Using Quizzes in Social Media Marketing: A Step-by-Step Guide

Social Media Quiz

With a compelling quiz, you can stand out, generate leads and get more people to engage with your brand. 

But if you only keep it on your website? You’re missing out BIG TIME!

Your quiz and social media should go hand in hand. After all, those platforms are ideal to distribute it, get more people to share it and create a buzz around it.

But how exactly can you include a quiz in your social media marketing strategy?

I’ll show you, step-by-step.

Why do quizzes and social media go so well together?

You can (and should) promote your quiz elsewhere too, like having it on your website, adding it to your email signature, mentioning it whenever you appear on new publications or events and so on.

Still, quizzes are particularly PERFECT for social media because they:

  • Encourage engagement – By offering them something different and fresh, you’ll grab your audience’s attention and turn their scrolling into clicks 
  • Enable data collection – You’ll really get to know your audience with your quiz! You’ll also take more of them from followers (= on a platform you don’t own and that’s ruled by unpredictable algorithms) to subscribers (= on your list, which you can always contact directly)
  • Are easy to share – On social media, your audience won’t just take your quiz. Some of them will want to share it their results with friends and followers, too (hello, free marketing!). And if you pick the right topic, you could even go viral with your quiz

5 steps to start sharing your quiz on social media

So, now you know why quizzes and social media go so well together. Let’s look at how you can do that in practice!

1.  Set your social media quiz goals 

If you’re not clear on them, you won’t be able to measure your results or… know whether or not your quiz is successful!

So, start by defining your goals: what do you want to get out of your new quiz and social media strategy?

The most popular objectives tend to be:

  • Increasing engagement
  • Boosting your brand awareness
  • Growing your email list
  • Getting more and better leads
  • Understanding your audience and their preferences

For example, take Tick Those Boxes, an accountability coaching business. They wanted to improve their sales process and get more inbound leads. 

So, they created “The Accountability Scorecard” with ScoreApp. It assesses coaches and executive teams, showing them how accountable they actually are when working towards their goals. 

They promoted this quiz on social media regularly, from having it in their bios to creating content around it and mentioning it at the end of every video. 

And within the first 30 days? They got 75 participants and booked $60,000 worth of new business!

And have you ever heard of a Bunkie? Well, you’re forgiven if you haven’t. In fact, that was one of the main problems faced by Bunkie Life

They sell small cabin kits that can be built in a weekend without needing speciality tools or a mortgage. Great product but… relatively unknown concept. So, with their quiz and social media strategy, they needed to focus on both engagement and education. 

That’s why they chose ScoreApp to launch and promote their quiz: “Are you ready for the Bunkie life?” After testing their audience’s knowledge, situation and lifestyle, they segmented and nurtured them accordingly. 

The result? They TRIPLED their yearly revenue, with over 50% of all sales coming through their ScoreApp quiz.

2. Choose the right social media platforms

You don’t need to be active everywhere! It’s much better to be strategic with a couple of channels: those that can work well for your quiz goals and where your audience is actually active.

For example, you could promote your quiz on social media platforms like:

  • Facebook – Mainly used by boomers and Gen X, it’s ideal for a mixture of paid ads and shareable organic posts
  • Instagram –  I especially recommend it if you target millennials. It won’t be as easy for your participants to share your quiz, but you can have it in your bio and highlights (impossible to miss!) and use stories and content to promote it
  • Twitter/X – This platform might be a better fit if your quiz deals with business or extremely topical and social issues. It’ll also be easy-peasy for your audience to share their results
  • TikTok – A MUST if you target Gen Z! The actual results might be less shareable but you’ll have much higher viral potential, especially when creating trending content around your quiz
  • LinkedIn – This is the best social media platform for your quiz if your goal is to get more B2B leads 
  • Pinterest – Mainly used by Gen Z and women, this visual platform can be ideal for lighthearted quizzes or those related to eCommerce

3. Choosing the right quiz topic

To find the sweet spot, come up with a quiz idea that will:

  • Catch your audience’s attention – There’s a lot of noise and competition on social media! So, for your quiz to stand out, it must cover a topic your audience is already interested in or solve a small problem for them
  • Serve your goals – Sure, your quiz should be something your audience will want to take, but it must also tie in with your brand, services or products

Topics aside, you can choose among different types of quizzes, too. The most popular ones? Personality and Scorecard quizzes:

  • Personality quizzes – These are more subjective and all about self-discovery. Perfect if you want to learn more about your audience’s traits and character (for example, to understand their profile or recommend the right product for them)
  • Scorecards – Built on ‘right or wrong’ answers, these quizzes are more objective and outcome-based. So, you can use them to assess someone’s knowledge (for instance, with a trivia quiz) or situation (like helping them figure out what they’re already doing well and what they still need to improve)

Let’s say you’re a business coach and you want to get more engagement from your target audience. You could create a personality quiz along the lines of ‘What type of entrepreneur are you?’

An SEO agency looking to get more and better inbound leads? Create a “Free SEO Scorecard” to show them whether or not their current strategy is working. Then, recommend the best package for their specific situation.

4. Creating a compelling quiz

You’ve got your topic idea and know what type of quiz you need. Now? The fun part – putting it all together!

And remember: your topic and hook are what compel your audience to take it but… they could still exit your quiz and give up at any time. That’s why it’s important to keep them engaged with a fun and entertaining quiz!

To maximise your chances of success with your social media quiz strategy, make it:

  • Engaging – Keep your quiz varied by using a mixture of question types. With ScoreApp, you have 8 different ones to choose from! You can also wow your audience with visual elements like photos and gifs. And if you need to include less exciting pre-qualifying questions, they should only be 10% of your entire quiz
  • Simple to complete and share – Your quiz should flow like a conversation, not a boring survey. So, use simple and compelling language, ensure smooth navigation and include clear calls to action
  • Quick – Be realistic: you can’t expect your audience to interrupt their scrolling on social media and spend half an hour answering your questions! Ideally, they should be able to take your quiz in a couple of minutes. But if you definitely need it to be longer, you might want to consider building a gifted quiz with an incentive, like a free digital product or an exclusive discount

(Could do with more inspiration? You don’t have to start from scratch! Here are some FREE quiz templates you can use)

But the right questions aren’t enough for a successful quiz and social media strategy. So, impress and retain your audience with:

  • Exciting results – These must feel valuable (otherwise, why would they want to share them?). So, make them in-depth and personalised. If your main goals are engagement and brand awareness, you can also invite each participant to share their results with their friends (for example, by having social media share buttons and a pre-written message)
  • Segmentation – Use your audience’s quiz answers to divide them into different categories 
  • Nurturing sequences – Set up automated emails for each segment, and make them engaging, relevant and personalised. For example, you could include the best service recommendation based on their result, tackle their misconceptions about your industry, send them educational content to improve their score and so on

Finally, one more thing to keep in mind. Over 55% of all online traffic comes from phones, and that’s what most people use to check their social media.

So, I can’t stress this enough: if you want your quiz to work well on social media? It MUST be mobile-friendly! 

When using professional quiz software like ScoreApp, you never have to worry about it. You’ll create an automated and mobile-friendly quiz funnel that keeps on working for you.

5. Promoting and sharing your quiz on social media

You’ve got your quiz (high five!). Now, it’s time to tell EVERYONE about it:

  • Make your quiz easy to find on social media – Have it in your bios, and harness platform-specific features (like adding the quiz to your Instagram highlights) 
  • Create content around it regularly – Make the most of organic reach to get A TONNE of eyeballs on your quiz: encourage people to take it, and focus on how it’ll benefit them 
  • Consider paid ads – You can also use ads to reach even more people faster
  • Collaborate with influencers – Another tactic to tap into a bigger audience and generate engagement!

Now, I want you to have the right expectations when creating content to promote your quiz organically. To find out what works best for your audience on each platform? You’ll probably need to trial and test a few different things.

For instance, you could create:

  • Graphics or short videos on Facebook
  • Carousels, graphics, and reels on Instagram
  • Snappy Twitter/X posts to make the most of its character limit
  • Fun and engaging TikTok videos
  • Text-only LinkedIn posts, carousels or posts paired up with on-brand graphics
  • Different styles of graphics for Pinterest

And to maximise your chances, I also recommend:

  • Posting your content when your audience is most active
  • Engaging with your followers by replying to comments and DMs and inviting them to take your quiz (without being spammy)

Then, keep sharing your quiz on social media!

If you want your quiz to blow up on social media, you CAN’T forget about it.

Sure, some people will find it organically when looking at your profile, but the majority? To reach them and get them hooked, you must keep talking and creating content around it.

So, add your quiz to your social media content strategy.

And once you’ve been running it for a while, you can then:

  • Analyse your quiz results (regularly) – If you never do that, you’d be relying on guesswork. So, look at your data: what’s working well? What can you improve? Do most of your participants give up after a specific question? Optimise your quiz accordingly!
  • Share case studies and success stories – People LOVE this narrative: how someone who used to be in their same shoes reached their goals (thanks to you). So, have you helped someone after they took your quiz? Did those results or email sequences give them something valuable? And how did they use it to their advantage? Create case studies that make your audience think “I want that, too! I’d better take this quiz right now”
  • Create multiple quizzes (if relevant) – A single quiz could easily be all you need. But if you target different segments or have multiple goals (like getting more B2B leads on LinkedIn and more engagement on Instagram)? It’d make more sense to set up different social media quizzes

Create the perfect quiz for social media with ScoreApp

Now you know exactly how to plan, create and promote a successful quiz on social media. The next step? Making it happen!

With ScoreApp, it’ll be a breeze to build and launch the right quiz for your audience and goals.

From landing pages to personalised results and email sequences: you’ll have a full quiz funnel that keeps bringing you leads automatically. The kind of quiz your audience won’t stop talking about on social media.

Create your ScoreApp quiz today and for FREE!

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