Quiz Marketing vs Quiz Funnels. What’s the difference?

Quiz Marketing vs Quiz Funnel

Quizzes are one of the most effective lead-generation tools. This is why they are becoming more and more popular in digital marketing.

They’re fun, engaging and a great way to learn more about your audience.

However, when you get started with quizzes, you might find some of the jargon confusing. For instance, what’s the difference between quiz marketing and a quiz funnel?

Is it the same thing and what do you need to know.

In this article, we’ll break down the key differences so you know know which is right for you.

What is a quiz funnel? 

A quiz funnel is a digital marketing strategy to take your audience from ‘aware’ to ‘paying customers’ through a quiz

It’s about asking a series of strategic questions to lead a prospect through a personalised journey (exciting!). They’ll then get a tailored result or recommendation based on their answers.

Quiz funnels are useful for:

  • Your audience – A free quiz is an attractive lead magnet (much more than traditional PDFs) because it’s interactive and helps them understand their current situation
  • Your businessYou will also understand the needs and preferences of each lead. So, you can nurture them in a more targeted way, recommend a specific service or start a conversation with a personalised approach. Perfect to boost your sales!

Example of quiz funnel

The business and leadership development company Dent starts with a Key Person of Influence Scorecard.

By taking this quiz, their audience will understand what they’ve already mastered and what they still need to work on to become influential leaders.

Then, they receive nurturing emails and recommendations based on their result. This includes both actionable advice and the best workshop or paid programme for their specific situation.

What is quiz marketing? 

Quiz marketing is a tactic to engage your audience, gather insights on their preferences or behaviours and achieve a specific goal – all with a quiz

For example, this goal could be brand awareness, lead generation or customer education.

Quiz marketing is useful for:

  • Your audience – These quizzes are fun or insightful (or both!), and they give them personalised feedback
  • Your business – You’ll gather a TONNE of data that you can use to inform your marketing and offers. You’ll also create a two-way interaction with your audience: ideal for driving engagement and staying top of mind

Example of quiz marketing 

All kinds of businesses are using quiz marketing, from entrepreneurs to huge brands.

For example, Disney has a fun and interactive quiz called ‘Which Frozen 2 Character Are You Most Like?

By the end of the quiz, you’ll get your personalised result (which you’re encouraged to share on social media) and are prompted to watch the film on Disney+.

So, what are the differences between a quiz funnel and quiz marketing?

Both quiz funnels and quiz marketing involve a quiz. 

But even though there are some similarities, they have different purposes and roles within your marketing strategy.

Here’s why!

Uses of quiz funnels vs quiz marketing

Aside from collecting email addresses, these tactics have different goals.

Quiz funnel

The main objective is to help prospects make a decision and lead them to a specific recommendation (e.g. the best product for them) or action (like booking a sales call).

So, a quiz funnel is about streamlining and simplifying the customer’s journey and getting more conversions – ka-ching!

Quiz marketing

It has a broader set of goals: brand engagement, audience education, entertainment, gathering consumer insights, lead generation and so on. 

So, quiz marketing is not necessarily about getting a sale right after the quiz. Instead, it often encourages its participants to share their results on social media.

Structure and content of quiz funnels vs quiz marketing 

The actual quizzes are set up differently, too.

Quiz funnel

These quizzes are more structured and strategic. For example, they usually include a few pre-qualifying questions (like “Have you tried a similar product or service before?”).

This is because quiz funnels are designed to guide the participant through a predefined journey based on their answers. 

So, the content is super targeted and personalised. Their answers will then trigger a different email sequence or product recommendation.

Quiz marketing

These quizzes tend to be more general, diverse and fun – after all, their aim is to drive engagement to collect email addresses and data!

So, they won’t usually send a product recommendation or invite the person on a sales call.

The questions are structured in a way that keeps the audience engaged but also gathers insights on their preferences and behaviours.

The customer journey of quiz funnels vs quiz marketing 

These two types of quizzes also have a different place within your strategy.

Quiz funnel

The quiz is part of a larger sales funnel, and it’s mainly a conversion tool to drive sales.

So, think of it as a segment of the customer’s journey: the quiz is there to help them make a decision and take action.

Quiz marketing

These quizzes are more flexible: you can use them at any point of the customer’s journey with your brand.

For example, you can create a quiz to boost awareness, create engagement, conduct market research or even gather data after a purchase.

Collecting data from quiz funnels vs quiz marketing 

Quizzes are fun and insightful for your audience, but this is what it boils down to for your business: data.

Quiz funnel

The quiz will segment your participants into different categories based on their results. Then, they’ll each get personalised landing pages, email sequences and recommendations. 

Basically, quiz funnels collect data and use it immediately (to move that prospect to the next step in the sales process).

But of course, you should also review it periodically to better understand your audience and optimise your campaigns.

Quiz marketing

This really depends on your goals, but in most cases? 

You’ll gather insights to inform your marketing strategy (like content customisation, product development, segmentation, etc.) or to build a long-term relationship with your audience.

So, rather than using this data for immediate action, you’ll monitor it regularly

Engagement style of quiz funnels vs quiz marketing 

They’re both engaging and interactive… but in different ways!

Quiz funnel

These quizzes are more transactional: their goal is to guide a customer to make the right decision for them.

So, the engagement is deep and focused on their personal needs, problems and preferences. These quizzes usually end with a strong call to action.

Quiz marketing

It’s more about connecting with your audience and forming a relationship: they’ll take your quiz because they want to be entertained or educated. 

So, your focus should be on creating a positive brand experience – without expecting them to take immediate action or buy straightaway. 

Which quiz option is right for you: quiz funnel vs quiz marketing? 

The right quiz option for you depends on your audience and goals.

  • If you want to lead your customers to a specific action (and increase your sales fast), you should create a full quiz funnel
  • If you want to study your audience and get them to engage with your brand more, quiz marketing would be a better match

But you don’t have to decide on the spot and commit to the same quiz forever. You can trial and test different ones to see what works best for your business. 

How and where can you start, though?

Right here!

Use ScoreApp to create quiz funnels and quiz marketing 

We came up with ScoreApp to make quiz funnel marketing easy for all businesses. 

With our Scorecards, you’ll take engagement, lead generation and sales to the next level: instead of a standalone result, you can divide it into categories. 

That way, you’ll show your audience what they’re already doing well and what they still need your help with.

And of course, you can use a ScoreApp quiz for both:

  • Quiz funnels – Ask strategic questions and use them to segment your audience. Then, send them automated and personalised email sequences. You can recommend a specific offer or invite someone on a call (with a message that references their quiz results). Either way, get ready to watch those conversions GROW
  • Quiz marketing – Create a fun and engaging quiz! Plus, our analytics are in-depth but easy to understand. So, you’ll also collect relevant data to make your marketing even more effective

And the best part? 

You can create your quiz funnel or quiz marketing today and for FREE! Start growing your engagement, audience and business – all automatically.

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