How Much Does Quiz Marketing Cost?

How Much Does Quiz Marketing Cost?

Quiz marketing can help you stand out, grow your audience, and get customers on repeat.

But how much does it cost to create the kind of quiz that keeps working in the background for you?

It actually depends on several factors. Let’s go through the most important ones so that you can find the best solution for your needs, goals and budget. 

How much does it cost to create a quiz? 

Creating a quiz can cost you anything from £0 to thousands of pounds.

A huge cost range, isn’t it? This is simply because there are plenty of factors that’ll influence that final amount. 

For example, are you building this quiz yourself, hiring experts for certain tasks or outsourcing the entire thing? Are you creating a simple quiz for engagement or a fully automated quiz funnel to get customers? What about your chosen quiz platform and additional tools? And so on.

Main elements of quiz creation and their costs 

From a cost perspective, what makes the BIGGEST difference is whether you’re DIYing your quiz or hiring a professional.

This can actually affect your quiz costs in several ways and across different phases, and there are additional points to consider, too. So, let’s dive deeper into them and see what options you have! 

1. Quiz design and development 

First things first: what are you planning on using to create your quiz?

  • DIY quiz platforms – Most online quiz builders (like ScoreApp, Interact, Riddle and LeadQuizzes) allow you to create a full quiz for free or at a fairly low monthly rate. This tends to be around £15-£75 depending on the functionalities you’re after, although some platforms can cost +£100/month (especially with custom enterprise plans). Luckily, with ScoreApp, you can create a full quiz for FREE and only upgrade to a paid plan when you require more features. We have plans for different needs and budgets too, from a £24 Start option to an £82 plan for Pros
  • Custom quiz development – If you want to create a particularly complex quiz, then you might need to start from scratch instead (for example, this could be relevant for highly customised quizzes or when integrating them with an app). That means hiring a software developer, and your overall cost will depend on various factors, like their experience and the size of the project. To give you an idea, though, their average day rate is £500

2. Creating the quiz content 

This will mainly involve your quiz questions and all the different results your participants can get. 

If you create a full quiz funnel, on the other hand, you must plan BEYOND those (for example, writing landing page copy that sells it and crafting different email sequences to nurture your audience).

  • DIY quiz content – That basically means you can do it for free, with the only “investment” being your time and effort. With ScoreApp, it couldn’t be easier! You can start from our helpful templates and even use AI to write your entire quiz content in 3 minutes (from the initial landing page to your quiz questions and even your automated email sequences). It’s also a breeze to add compelling visual elements like photos, videos and testimonials.
  • Professional content creation – If you feel like you just haven’t got the time or skills to do this confidently, your other option is to hire a professional. Once again, the final cost will depend on their experience and what you actually need help with. A copywriter to write a landing page? A quiz expert to plan the right questions for you? Or maybe an agency that will take care of everything? To give you a rough idea, freelancers charge £379/day on average, and outsourcing a full quiz funnel can cost you anything between £1000 and +£50,000.

3. Quiz platform or hosting fees

Where will you host your new quiz?

  • Self-hosting – If you’re doing that on a website, you’ll need to factor in ongoing costs like domain registration (around £30/year on average), hosting (between £0 and +£500) and website security (between £0 and +£120). The good news, though? If it’s an existing website, you’re already paying for those. So, hosting your quiz on it won’t come with any additional costs (whoop, whoop!). With ScoreApp, you can choose to host your quiz on your website, which is particularly handy to keep your visitors on it for longer and boost your SEO.
  • Professional quiz subscription services – You haven’t got a website? Or maybe you do but you’d rather keep your quiz separate? Then, you can simply host it on the platform you used to create it and manage it. So, that’s unlikely to come with additional costs beyond your subscription fee (unless you need to upgrade your plan to unlock more features).

4. Maintenance and updates

Most of your quiz costs are associated with the initial creation phase. That doesn’t mean you can forget about it once you’ve launched it, though!

Sometimes, you might need to change, remove or add some questions to keep your quiz relevant and engaging. This can also affect other parts of your funnel, like your landing page, results and email sequences. 

  • Regular updates – If you can do all that yourself, it won’t cost you a penny. When you rely on a quiz builder with good analytics and A/B testing, like ScoreApp, you’ll always know what’s already working well and what you should optimise (more on that soon!).
  • Technical support – If you opted for a custom-built platform or software, then you’ll need to factor in ongoing maintenance, technical support and troubleshooting. So, when you hire a developer or agency, make sure you’re clear on these costs upfront!

5. Marketing your quiz 

Creating the perfect quiz for your audience is a great start. If you don’t market it, though, who’s going to complete it?!

Instead, help your new customers find out about it and take action. 

  • Self-promotion – You can use organic and content marketing to promote your quiz. For example, this can include social media (like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter/X), blog posts optimised for SEO and email marketing. If you can keep up with it yourself, your quiz promotion won’t cost you anything other than your time. Alternatively, to help your quiz gain traction faster and reach even more people, you can choose to use paid ads, setting your own budget.
  • Outsourcing your quiz marketing promotion – If you’d rather leave it to a professional (like a freelancer or agency), your marketing costs will obviously be higher. As always, this will depend on their expertise, the size of the project and whether it’s a one-off collaboration or an ongoing retainer. So, it could range from a few hundred pounds to even hundreds of thousands. If you’re already partnering with someone, though, it’s unlikely that you’ll need to pay more just to throw your quiz promotion into the mix. In fact, it can easily complement your existing content and strategies.

6. Analytics and reporting

The wisest business owners base their quiz marketing on data, not guesswork. 

To do that, you must review your analytics regularly to find out what’s working well and what isn’t, optimising your quiz accordingly.

  • Analytics included on your chosen platform – It’s not a given but most quiz building platforms offer some kind of reporting. Depending on their focus and plans, some might be too basic for your goals but some others could easily have all you need. Plus, because you’re already paying to build and host your quiz on that platform, there won’t be any additional costs (unless you must upgrade your plan to access those features). With ScoreApp, you always get robust analytics that are easy to understand: perfect to make more informed decisions!
  • External analytics – You might want to invest in additional tools if you need more advanced reporting (for example, if you picked a quiz builder with basic analytics) or to gather data for your entire sales funnel. Some of these tools are free, like Google Analytics, whereas more specialised external software tends to cost between £15 and £950/month.

Get more for less: keep your quiz costs down with ScoreApp

As you now know, the overall cost of your quiz marketing will depend on several factors (and especially how much you choose to outsource and what tools you pick).

But how can you keep your quiz costs low while creating a successful quiz? Easy: with ScoreApp!

This is because you’ll get to:

  • Create your full quiz for FREE and only upgrade to a paid plan when you need more features (high five!)
  • Use our intuitive builder and AI to create all the quiz content yourself, from your landing page to your questions and even in-depth results and email sequences
  • Host your quiz on your existing website or on our platform
  • Connect it with the tools you already use and pay for (like your CRM and email marketing account) 
  • Use our analytics instead of investing in separate tools
  • Keep everything in one place

No wonder 5000+ businesses and entrepreneurs have already chosen ScoreApp!

Quiz marketing doesn’t have to cost thousands of pounds: create your quiz today and for FREE with ScoreApp.

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