4 Reasons your lead generation quiz isn’t performing and how to fix it.

Lead generation quiz not performing

You put A LOT of time and effort into creating your quiz. You launched it expecting a raving response. But instead… crickets?

Ouch! That’s annoying.

But it’s usually due to one or more of the following reasons. And guess what? They’re all fixable!

Let’s look at them together.

1. Your landing page is weak – so, people aren’t taking your quiz

Your issue might not be with the actual quiz. 

The job of a landing page is literally to convince your audience to take it. If not many are doing that, that’s probably where the main problem is.

Your copy isn’t selling the benefits of taking your quiz 

Even though it’s a free quiz, you still have to sell it! 

If not many people have been taking yours, it might mean that your copy is a bit weak or self-centred. 

So, make your landing page as compelling as if you were selling a £1,000 product.

Your copy must be persuasive and clear. It should tell your audience exactly what they can expect and – most importantly – why they should take your quiz. 

So, don’t lead with something along the lines of “WE are excited to share our new quiz.” Instead, focus on how it’ll benefit them.

It lacks clear calls to action

Don’t take it personally: people are busy and easily distracted when browsing online. 

So, you can’t expect them to connect aaaaall the dots on their own. You must make it as easy as possible for them to take your quiz.

Does your current landing page actually encourage them to do that? Multiple times? 

If it doesn’t, add more compelling calls to action, like “Take our free Content Marketing quiz to find out exactly what you can improve and how.”

Your quiz landing page is not mobile-friendly 

I’m sure your landing page looks fabulous on a computer screen but… need I remind you that over 55% of website traffic comes from phones?

So, if that page doesn’t work well on a mobile screen, you’re putting off over HALF of your audience!

With ScoreApp, you can always be sure that your landing page (and the quiz itself) will work well on all kinds of devices.

2. Your quiz isn’t exciting enough 

Completing your quiz shouldn’t feel like sitting through a third-degree interrogation!

Of course, you’ll want to include some pre-qualifying questions to understand if a lead would be a good fit for your business. But they should only make up 10% of your quiz.

Most of it? It should consist of compelling questions that give value to your audience when they answer them.

So, if you’ve realised your quiz isn’t exciting enough, consider:

  • Gamifying it – Make it more fun!
  • Diving into your analytics – Perhaps most participants exit your quiz after the same question? Maybe they lose interest once they get to a specific part? Fix that
  • Turning it into a gifted quiz survey – If you need to ask lots of not-too-exciting questions, you might want to offer an incentive (like a discount or free product)

3. Your quiz topic isn’t something your audience wants  

Reality check: did you conduct enough audience research before creating your quiz? Or did you just go with your first idea?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how cool it might sound to you or your peers. If your quiz isn’t something your target customers are interested in, they won’t take it.

So, it’s time to:

  • Do some research – Dive deep into forums, Google searches and social media conversations to understand what your target customers actually care about. What problem are they trying to solve? What are they hoping to achieve? 
  • Get strategic – The best quiz ideas act as a bridge between “solving a small problem that your audience is experiencing” and “positioning you as the logical next step”
  • Ask for feedback – Have you got a few different quiz ideas? You can’t go wrong with asking your audience what they would prefer (for example, through polls or interviews)

Once you’ve done all this, you can figure out how to move forward. Depending on what you uncovered, you might need to:

  • Only tweak your quiz title (for example, to clarify the actual benefit of taking it)
  • Scrap the whole thing and redo it

And I get it. It’s frustrating to go back to the drawing board when you’ve already created your quiz. 

But trust me: it’ll be worth it. You’ll replace something that’s only been collecting dust with a quiz your audience will KEEP taking.

4. You’re not promoting your quiz anywhere 

Maybe you got your quiz on your website but… that’s it? Then, I’ve got both bad and good news for you.

Just because you’ve launched your quiz, it doesn’t mean the hard work is done. You must also drive traffic to it (otherwise, how can people find out about it?).

The good news? You can easily integrate this with your existing strategies.

Social media quiz promotion

Turn more followers into subscribers (= that you can contact directly without the algorithm getting in your way) by inviting them to take your quiz.

  • Profile links – Your bios should have a link to your quiz (and a compelling call to action, of course)
  • Post about your quiz – Do this regularly! For example: “Find out where you score with our [blank] quiz! Get personalised results and action steps to level up quickly. Take the quiz now: [link]”
  • Mention your quiz in other posts – Have you created content on a topic related to your quiz? Then, encourage people to take it to find out more and see out how they score. You can do that through your main call to action or by adding a PS at the end of the post 
  • Link in comments – Get even MORE real estate for your quiz by adding a call to action and link in the first comment underneath your posts
  • DM it to your audience – Did someone get in touch with a question? Or maybe they commented on several of your posts? Go on: invite them to take your free quiz 

Promoting your quiz via your email list 

One of the main goals of a quiz is to get people onto your email list. But it can also work the other way around!

For example, you might have built a list before launching your quiz. However, you did that with a generic lead magnet that didn’t give you many insights on your audience.

So, you’re now looking to really get to know them and segment them to send them more personalised and effective emails. 

Then, encourage your existing subscribers to take your quiz! And once again, lead with its benefits.

Creating blog posts or press releases to drive traffic

Write compelling articles that position your quiz as the obvious next step.

For example, you can do that with:

  • Blog posts – Focus on topics your audience is interested in and that are relevant to your quiz. Then, optimise them for the SEO keywords they’re googling (to help them find your blog posts organically). Finally, have the quiz as the main call to action. For example, by targeting those who’re googling “Do I need an accountant for my small business?” you can get more people to take your quiz: “How much time and money will an accountant save YOU” 
  • Press releases – Look at your existing quiz data: what’s particularly surprising? Did some results change drastically over time? Is there an overarching theme? Then, use this to come up with a compelling press release that’ll generate hype and traffic for your quiz. At ScoreApp, we even offer a built-in feature to write strategic press releases using AI!

Create a ScoreApp quiz that’s IMPOSSIBLE to ignore 

I hope this article helped you figure out why people aren’t taking your quiz. Now, it’s time to change that!

With ScoreApp, you can create the kinds of quizzes your audience will NOT want to miss: 

  • Attractive landing pages – Ideal to help you ‘sell’ your quiz
  • Easy to share – It’ll be a breeze to embed your ScoreApp quiz on your website and promote it everywhere else
  • AI – Our AI Setup Wizard will guide you through the entire process and help you write your landing pages, quiz and results pages
  • Segmentation and drip sequences – You’ll get to divide your audience into segments based on their answers. You can then set up automated email sequences to nurture them in a more personalised and effective way 
  • Analytics – They’re robust and in-depth but easy to understand: perfect to review your efforts and optimise your quiz even further 

You deserve more than a quiz that nobody’s taking! Create an attractive and effective quiz with ScoreApp: start today and for FREE.

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