How to Deliver a Better Customer Experience Using Quizzes

With a smooth and premium customer experience, more people will want to buy from you (and come back!).

I’m sure you already know why it’s important to improve it, but… how can you actually do that? With a quiz!

Yes, the right quiz will allow you to gather insights through a more engaging format. That way, you’re not relying on guesswork, but you also aren’t boring your customers with traditional surveys.

I’ll show you exactly how you can use a quiz to deliver a better customer experience. But first, let’s make sure you’re clear on the right next steps for you.

Elements of customer experience (CX) to consider

Your customer experience is how you engage with your audience at every single stage of the buyer’s journey. So, it’ll also influence how they perceive and feel about your brand.

Let’s look at the most popular elements of customer experience. 

However, keep in mind that they might change depending on your business model. So, after going through them, make sure you focus on what’s most relevant to you.

Customer service 

This is the way you assist and interact with your customers before, during and after a purchase.

So, your customer service could involve:

  • How you provide support to your audience
  • How easily they can get in touch with you
  • How you reply to their questions and complaints
  • Whether you rely on an in-house team or an external call centre, and how they deal with your customers 

To improve it, you must find out how your past and existing customers feel about your current service.

Product or service quality 

Getting that sale isn’t the end goal. You must also ensure that the quality of your products or services meets (or – even better – EXCEEDS) your customers’ expectations.

Otherwise, you’ll end up dealing with dissatisfaction, bad reviews and refunds.

So, when improving your customer experience, you should also find out how your audience actually feels about the quality of what you sell.

User experience (UX) 

This is about making it as easy, smooth and appealing as possible for your customers to interact with your business.

UX ranges from your website to other online touchpoints and using the actual products – and anything in between.

For example, let’s say you have an app. Does it keep crashing? Is it more complicated than solving a puzzle? Then it doesn’t matter how visually appealing it is: your audience will still give up.

So, to guarantee good UX, all interactions must be both intuitive and enjoyable. Have your customers been finding them as such?

Brand image and perception 

How your customers perceive and feel about your business will impact how they experience your actual products or services.

For example, are you trying to position yourself as a sustainable brand but packaging your products in lots of single-use plastic? Then, it’ll probably backfire. 

So, your entire customer experience (marketing, customer service, product quality and more) must:

  • Create and reinforce a positive brand image
  • Always feel aligned and be consistent

How have your customers been feeling about it, so far?

Pricing and value for money 

The price of your products and services must also be strategic. It must represent both:

  • The actual quality – For example, most people expect to pay more for something that’s made to last. Of if you’ve positioned a service as a luxury package, the entire experience must feel elevated
  • Your audience’s perception of your product – For instance, your customers might be happy to pay a premium price for a product that’s part of a bigger mission. But if they don’t fully understand the value of what you offer? Then they might think it’s overpriced… and lose faith in your brand

So, when improving your customer experience, find out if your audience thinks your prices are:

  • Fair
  • In line with their perception of your products or services 

How you can improve your customer experience with a quiz

Now, are you clear on what areas of your customer experience you must focus on? 

Then, it’s time to use a quiz to improve them! Here’s how. 

Use quizzes to really understand your audience 

What better way to understand your audience than to ask them strategic questions?

With a quiz, you’ll figure out:

  • Their problems and pain points
  • Their goals and objectives
  • Their personal preferences and dislikes
  • Their values and what motivates them 

And much more!

Then, you can use those insights to inform ALL your marketing, sales strategy and customer experience.

For example, did you find out that your audience struggles with your industry jargon? Then, you can simplify your website and marketing materials to speak their language and meet them where they are.

Use quiz software for better segmentation and personalisation 

When using professional quiz software like ScoreApp, you get to divide your audience into categories based on their answers.

You can then send them more targeted and personalised marketing, emails and communications. This will improve your customer experience and boost your sales (a win-win!).

For example, after segmenting your audience, you can:

  • Send relevant product or service recommendations – Instead of giving them a generic link to your website, recommend the best option for their problem, goal and budget
  • Nurture them with different email sequences – From useful content to resources and updates: use your quiz data to send personalised communications to your audience. You’ll elevate your customer experience by showing them you’re focusing on what’s best for them
  • Follow-up with leads and customers in a more personalised (and effective) way –  Let’s face it: nobody likes being sold to. So, an email with a generic “Would you like to jump on a call?” is unlikely to work. Instead, send each prospect a more tailored message to show them you have their best interest at heart: “Hi Anthony, I noticed you recently took our Online Course Creator Quiz. You scored 85% in the “building an audience” section, which is impressive. However, your score for “testing your idea” was quite low. I’d love to share some custom advice with you. Would you be up for a quick call so I can recommend some strategies to improve this?” Now, that’s much better, isn’t it?

Pre-qualify your leads with a quiz 

This is especially a game-changer if you sell services. I bet you’ve had enough of wasting time, energy and money talking to… anyone who gets in touch!

Instead, by pre-qualifying your leads, you’ll optimise your resources, using them with prospects who’d actually be a good fit for your offers.

At the same time, pre-qualifying your leads will benefit them, too. It’ll save their time and make for a better customer experience: every single interaction will be meaningful and relevant to their situation.

How can you do that through your quiz?

Ask questions to understand each customer’s situation 

As seen before, your quiz will allow you to uncover their problems, preferences and goals.

However, you can also ask more strategic pre-qualifying questions to find out… whatever you need to find out to tell if someone would be a good fit. 

For example, this could be their budget, whether or not they’ve already tried to solve their problem (and how) and so on.

Use those insights to inform your strategy 

Depending on what you uncovered, you might want to:

  • Nurture those prospects accordingly – Maybe someone could be a good fit but they first need to put something in place (like having a website before talking to you about content marketing)? Or maybe they still have strong objections or misconceptions about your industry? Then, set up relevant email sequences to cover all that before talking to them 1:1. It’ll save you time and be super useful for them (= better customer experience)
  • Offer the right next step – Did the quiz reveal that this prospect would be a good fit? Then, send them a personalised product recommendation or reference their results when inviting them on a call 

Make the sales process smoother with sales enablement content 

Another smart way to elevate your customer experience and sell more? Create useful content and resources that help both your audience and your sales team.

For example, this could be blog posts that answer common questions, comparison articles that highlight why your product is better than your competitors’, product datasheets that can be shared during sales calls and so on.

But how can you do that with a quiz?

First, find out what sales enablement content you need 

I always recommend talking to your sales team: what questions do they get all the time? Why do many prospects end up saying no? 

That’s what you need to fix with your sales enablement content!

Keep it personalised and strategic

Remember: your quiz will segment your audience automatically based on their answers. So, you can set up different email sequences with the right sales enablement content for each segment

For example, did someone say they haven’t got a blog on their business website? Then, you’ll want to send them links to articles that explain why blogging is important. 

But if they already have one and it hasn’t been bringing them results? It’d be more beneficial to send them a resource highlighting the most common blogging mistakes.

So, when using a quiz, your sales enablement content will elevate your customer experience because… it’ll always be useful and relevant to their actual situation!

Gather customer feedback using a quiz 

Has someone just bought one of your products or invested in a service? That’s great… but you shouldn’t assume they’re happy!

Collecting feedback will give you a chance to improve your offers and show your audience that you actually care about their opinion. It’ll make them feel valued and looked after.

So, after a purchase, use a different quiz to find out:

  • What this customer liked and disliked about that product, service and overall experience
  • What they think you should improve
  • Whether they felt that their purchase was good value for money and met their expectations
  • What else they’d like to see from you, moving forward

And so on. 

Start enhancing your customer experience with ScoreApp

People buy your products or services, but it’s your customer experience that’ll make or break their perception of your brand.

So, if you want them to stick around and buy from you again (and tell their friends and family about you), you really can’t leave it to chance.

Luckily, as you now know, a quiz makes this a breeze. And the best part? 

You can get started today and for FREE. We created ScoreApp to make quiz marketing easy for all businesses. 

So, you’ll get to:

  • Create your first quiz within minutes thanks to our templates, drag-and-drop builder and AI
  • Segment your audience automatically 
  • Nurture them with personalised email sequences
  • Collect data, gather feedback and review it through our analytics
  • Improve your entire customer experience accordingly

No more relying on guesswork or patchy interactions! Start elevating your customer experience: create your FREE ScoreApp quiz today

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