10-Step Method to Integrate Quizzes Into Your Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing Quiz

A quiz allows you to learn more about your subscribers, grow your email list and collect juicy insights. 

You can also use it to smash other goals, from engagement to selling a specific offer and more.

But how can you do that successfully?

In this article, I’ll show you exactly how to integrate a quiz into your email marketing strategy – step by step. 

Why is it important to integrate quizzes and email marketing?

A quiz will benefit your email marketing in two main ways:

  • Making the most of your existing list – Did you start it with a generic sign-up form or a static lead magnet (like a PDF)? Then you’re probably sending the same emails to everyone… even if they have different preferences, goals and levels of awareness! Instead, with a quiz, you’ll get to understand each subscriber’s situation, segment them accordingly and send them more personalised (and effective) emails
  • Reaching new peopleYour quiz will also act as a lead magnet for new subscribers. So, enjoy growing your list and segmenting it right from the beginning!

How to integrate a quiz into your email marketing strategy in 10 steps

Creating a random quiz on the spot and emailing it to your list? That just won’t cut it.

So, here’s how to make more informed decisions and combine your quiz and email marketing strategically.

1. Define your goals

Do this before creating your quiz! 

Otherwise, you won’t be able to measure your results. You could also end up putting A LOT of time and effort into something that doesn’t move the needle.

So, what are you trying to achieve with your quiz and email marketing strategy?

For example, this could be:

  • Increasing engagement
  • Growing your email list
  • Segmenting it
  • Gathering customer feedback
  • Conducting market research
  • Promoting a specific product
  • Pre-qualifying your prospects and booking more sales calls

2. Plan an engaging quiz

Once you’re crystal clear on those goals, work your way backwards.

Choose a strategic topic and angle 

The sweet spot for your quiz?

  • A topic that’s relevant to your audience based on their pain points, goals and interests (otherwise, they won’t take it!)
  • An angle that’s aligned with your goals and allows you to gather the right data

For example, let’s say you run a marketing agency and wish to pre-qualify your leads. You could create a “Free Content Marketing Assessment Quiz.” That way, your audience will get to test their current marketing strategy (useful!), and you’ll be able to recommend the best package based on their results.

Are you a business coach looking to re-engage your list and segment it? You could draw them in with an attractive personality quiz along the lines of “What type of entrepreneur are you?”

Make your quiz compelling and easy to complete

Be both strategic and realistic when planning your questions. 

  • Keep your quiz short and sweet – I know you need data, but you can’t expect your audience to spend half an hour answering lots of boring questions. So, focus on what matters the most
  • Make it engaging – If you need to pre-qualify your prospects or ask a few not-too-exciting questions, that should only be 10% of your entire quiz. The rest? Compelling questions that your audience will enjoy answering
  • Keep it varied – Entertain your audience with a mix of question types, like multiple choice, true/false, sliding scales and so on

3. Choose the right quiz maker tool

Since you’re creating a quiz to complement your email marketing strategy, you need a quiz maker that:

  • Integrates with your email platform and the tools you already use (like your CRM)
  • Allows you to build a strategic quiz with different question types
  • Collects data and gives you strong analytics 
  • Works with your budget

And you might think this is always a given, but trust me: it’s NOT. For example, with some online quiz builders, you can only create a standalone quiz for engagement. So, choose wisely!

We created ScoreApp to make quiz funnel marketing easy for all businesses. So, you’ll always get:

  • Integrations with the most popular email marketing platforms, CRMs and third-party tools
  • Useful quiz features like templates, a drag-and-drop builder, several question types and more
  • Robust analytics that are in-depth but easy to understand
  • Options for different budgets, including an entirely free plan

Create your ScoreApp quiz for FREE

4. Segment your email list

If you send the exact same emails to everyone, you’re leaving A LOT of money on the table. 

So, when integrating a quiz into your email marketing strategy, you should segment your list. 

Using your existing data 

Do you already know something about your list, like demographics, past purchases or engagement levels? 

Then use your most relevant insights to divide your subscribers into segments. You could even create different quizzes for each of them!

Using your quiz to segment your list 

This is a game-changer if you haven’t got a lot of data to start with (and you’ll then get to segment your new subscribers automatically, too). 

So, ask quiz questions that’ll allow you to do this, from demographics to someone’s current situation and goals. 

For example, if someone scored quite low in your SEO category, they should probably receive different emails from those who are already pros.

5. Write an inviting email campaign

Cue the confetti: it’s time to get people to take your new quiz!

  • Plan your email content – Create engaging emails that grab your subscribers’ attention and make them WANT to take action. The key? Focus on how taking this quiz will benefit them (more on that soon!)
  • Segment and personalise your campaign – If you already have some data to segment your list, consider sending out different campaigns to each group. That way, you can meet them where they are and focus on what they care about the most (= more of them will actually take your quiz)
  • Keep it user-friendly – Make sure your email design is visually appealing, easy to read and mobile-friendly. Otherwise, your subscribers could get frustrated and give up

6. Embed or link to your quiz (and promote it elsewhere, too)

This will really depend on your email marketing platform and quiz tool.

When using professional quiz software like ScoreApp, you can embed the quiz directly into your emails. Alternatively, link to it on your website.

And either way: if you want to grow your subscribers, keep promoting your quiz outside your current list, too.

For example, have the quiz on your website (in the hero section, pop-up, footer and so on) and in your social media bios. You should also create new content to promote it, and keep mentioning it whenever you appear on someone else’s blog or podcast. 

7. Incentivise participation 

I know you need data, but that’s not what your audience cares about. Even if it’s a free quiz, you still need to sell it!

So, encourage them to take it by:

  • Highlighting how your quiz will benefit them – As teased before, THAT’S what will grab your audience’s attention and make them want to get started. For example: “Struggling to get results from your blog? Take our quiz to understand exactly what’s holding you back and what you must focus on to succeed.”
  • Offering a reward or monetary incentive – Do you definitely need to ask looooooots of questions to achieve your quiz goals? Do some of them read like a plain survey? Then, you might need a stronger incentive to motivate people to get to the end. You could run a gifted quiz offering an exclusive discount code, a free download (like an eBook), an entry into a giveaway or a free product 

8. Automate your follow-up emails

Remember: as well as helping you re-engage an existing list, this quiz will be the start of your new funnel. After that? You must keep nurturing your subscribers.

But don’t worry: it doesn’t have to be as energy- and time-consuming as you think!

When you use a professional quiz builder like ScoreApp, you can create different email sequences for each segment and automate them. That way, your participants will always receive the right drip sequence based on their actual results!

For example, if they scored particularly low in one category, you could send them links to relevant blog posts to learn more about it. Do they have some concerns or misconceptions about your industry? Send them sales enablement content that tackles them. 

You can also recommend the right product for each participant or invite them on a call to discuss their results.

9. Analyze and use your data

Without conducting research and reviewing your data, you’d be relying on guesswork.

So, once a few people have taken your quiz, start looking at all those new insights (and keep doing it regularly, too).

How you review your data will really depend on your questions and goals, but for example:

  • What are your customers’ preferences and behaviours?
  • What kind of feedback are they giving you?
  • Do many people tend to leave your quiz after a specific question?
  • Can you spot some patterns?

Then, use this data to perfect your quiz, segment your list and optimise both your business and marketing strategy.

10. Test and optimise

Once you’ve made it this far, that’s the bulk of the work done (go, you!).

But to grow and improve, I also recommend testing your strategy regularly. How?

  • Change one thing at a time – From the quiz itself to your email campaigns: experiment by changing one variable (like a quiz question, its overall design or the call to action) to find out what works best with your audience
  • Run some A/B testing – With most email marketing platforms, you can also send different subject lines or emails to see what gets the highest engagement, clicks and conversions 

Supercharge your quiz and email marketing with ScoreApp

Quizzes and email marketing are both powerful tools to grow your business. 

But when you bring them TOGETHER? That’s when you can expect the best results!

So, now that you know how to do that strategically, what exactly are you waiting for?

Create your quiz today and for FREE with ScoreApp, and take your email marketing to the next level.

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