What is Scorecard Marketing? And how does it generate more high-quality leads?

Scorecard Marketing

What is Scorecard Marketing, and should you use it in your business?

In this article, I’m going to tell you exactly what Scorecard Marketing is and why you might want to consider using it to attract more leads and sales.

Scorecard marketing

Scorecard marketing is a powerful lead generation technique that delivers real value to your potential customers.

It’s a self-assessment tool that your audience can take to get a personalised scorecard and some guidance on how to improve in a particular area. In case you’re wondering, Scorecard Marketing is also referred to as Quiz Marketing.

Example – Marketing Agency Scorecard

A Marketing Agency could create a scorecard that helps their audience see how well their marketing is performing.

They could call it “The Visibility Scorecard”, and they might say, “Take the visibility scorecard and get your instant marketing score and learn exactly how to reach more customers online.”

A lead will then answer a series of simple questions that help you determine how well they score.

A scorecard will automatically calculate their score based on their answers and provide them with a number of action steps they can take to improve.

It’s also automated, which means your lead doesn’t have to wait around for you or your team to send reports or PDFs manually.

I’m sure you’ll agree, this sounds intriguing to your audience, right?

Why you should use a Scorecard

Having a scorecard for your audience to take sets you apart from your competitors, but it also has many other benefits too:

Builds Instant Authority

When you create a scorecard and display it proudly on your website and your social media, you build instant credibility. If you have the knowledge and experience to be able to assess somebody and offer guidance on how to improve, then people will assume you’re an expert.

More leads

A scorecard is an interesting concept for your audience. We’ve all seen the typical lead magnets out there, such as free cheat sheets, PDFs and webinars but a lot of people have never taken a scorecard before. This means you tend to find it’s more appealing to your website visitors, and you’ll often get far more leads than these other types of lead magnets.

Higher quality leads

Most other lead magnets just deliver “email subscribers”. You get their name and their email address and nothing more.

Scorecards deliver actual LEADS.

When someone takes your scorecard, you learn far more about them than any other form of lead magnet.

  • They answer questions honestly and tell you what they’re really struggling with
  • They can tell you their goals and what they hope to accomplish
  • They give you an insight into their business
  • They might even tell you their budget if you ask
  • They could request a call back after completing the scorecard

It helps you pre-qualify your sales calls

Knowing who your leads are before you follow up with them will mean you can be highly selective over who you speak to first. The more data you have about a lead, the more you can tell who is the best fit for your business. This makes scorecard leads the perfect leads for your sales team.

As you can see, Scorecard Marketing is way more than simply “building your email list” it’s a complete lead generation tool.

How to create a scorecard?

Scorecard Marketing is made up of a few key factors, and we’ll walk you through these in more detail below.

  • A landing page
  • A set of questions
  • A results page
  • A follow-up email sequence
  • A traffic source

1. A conversion-friendly landing page

If you want more people to take part in your scorecard, then you’ll need a conversion-friendly landing page that includes persuasive copy, the key benefits and a big call to action button to encourage your visitors to take part.

Scorecard Landing Page

The landing page should be free of any clutter and be extremely focused on getting people to take part.

2. A series of questions

You’ll need to create a number of questions for your scorecard. The questions you ask will allow you to:

Gather enough information to be able to give an accurate score to your lead
Understand enough about the lead to provide a solution to their problem

The questions should be fun, light and easy to answer, so try to use short questions with multiple choice buttons to select.

3. A valuable results page

Another crucial element to a successful scorecard is the results page. The results page has a number of jobs to do.

  • Provide a score for your lead, so they know how well they’re performing
  • A breakdown of their results and why they received the score they did
  • Some guidance or “quick wins” so they know how to improve their score
  • A call to action button that explains how they can do business with you
Scorecard Marketing Data

Without these key elements on your results page, you won’t provide enough value and your visitor might not convert into a customer. Value always precedes purchase.

Scorecard Marketing Results

4. A follow-up email sequence

A lead will often need to hear from you more than once before they become a customer. This is why you might want to create an email sequence that gets sent to your leads after they have received their score.

You can create 5-10 value-driven emails that help guide your leads and increase their trust in you. This helps them know you are an expert and can help them when they are ready.

5. A traffic source

Now that you have your scorecard built and ready for all the new leads, now your need to MARKET it. Choosing a main traffic source should be your number one priority. Will it be Facebook ads or a Joint-venture? Twitter or LinkedIn?

Where do your audience hang out online? Pick one or more platforms to focus on and create a plan that will help you reach more of your ideal leads. You can promote your scorecard using these promotion tips.

Using Scorecard Marketing in your business…

If you’re ready to build your scorecard now so you can start generating more leads and sales, click the link below and build your scorecard today.

ScoreApp allows you to build a beautiful Scorecard quickly using:

  • Over 20 pre-built templates for various industries
  • A simple landing page builder that’s super easy to edit
  • Example questions to help guide your leads through to the end
  • A dynamic results page that shows specific content based on scores

It’s an all-in-one solution that means you’ll never have to worry about lead generation ever again.

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