what resonates the most with your audience

Worried you’ll struggle to do this regularly without getting overwhelmed? Don’t be! 

ScoreApp has analytics that are both in-depth and easy to understand. So, it’ll be a breeze to measure your results.

Start using ScoreApp to add quizzes to your content marketing strategy

Quizzes offer your audience a fun and interactive way to engage with your brand while getting something valuable in return (= personalised results and insightful content).

So, now that you know exactly how to use quizzes in your content marketing, what are you waiting for?

Start standing out and impressing your audience with your content: create your ScoreApp quiz today and for FREE.

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