How to Build a Landing Page for Free: Best Tools & Practices

If you want to turn your audience into leads, then you need to give them a good, clear reason to.

That’s where an effective landing page comes in handy.

A good landing page can help you double or triple your conversions and turn followers into potential buyers.

Luckily, setting up a landing page doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive!

In this article, I’ll walk you through the best tools for building a landing page for free.

What exactly is a landing page?

A landing page is a standalone web page that’s entirely built around a specific goal, such as, getting your visitors to share their contact details with you.

For example, this could be to sign up for your lead magnet (like a free quiz or eBook), start receiving your newsletter, join your waitlist and so on.

Either way, unlike a traditional website page, landing pages focus on keeping their visitors on them until they share their email addresses. So, they haven’t usually got a menu with navigation, and they don’t link to other pages either. 

What should you include on a landing page?  

On your landing page, you should include elements that work together to grab your audience’s attention, get them to keep engaging and convince them to complete your call to action. 

Some key elements are:

  • Your logo and branding 
  • Compelling copy – Include a scroll-stopping headline and overview, headings, body text and call-to-action buttons that showcase the benefits of your offer. If you optimise your landing page copy for SEO and keywords, you can help your audience find it on Google, too 
  • Media – Add on-brand photos, images or videos that can help you sell your offer
  • Social proof – Reviews and testimonials from other happy customers or subscribers, data, specific numbers… These can all make it easier for your audience to trust you and take action!

Choosing the right platform to build your free landing page

There are so many different landing page builders. So, just focus on the ones that match your goals, situation and budget.

1. ScoreApp

ScoreApp is our platform, and we built it for a specific reason: to help more businesses attract warm leads, gain powerful insights and increase sales through a full quiz funnel.

How does it work? Simple. Your landing page will ‘sell’ a free quiz lead magnet (this should be something that solves a small problem for your audience and positions your business as the logical next step). 

So, you’ll immediately impress your participants with compelling questions and valuable results. Your quiz will also segment them automatically based on their answers. 

Then, they’ll receive different and more personalised email sequences that give them value, upsell the right solution for them or invite them on a sales call when they’re ready.

So, you get a lot more than a standalone landing page! 

The actual quiz can work well for any type of business (no wonder +4200 brands across all kinds of industries are already using ScoreApp). However, the full funnel is best suited for those that sell services, SaaS or rely on sales calls.

Pricing model

Free plan and then starting from £29/month

Landing page features

  • Full sales funnel builder – You get to create an ENTIRE funnel (from the initial landing page to the nurturing emails and upsells) that keeps bringing you clients automatically 
  • Easy to use – Thanks to our drag-and-drop builder and intuitive interface, it’ll be a breeze to create your first landing page for free. You also have +50 section types to choose from
  • Templates – You can start from scratch or browse our extensive library of templates 
  • Customisable – Your landing page will match your branding to a T
  • Multiple landing pages – Our free plan is perfect for a single landing page. But with our budget-friendly paid options, you also get to build multiple ones for different segments or services (which is ideal once your business and offers grow)
  • AI – We were the first quiz builder to introduce it. Fancy using it to create your landing page and entire funnel in 3 minutes?
  • Integrations – Your landing page will work in synergy with your existing email and marketing tools
  • Testing and tracking options – From A/B testing to robust analytics, you’ll get to analyse your results and improve your landing pages even further (no guesswork!)

Create your landing page for FREE with ScoreApp

2. HubSpot 

Hubspot is a popular CRM and all-in-one marketing platform. Among its wide range of tools, it includes a landing page builder that’s advertised as being free.

However, it’s only really free during the trial phase. After that, you’ll need to sign up for one of the paid plans. 

It’s also important to keep in mind that it’s not the most intuitive landing page builder. But if you need a full CRM too, then it’s definitely worth looking into (especially for larger companies and teams).

Pricing model

Free 30-day trial and then starting from £27/month 

Landing page features 

  • Interesting landing page builder – HubSpot offers popular features like templates and a drag-and-drop editor. However, it can come with a steeper learning curve for beginners (for example, you might need to use CSS to customise your landing page and match your branding entirely)
  • Dynamic experiences – Your landing pages will pull data from your CRM and user behaviour. So, you can show different content to your visitors based on their location, device or lifecycle stage 
  • Integrations – The landing page builder connects with lots of other HubSpot tools, and the platform itself comes with additional third-party integrations
  • Analytics – HubSpot gives you robust tracking options

3. Mailerlite 

This is an email marketing platform first and foremost, but it also offers interesting landing page options to get people onto your list.

Mailerlite is simple and not as customisable as some other landing page builders (for example, you have to start with their templates). It also lacks advanced features to take full control of your lead generation funnel.

However, it’s a good option for small businesses or individuals who only need a simple landing page to grow their email list.

Pricing model

Free and then starting from £7.17/month

Landing page features

  • Easy – Even as a complete beginner, it won’t be hard to create a Mailerlite landing page. This platform comes with a simple interface, drag-and-drop editors and templates. However, these templates aren’t as customisable as landing page builders that also let you start from scratch
  • Good email marketing options – You can use your Mailerlite landing page to segment your audience and then send them more personalised campaigns through that same platform 
  • Analytics – They’re not as in-depth as some of the other options on this list, but they do offer handy features like A/B testing and heatmaps 
  • Generous free plan – You can create up to 10 landing pages

4. ConvertKit

This email marketing platform is especially popular among individuals, creators and bloggers looking to monetise their skills.

With ConvertKit, you can create a simple landing page fast and use it to start or grow your email list. 

If that’s all you need, it’s a cool option for sure. It’s just not as advanced and in-depth as other tools, and it lacks features to create a strong and complete sales funnel.

Pricing model

Free and then from £7.17/month

Landing page features

  • Easy – You can start with a template and customise it. However, if you want to match your brand entirely, you’ll need to use CSS coding (which isn’t great news for beginners) 
  • Visuals – Thanks to its integration with Unsplash, ConvertKit makes it easy to find relevant stock images for your landing pages
  • Simple analytics – They’re not as robust as some other landing page builders on this list, but they’re good enough to monitor some basic data
  • Generous free plan – You can create unlimited landing pages

5. Canva 

Did you know that you could also use this graphic design platform to build landing pages for free? 

Canva is a quick and easy option for beginners and anyone who hasn’t got the highest expectations. However, it seems to prioritise aesthetics over data and actual conversions. 

But if all you’re after is a beautiful landing page to start growing your email list, Canva might work well for you.

Pricing model

Free and from £99.99/year

Landing page features

  • Easy – Even as a complete beginner, Canva is simple to use, with lots of templates and an intuitive drag-and-drop builder to create attractive landing pages
  • Customisable – You can really get creative and make your landing page match your branding (although, in some cases, you can only do that with the paid plan). It also gives you access to +3M stock photos and graphics
  • Basic features – This is a landing page builder without bells and whistles. It doesn’t include advanced options to create a full funnel or run some A/B testing. It also isn’t designed for SEO (so, it’s unlikely you’ll attract your audience through Google). But if you just want to put together a simple landing page, it can be a good solution

6. Wix 

This is a website builder, but if you don’t need a full website, you can just use it to create a landing page for free.

Wix landing pages can look really sleek and professional. They also offer quite a few interesting features, especially when compared to other free options. 

This builder is just not as customisable and in-depth as standalone tools that focus entirely on landing pages. So, I’d only recommend it for small businesses and individuals looking for a basic solution that’s easy to set up.

Pricing model

Free and then starting from £7.50/month

Landing page features

  • Easy – Wix comes with a wide range of templates, an intuitive interface and a drag-and-drop editor 
  • AI – Use it to get help with your landing page text
  • Analytics and testing – They might not be as advanced as other landing page builders, but they’re enough to monitor your SEO and simple metrics. You can run some A/B testing, too
  • Integrations with other Wix tools – Make the most of your entire Wix platform to optimise your landing pages (like the logo maker or form builder) 

7. Unbounce 

This is a good landing page builder with lots of interesting features, from customisation to AI and integrations. 

You can then connect it with your email marketing platform and other tools to create a very basic funnel.

So, Unbounce is certainly a great option for standalone landing pages that are optimised for conversions. It’s just not as in-depth as a full sales funnel builder. 

It’s also only really free during the trial phase. Afterwards, it can be quite costly, especially considering its limitations.

Pricing model

Free plan and then from £59/month

Landing page features 

  • Easy – With its impressive library of templates and drag-and-drop editor, it’ll be super straightforward to create your landing page for free. However, other features can come with a bit of a learning curve
  • AI – You can also use AI to simplify and speed up the creation process even further as well as to take your analytics to the next level
  • Effective – Unbounce offers lots of features to help you maximise your conversions and get the most out of your landing pages (like pop-ups or A/B testing)
  • Integrations – You have +100 plugins and third-party apps to choose from

All prices correct at the time of publishing

How to build your landing page using ScoreApp

Different landing page builders might work better based on your goals and situation. 

But if you’re after a full-funnel that keeps bringing you leads, we’re confident ScoreApp is the best option.

And creating your first landing page will be as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Add a landing page and decide whether you want to start with a template or from scratch 
  2. Add the sections you need. You can choose among banners, testimonials, videos and many more 
  3. Change the text and customise everything to match your branding and vision 

Testing and measuring your landing page success

A successful landing page doesn’t rely on guesswork. That’s why it’s important to choose a landing page builder with strong tracking features (like ScoreApp).

So, after you’ve launched it and promoted it for a while, make sure you check your analytics to understand if and how your audience is interacting with your landing page. 

It’s also useful to run some A/B testing to find out what works best with your customers. 

  • Are they finding your landing page on Google?
  • What percentage of your landing page visitors is signing up for your offer? (To give you a rough idea, a typical landing page conversion rate is 2%-5%)
  • Which option performed better in your A/B testing? 

Then, tweak your landing page accordingly to optimise it even further and get more leads.

ScoreApp’s analytics make this particularly easy because they’re both in-depth and easy to understand.

Build your landing page for FREE with ScoreApp

As you now know, there are all kinds of free landing page builders for different goals and priorities. 

Are you after a landing page that works as part of a full funnel? Something that keeps working in the background for you and bringing you qualified leads automatically?

Then launch a full quiz funnel with ScoreApp, from your initial landing page to a valuable lead magnet and strategic email sequences that sell.

Take control of your lead generation today: create your landing page for FREE with ScoreApp.

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