7 Best Books on Lead Generation (& What You’ll Learn)

Best Lead Generation Books

If you want more leads for your business, you’re in the right place. We’ve created hundreds of articles and videos along with other online resources so you can master lead generation.

But sometimes, nothing beats the feeling of diving into a book and going much deeper on a specific topic.

With that in mind, I’ve rounded up the best books on lead generation and broken down exactly what you can expect

A heads-up? Once you buy one (or two), make sure you have a pencil and some sticky tabs at hand… because you’ll definitely want to annotate these!

Scorecard Marketing by Daniel Priestley (free)

Scorecard Marketing Book

We couldn’t leave this one out, could we?

Using Scorecard Marketing, businesses can consistently attract a flow of qualified leads and engage with the right audience.

This book will help you consistently attract warm leads, collect data to identify early buying signals, understand each potential customer’s unique needs, provide personalised service, and create a lasting digital asset to enhance marketing and sales outcomes over time.

Who’s the author Daniel Priestley?

Daniel Priestley is the founder of ScoreApp (yes, that’s us) and Dent. He’s an entrepreneur, best-selling author and international speaker who built multi-million dollar businesses in different countries. 

As well as Scorecard Marketing, Daniel wrote other business books like Key Person of Influence, Oversubscribed (below), 24 Assets and Entrepreneur Revolution.

What element of lead generation does this book cover?

  • Using quizzes to attract leads
  • How to pre-qualify customers
  • Getting valuable customer data that makes it 10x easier to sell

$100M Leads by Alex Hormozi

100 Million Leads Book by Alex Hormozi

As the title suggests, this is one of the best books on lead generation if you’re aiming BIG.

Alex Hormozi teaches you how to get strangers to want to buy your offers, from an initial lead magnet to building relationships with these prospects. 

You can read more about it in our $100M Leads book review

Who’s the author Alex Hormozi? 

Alex Hormozi is an entrepreneur, investor and author of the best-selling book $100M Offers.

He has launched, grown and sold multiple businesses throughout the years. Alex is now focusing on Acquisition with his wife, where they aim to invest in one business every month.

What element of lead generation does this book cover?

  • Creating attractive offers and lead magnets
  • Putting in place different lead generation strategies, from content marketing to social media and affiliates (and more)
  • Psychology behind buying behaviour, nurturing relationships and how to measure your lead generation and growth

Lead Generation for Dummies by Dayna Rothman

Lead Generation for Dummies book

Well, the title says it all (although, rather than ‘dummies’, I’d go with ‘beginners’).

Are you completely new to lead generation? Maybe, so far, you’ve been relying on unpredictable referrals or cold outreach without a strategy? 

Then, this is probably the best book on lead generation for you at this stage: it starts from the basics and keeps it simple – but effective.

Who’s the author Dayna Rothman? 

Danya Rothman is now Chief Marketing Officer at Censys, but she’s especially known for holding the same position at Marketo in the past. 

Now acquired by Adobe, Marketo used to be one of the most popular marketing automation tools. So, you can trust Danya to know a thing or two about lead generation!

What element of lead generation does this book cover?

  • Creating a successful lead generation plan that involves both inbound and outbound marketing
  • Nurturing your leads strategically and tracking the ROI of your marketing campaigns
  • Scoring your leads before passing them on to your sales department

Predictable Prospecting by Marylou Tyler and Jeremy Donovan

Predictable Prospecting book by Marylou Tyler

Predictable prospecting = predictable sales and revenue. So, this lead generation book will show you how to increase your sales pipeline radically.

No wonder it’s often referred to as Silicon Valley’s sales bible!

Because of its focus, I think it’s better suited for large B2B corporations looking to take control of their outbound sales. For example, it expects you to have or put together a specific type of team.

Who are the authors Marylou Tyler and Jeremy Donovan? 

Marylou Tyler is a lead generation and sales process expert. With a background in Computer Science, she’s the founder of Strategic Pipeline, a Fortune 1000 consulting group to improve sales processes.

Jeremy Donovan is the Head of Sales Strategy at Gerson Lehrman Group. He has an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, and he’s the author of the international bestseller How to Deliver a TED Talk.

What element of lead generation does this book cover?

  • Different methods of prospecting, with a focus on replacing traditional cold calls with Cold Calling 2.0
  • Targeting and tracking ideal clients, optimising contact acquisition and always improving performance to achieve set revenue goals
  • Proven framework to take full control of – and improve – your outbound sales strategy

Instant Leads by Brad Sugars

Instant Leads by Bradley J. Sugars

Lead generation doesn’t have to take forever to kick in, and this book proves it!

It has a strong focus on advertising but complements it with other tactics too, like referrals and tricks to build a sense of loyalty.

Overall, It’s about making lead generation simpler but more effective.

Who’s the author Brad Sugars?

Brad Sugars is a self-made millionaire. He’s the founder of ActionCOACH, a keynote speaker and a popular business coach. 

He’s also written several business books, including the Instant Success series (of which this title is part).

What element of lead generation does this book cover?

  • Generating more and better leads through cost-effective advertising
  • Actually setting yourself apart 
  • Turning good-fit leads into loyal customers and putting a successful referral strategy in place 

The Invisible Sale by Tom Martin

The Invisible Sale by Tom Martin

If you hate cold calling or haven’t got a sales team, you’re going to LOVE this book on lead generation!

The Invisible Sale is about building an automated prospecting system to attract better leads, shorten the sales cycle and sell more – without making the customer feel like they’re being sold to right from the beginning.

Who’s the author Tom Martin?

Tom Martin is a business development expert and the founder of Converse Digital.

He also contributes to several digital marketing blogs and publications, like Social Media Examiner, Social Fresh, MarketingProfs and Copyblogger.

What element of lead generation does this book cover?

  • Creating an invisible sales funnel that educates buyers and helps them make decisions before you speak to them
  • Combining your website and other channels to optimise your prospecting process
  • Successfully moving these leads from prospects to customers 

Oversubscribed by Daniel Priestley 

Oversubscribed book by Daniel Priestley

This lead generation book is all about getting people lined up to do business with you – even before you’re ready.

In fact, it’ll show you WHY you need to generate more leads than you can handle (yes, for real) and HOW to do that.

So, with the method you’ll learn in Oversubscribed, you can escape the feast and famine cycle or grow a business that’s currently doing ‘alright.’

Who’s the author Daniel Priestley?

Yes, Daniel Priestley has published multiple books!

What element of lead generation does this book cover?

  • Escaping an oversaturated and fluctuating market by creating your own
  • Controlling demand by oversubscribing interest in your new offers (and why that’s better than just asking strangers to buy) 
  • Exactly how to become oversubscribed 

Use ScoreApp to implement your lead generation system

I hope you’ve found the best book on lead generation for you and your business!

Remember, though: theory is a great start, but for it to work, you must put it into practice.

And what’s the best lead generation strategy? A quiz!

  • Lead magnet – A free quiz is more attractive and effective than traditional lead magnets. You can also share it everywhere, from your website to social media and in-person events
  • Data Really get to know your audience through your questions, and use those insights to improve your campaigns and offers
  • Pre-qualifying – A quiz will segment and pre-qualify your leads automatically based on their answers. That way, you’ll only need to speak to those who have the budget and would be a good fit (bye-bye, endless calls with time-wasters)
  • Nurturing Create strategic email sequences for different results, and nurture your leads until they’re ready to buy from you – all automatically
  • Sell more – Thanks to those quiz results? You’ll get to open with a personalised approach, reference your prospect’s score and recommend the perfect option for their challenges and goals. So, it’ll be a breeze to get someone on a call and close it successfully

We created ScoreApp to make quiz funnel marketing easy for all businesses. 

So, while you wait for your lead generation book to arrive, start getting relevant leads and insightful data – and use them to increase your sales.

Create your lead generation quiz today and for FREE with ScoreApp!

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