10 Reasons to Integrate Quizzes Into Your Content Strategy

Integrate Quizzes Content Strategy

Every day, a tonne of new content is added online. So, how can you get your target customers to notice and engage with yours?

Simple: by creating something more valuable and compelling than the average PDF lead magnets, how-to pieces and promotional posts. That’s where quizzes come into play.

And the best part? They’ll boost other areas of your business too, from customer experience to sales.

So, let’s go through the main benefits of integrating a quiz into your content strategy and see how you can do that in practice.

1. Increase audience engagement

Quizzes are dynamic and happen in real-time, and interactive content gets 52.6% more engagement than static pieces. 

So, a quiz makes it easier to capture and retain your audience’s attention.

For example: 

  • Lead magnet – Traditional PDFs (static and overused) only get a 3-10% conversion rate. Quiz lead magnets, on the other hand, average 30-50%!
  • Social media – Stand out from your competitors by offering something different and engaging to your audience (= your quiz lead magnet) 
  • Website – Instead of leaving empty-handed, more of your visitors will engage with your quiz. This will increase the time they spend on your website, which is ideal for SEO (more on that soon!), and you’ll also get to capture their contact details

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2. Gather audience insights

Quizzes don’t just complement your content strategy: they can IMPROVE IT, too!

While most of your quiz should be engaging and valuable for your participants, you can use some of it for audience research

So, by asking the right question, you’ll really get to know your target customers. For example:

  • Demographics 
  • Pain points
  • How they’re impacting your audience’s life
  • What they’ve already tried to do to solve them
  • Goals
  • Behaviours
  • Likes and dislikes
  • … and whatever would be useful to YOU!

Then, use your new audience insights to optimise your content and marketing strategy accordingly. Genius, right?

3. Quizzes make your content shareable 

Are you trying to boost your brand awareness and reach more people? Because they’re so engaging and entertaining, quizzes have plenty of viral potential.

So, when you offer valuable results to your audience, some of them will simply WANT to share them. 

You can also encourage your participants to do that. For example, include social share buttons and a compelling prompt, like “Find your travel community! Share your results with your friends, and see who else has your same Traveller profile.”

When many participants share your quiz, you’ll get to:

  • Boost your content’s reach
  • Increase your social media following
  • Drive more relevant traffic to your website 
  • Grow your email list and nurture it strategically
  • Sell more

4. Increase lead generation 

Don’t put your quiz marketing eggs into a disappearing BuzzFeed-style format!

Instead, use your quiz to fill your email list with potential customers:

  • Gate your quiz results – Ask your participants to share their email address to receive them. This will also be more useful to them because they’ll get to keep their personalised results and refer to them whenever they wish
  • Keep nurturing your new leads – How? Check out the next point 

5. Send personalised email content to quiz participants and leads

People are becoming more and more selective with their inboxes. So, if you keep sending generic emails to try to speak to everyone, you’ll end up connecting with… no one.

Instead, if your email content speaks directly to them, they WILL continue to engage with it.

So, use your quiz to send more personalised and relevant emails to your list:

  • Segment your subscribers – When you choose professional software like ScoreApp, your quiz will divide your participants into groups based on their answers
  • Nurture them with relevant content – Set up different automated email sequences for each segment. Make them super-specific by focusing on their pain points, goals and preferences!
  • Include sales-enablement content – Does that segment share similar concerns? Maybe they believe the same misconception about your industry? Include strategic content to prime them for a sale (like blog posts that answer their questions, videos that debunk their objections or case studies of customers who used to be in their shoes)
  • Make them a personalised offer – Recommend the best product for them, or reference their quiz results when inviting them on a call. Much more effective than a generic promotion!

6. Pre-qualify your leads automatically

This is a game-changer if you rely on sales calls to sell your products or services.

Tired of wasting so much time, energy and money talking to wrong-fit prospects? Then, use your quiz to:

  • Pre-qualify your leads – Around 10% of your questions can educate them on your products or services and identify whether they’d be a good fit for them (e.g. “Have you tried a similar product or service before?” or “Do you think the following is true or false: [insert a common objection around your industry]”)
  • Nurture those who are not ready – If someone could be a good fit but doesn’t seem ready yet, keep sending them relevant sales-enablement content
  • Follow up with your hot leads – If someone is a good fit right now? Invite them on a call with a personalised message that references their situation and quiz results

That way, you’ll optimise your limited time and only set up calls with prospects who are extremely likely to become clients (sorry, time-wasters!).

7. Improve your customer experience

When you integrate a quiz into your content strategy, you’ll get to elevate your overall customer experience in different ways. To name a few?

  • Improved website experience – By offering dynamic and interactive content to your audience, you’ll enhance their enjoyment and satisfaction
  • Valuable alternative – Think of those who landed on your website and are interested in your brand but are NOT ready to invest right now. You can either let them leave empty-handed or offer them a compelling way of interacting with you for free (yes, a quiz). With the latter, you’ll also get to capture their contact details and help them move down the sales funnel
  • Personalisation – Thanks to your new quiz data, you can tailor ALL your interactions and messages to each prospect’s situation. Automated email sequences, sales calls, client onboarding… The entire customer experience will become more personalised, relevant and (consequently) EFFECTIVE!

8. Boost your SEO rankings

When you choose a quiz builder that lets you host it on your website (like ScoreApp), your quiz will benefit from its SEO, too! How?

  • Keywords – Use them on your landing page to help more people find your quiz and website on Google
  • Internal links – Quizzes offer plenty of opportunities to link to other pages on your website (which helps Google understand it better). For example, in your results, you could link to the most useful blog posts or products for that participant
  • Longer engagement – As teased before, your quiz can reduce your bounce rate. It’ll prevent more people from leaving straight away and keep them on your website for longer as they go through your questions. This tells Google that people LOVE engaging with your website! So, it’ll be more likely to show it to more of them

9. Create a feedback loop with customers 

Most of these tactics involve using a quiz lead magnet to reach new customers. You shouldn’t forget about them once they’ve bought from you, though!

Instead, send them a separate and shorter quiz for feedback, uncovering what they liked and disliked about their overall experience with your brand.

This will:

  • Show your audience that you care about their opinion
  • Give you even more insights that you can use to improve your content strategy, customer service and product offerings

10. Build a strong community 

Your quiz can also inspire a sense of belonging among your audience, especially if you build it around common interests or strategic topics. 

For example, your quiz could:

  • Create a connection – Show your audience that you have the same values or mission. For example, an anti-hustle business coach could create a scorecard titled: “How can YOU grow your business without hustling?”
  • Tap into your audience’s sense of identity – How do your target customers think of themselves? What are they inspiring to become? Harness that in your quiz! For example: “What’s holding you back from taking your small business to the next level? Join +350 successful entrepreneurs, and get your bespoke action plan”

How to integrate quizzes into your overall content strategy with ScoreApp

One of the best things about using a quiz as part of your content strategy? They both feed into each other!

So, to get the most out of it:

  • Set a clear goal – What do you mainly want to achieve with your quiz? 
  • Choose a relevant quiz focus and topic – Solve one small problem for your audience while positioning your business as the logical next step 
  • Create a compelling quiz – Plan the right questions, make them engaging and easy to answer and set up different results pages. It might sound like a lot of work, but once it’s done, your quiz will KEEP working in the background for you 24/7. Plus, thanks to our AI quiz builder, you can set it all up in under 3 minutes!
  • Add it to your website – Hero section, banners, notification bars, pop-ups, menus… Make it impossible to miss your quiz!
  • Share it on social media – Link to your quiz in your bios, use it as a call to action at the end of your posts and create new content around it, too
  • Mention it in your blog posts – Use it as a call to action to turn more blog readers into subscribers that you can contact directly
  • Offer it to your existing subscribers – If your current email list isn’t segmented or particularly active, re-engage it by offering them your new quiz
  • Talk about it everywhere – Use your quiz as your standard call to action whenever you publish a guest post, appear on someone else’s podcast, run online or in-person events, network and so on
  • Review your quiz and content strategy regularly – Look at your quiz analytics to see what can be improved and how

Ready to supercharge your content strategy with a quiz that keeps growing your audience, nurturing them and turning them into customers?

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