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Like most agencies, you’re probably super busy helping your clients increase their traffic, leads and sales.

This usually means you’re too busy to find the time to generate leads for your agency. And when you’re so focused on client work, it’s easy to fall into these traps:

  • Relying on referrals – Not only are they highly unpredictable, but these referrals might not be the right fit for your agency
  • Pitching or going out to tender – This is time-consuming, and (unfortunately) many organisations have already chosen their agency before this process has even begun

So, how can you generate your own lead generation system fast?

Simple: with a lead generation quiz!

A lead generation quiz is the easiest, simplest AND most effective way for you to attract high-quality, pre-qualified leads to your agency. 

How can agencies use quizzes? 

Agencies can use quizzes to increase revenue in two key ways…

  1. To generate pre-qualified leads for their agency 
  2. To resell to their clients and increase revenue 

For the purposes of this article, we’re going to talk about the first one. But, remember, once you do this process for yourself and, for example, set up a scorecard using ScoreApp, you can easily replicate this for your clients. And charge extra, too. 

Why are quizzes a great lead-generation tool for marketing agencies?

Powerful and versatile, quiz funnels will generate leads, but for agencies in particular, they are absolute gold! Here’s why every agency should have a signature quiz…  

Agency Landing Page Leads

1. Stand out from your competition 

Most marketing agencies are still offering traditional lead magnets (if they even have one at all). These are things like checklists or PDFs that your audience often doesn’t use or get excited about. 

So now imagine how impressed your audience will be if you tell them you’re going to access them in a particular area and give them personalised feedback. 

Hugely impressed, right? That’s because personalised marketing, such as a quiz, can be highly beneficial to your potential customers. It’s a high-value product they essentially get for free. 

But don’t worry, it isn’t all one-sided because you also get something good in return…

2. The most in-depth data on your prospects 

Well, you do run an agency, so we don’t need to tell you how important it is to collect and analyse data! 

If you create the right kind of quiz for your agency, you can collect the best data on your prospects – you can identify what you’re prospects are struggling with and the areas where they’re doing well. 

Leads Data for Agencies

When you create the right kind of quiz, you typically get 10-20 questions to ask your quiz participant – and these give you valuable insights you can use on sales calls or in your follow-up email sequence. 

3. Pre-qualifying leads – no more ghosting or tyre kickers

No more directionless discovery calls with prospects you know nothing about. Or spending countless hours on proposals for random people (especially those who ghost you after seeing your prices).

With quiz marketing, you only talk to prospects who are READY to have those conversations. Through a quiz, you can find out the answers to questions like, what is your monthly marketing budget? Or, what SEO services have you used before? 

Prequalify Agency Leads

Prequalifying quiz questions allow you to easily identify those right-fit, perfect clients and get them on a call.   

4. Higher conversion rate 

With free PDFs and checklists, you’re looking at 3-10%. 

Quizzes, on the other hand? They’re literally some of the best B2B lead magnets, with a whopping 30-50% conversion rate!

This is because the nature of the quiz means that your prospect will get personalised feedback on how they’re currently performing and tips on how to improve. That’s incredibly appealing to most people – hence the conversion rate! 

5. Original research 

You’ll mainly use that new data to really get to know your audience and pre-qualify your leads. 

But you can also create reports and case studies. That way, you’ll position your agency as an industry leader. For those of you SEO experts out there, that also means you become the original source – fantastic opportunities for backlinks or PR. 

6. Time-saving

From cold calling to networking, lead generation for marketing agencies can be ridiculously energy-intensive.

A quiz funnel, on the contrary? It’ll keep on working in the background for you, bringing you new leads automatically.

Quiz ideas to generate leads for agencies 

By now, you can probably see the true value of a quiz for your agency. But the big question is, how do you make a quiz? What should the overall concept be? And what will help you achieve your goals? 

Below are some examples of different types of quizzes you could use in your agency that 

  • Bring value to your audience
  • Pre-qualifies your leads, giving you plenty of data 
  • Are attractive for your audience to want to fill in 
Agency Quiz Leads Results

Assessment Quiz 

This is definitely one of the most effective types of quizzes. 

Instead of your quiz participant receiving a standalone percentage, an assessment quiz divides how well (or not well) someone has done into certain categories. They get a score per category. 

It shows your audience both what they’re already doing well and what they still need help with. 

This helps make them feel good about the areas they excel in and also want to improve. 

Agency Quiz Results

And from there, you can then send them personalised tips and recommendations based on the areas where they need to make improvements. 

This is why a scorecard is much more valuable and dynamic than any other type of quiz. 

While it works for any industry, an assessment quiz is especially relevant for lead generation for agencies. 

For example, let’s say you’re an SEO agency, you could divide your categories up to on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO etc. and rate someone per category. You can even offer personalised products based on where your participant is struggling. P.S. If you fancy that quiz, we also have an SEO quiz as one of our quiz templates too 😉 

For example:

  • The SEO Assessment
  • Your Content Marketing Assessment

Report Style Quiz 

Many ScoreApp clients call their quiz a report. The set-up is the same as an assessment quiz – you ask questions and then give your quiz participant personalised scores and actionable tips in different areas. But the way you frame it is different. 

By calling it a report, your prospect expects personalised, actionable results and assessments. This is easy to do with the right quiz software, such as ScoreApp. 

For example:

  • Your Social Media Strategy Report
  • The Business Blogging Report

A Fun Lead-Gen Quiz

A traditional quiz is perfect to pique your target clients’ interest and generate engagement.

It’s also extremely versatile: you can test their knowledge, show them their type of profile/personality or… anything in between! 

As we’ve said earlier, we prefer dynamic quizzes that give you personalised results – congratulating you when you do well and giving advice in the areas you need to improve. 

If you’re going to choose a quiz, think about how you can make it actionable. The worst thing you can do is make people answer lots of questions only for them to be let down by a vague, generic results page with just one score. 

For example:

  • How strong is your social media game?
  • What type of SEO is best for your business?

Readiness test and bottom-of-the-funnel quiz

If you want to attract the best leads and prequalify them, you can also create a bottom-of-the-funnel quiz, designed to help someone see if your services are right for them. 

You’ll target prospects who already know they should hire an agency – but are overwhelmed with choices and don’t know what the next step should be.

And if the quiz reveals they’re not ready? Not a problem! Your landing pages and nurturing emails will show them exactly what to work on first. 

But if they are ready? You have the details and data on an extremely hot lead either you or your sales team can contact

For example:

  • Ready to Outsource Your Content Marketing? Take Our Readiness Test
  • How many hours can we save YOU every week?
  • Audit or done-for-you X service: which is right for you? 

Again, these can easily be accomplished by using software like ScoreApp to help. 

Creating and getting the MOST out of your quiz

Once you’re clear on your concept, what next?

  • Plan your questions – Keep them strategic and engaging for your audience. You’ll also want to include a few pre-qualifying quiz questions (around 10%)
  • Create your quiz – When you use sophisticated quiz software like ScoreApp, you’ll get to create an entire quiz funnel, too, from questions to nurturing emails
  • Promote it – Have your quiz on your website and share it everywhere (more on that soon!)
  • Track your data – Review it regularly and use it to make informed decisions
  • Personalise your emails – Don’t just ask your prospects to jump on a call! Reference their actual quiz results, and offer them a chat to see how they can be improved
  • Close more sales – Mention their results during your call too, and come up with personalised suggestions based on their answers

Integrating quiz marketing with your overall marketing strategy 

Don’t think of your quiz as a standalone asset. 

It can – and should – work with your existing marketing tactics and channels.

For example:

  • Website – Have your quiz in your hero section. That way, you’ll retain the prospects who are not quite ready to fill in your contact form or book a call
  • Blog – Use your quiz as the call to action at the end of each blog post
  • Social media – Share the quiz in your bios and posts (for example, sometimes it can be the main call to action; some other times, you can just mention it in the comments)
  • External media and appearances – Mention your quiz whenever you’re featured on a podcast or write guest posts for relevant publications
  • Newsletter – Use your quiz to grow your mailing list so that you can nurture those prospects until they’re ready to outsource their marketing (to you)
  • Speaking – use quizzes at events or when speaking on stage to collect data from your audience and make it fun and engaging for them

Take control of the lead generation for your marketing agency today

No more feast and famine! To grow your marketing agency sustainably, you MUST take charge of your lead generation. 

And the best thing? You won’t have to chase random prospects anymore. With a quiz funnel, your target clients will start coming to you.

Oh, and thanks to ScoreApp’s AI quiz builder, you’ll get to create your entire quiz funnel in less than 3 minutes. 

Lead generation for your marketing agency is about to become 10 times easier and more effective. 

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