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Turning intangible metrics into actionable data

A Case Study with TJ Power, Founder Digital Mind a leading authority on digital health transformation

I win more clients because I offer ScoreApp as a way of identifying their problem areas and delivering data to prove success

TJ Power, founder of Digital Mind. 

The benefits of improving mental health 

Transforming and improving mental health within communities, businesses and society is an essential and worthy cause. And it’s difficult to deny the benefits gained by nurturing mental health on happiness and productivity.

Successful businesses require long-term healthy functioning of it’s people. It’s clear that organisations that understand this and are proactive in helping provide positive mental healthcare will succeed. 

Converting the intangibles into actionable data

The challenge in this industry, shared with many other health and well-being service providers, is converting intangible metrics (thoughts and feelings in this example) into meaningful, measurable and actionable data.

This is what TJ Power, of Digital Mind, has done using ScoreApp.

Digital Mind are focussed on enhancing mental health in the digital world. They are experts in their field, and they focus on running interactive training experiences for companies that empower their workforce to reshape their relationship with their minds & technology. Their ultimate goal is to improve mental health.

The programmes they run increase productivity, reduce stress, improve happiness and contribute to putting the health and wellness of their clients’ staff and customers at the forefront.

As part of their service offering to their clients Digital Mind use scorecards in two ways:

  1. Transforming their customers’ businesses 
  2. Winning new business

Transforming businesses

Using ScoreApp, Digital Mind help their clients and businesses gain data and insights into the health and well-being of their workforce and customers. By converting intangible elements into powerful data whilst giving back personalised and immediate results – all done using our scorecards.

For example, working with public and private healthcare providers, including the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK, to improve diagnosis and better treatment of mental health problems.  

Winning new business

Digital Mind also use scorecards themselves to win new business, utilising the power of ScoreApp.

Due to the increased importance of company wellness, TJ and his team at Digital Mind had no problems securing appointments but the challenge came when converting that meeting into a sale. They needed a better way of showcasing the effectiveness of their training program and to ultimately secure contracts.

In preparation for a meeting with the National Health Service (NHS), Digital Mind created a bespoke NHS Mind Health Scorecard for their potential new customer to complete. 

Designed to assess the team so they could create a more tailored service with the greatest impact. Not only would this data be used at the beginning, they were then able to offer the assessment at the end of the training to benchmark their success and provide clear results from the data. 

As a result, TJ and his team were asked to pilot a program with a small group to showcase the value of the training.

Once the training had been delivered and the scorecard was re-submitted, there was notable improvement in the results. This was automatically and instantaneously fed back, via the ScoreApp platform, to the participants and key stakeholders. 

The Results

“We would not have secured this contract [with the NHS] without the power of ScoreApp and its data driven insights.” – TJ Power, Digital Mind

The success of the pilot program was the catalyst for solidifying the ongoing business and now partnership between Digital Mind and the NHS. 

  • 100% completion rate with staff
  • 100% improvement in score. 
  • The program received 5* reviews 
  • The NHS partnership saw a massive 50% increase in year on year revenue for Digital Mind.

Connect with TJ & Digital Mind

Curious to discover how an effective mental health program can improve your business? See how Digital Mind can transform the health and well-being of your business.

Watch how TJ fared when he went without his phone and social media for 10 Days.

Interested in transforming your business?

You can create your own mindfulness quiz by using a ready-to-go template here. Turning those intangible, unmeasurable feelings into useful, actionable data to improve mental-health.

Use ScoreApp to service your customers by building a scorecard that gives them a valuable insight or score. In return you’ll gain rich, actionable data to help gain and retain business. 

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