Unknown benefits of using ScoreApp, and why it works so well

If you’re using ScoreApp to offer a valuable quiz lead magnet to your audience, you’re already one step ahead of your competitors. You’re still only scratching the surface, though!

I really want you to get the MOST out of your ScoreApp membership. So, I’ll show you exactly how you can do that, including creating waitlists and gathering insights before launching new products. 

That way, you can always sell out!

ScoreApp is for more than just one quiz (or even quizzes in general!)

Of course, ScoreApp is a quiz marketing platform first and foremost. 

4200+ businesses and entrepreneurs are already using it as a full funnel: attracting their audience with a quiz lead magnet, segmenting them and then nurturing them accordingly in a more personalised way.

Still, there are so many more things you can achieve with your ScoreApp membership!

Make use of your scorecards

Our free version allows you to create one full quiz funnel, which is already a game-changer. With our other plans, however, you can take that to the next level by running multiple scorecards and quizzes.

That means you get to rely on different lead magnets or create separate quizzes for all kinds of purposes.

For example? Here are some ideas.

Other ways to use ScoreApp’s quiz software 

You can launch traditional quizzes but also more compelling surveys and even waitlists. So, to really get the most out of your ScoreApp membership and grow your business, you could:

  • Create a feedback loop with existing customers – Your main quiz funnel will keep growing your audience and helping you sell more. Then, a separate survey-style quiz can gather new insights after that purchase. For example, you could target your new customers to find out what they liked and disliked the most. Then, perfect your products, marketing and overall systems accordingly 
  • Segment your audience – Connect your ScoreApp quiz to your email marketing software, and divide your participants into groups based on their answers. Then, nurture them with different and more relevant email sequences and communications (much more effective than sending the same generic messages to everyone!)
  • Pre-qualify your leads – Stop wasting time, energy and money trying to get on calls with everyone! Use a ScoreApp quiz to figure out whether or not someone would be a good fit. For example, you can ask them questions like “Have you already worked with a [type of business] before?” and “What’s your budget for [type of service]?” This will also allow you to recommend the best solution for them
  • Improve your customer service – Run a survey-style quiz with your existing customers to find out what they actually think about your business and overall experience with you. To get more people to complete it, you could create a gifted survey (for example, offering a free download, gift or discount code as an incentive). These insights will then allow you to optimise your customer service even further 
  • Send personalised recommendations – Generic upsells are so impersonal that they end up becoming white noise. Instead, impress your audience by recommending the best product or service for them based on their quiz answers. For example, let’s say you’re a content marketing agency and you offer different packages. After asking strategic questions in your “Find your content marketing style: free quiz”, you can recommend the most relevant one for each participant
  • Keep your audience engaged with gamification – Use different ScoreApp quizzes for new challenges and competitions (for example, “Discover your ideal vacation, and get a special gift to make it happen”). This will compel more people to (re)engage with your brand while bringing you new insights!  
  • Complement your event or webinar – If you’re running several ones, your ScoreApp quiz could recommend the best event for each participant (for example, since ATOMICON is a multi-track conference, they use a quiz to help their attendees identify the most relevant sessions). You can also harness a quiz to get your audience excited ahead of it, to uncover their preferences or even to keep them engaged during the event
  • Sell out consistently – As teased before, you can also use a ScoreApp quiz to complement your waitlist, gather insights and set yourself up for success with your launches. How? I’ll show you, step-by-step 

Create waitlists for new product or service launches with ScoreApp

Many launches still rely on guesswork. Maybe yours did too, so far?

  • Coming up with a product or service idea based on what you think your audience wants
  • Spending months and a lot of money developing it
  • Either dropping it out of the blue or creating a basic name-and-email-address waitlist 
  • Launching it and hoping for the best

But because your initial idea was based on assumptions, it didn’t work… and you spent months and thousands of pounds creating it and promoting it!

Instead, when you use a ScoreApp quiz to gather insights through your waitlist, you get to test your idea before developing it

Much smarter, right? Here’s how you can do that.

Test new ideas with a ScoreApp waitlist quiz

Forget about basic waitlists that just collect a name and email address and tell people “Sign up to be the first to hear about it” (boring!).

Instead, use ScoreApp to:

  • Create a compelling waitlist landing page that sells your initial idea
  • Include a short but strategic quiz to ask questions to your audience and gather insights (for example, what are their pain points and goals? What do they like and dislike about your initial idea?)
  • Validate your concept 

Based on your results, you will either:

  • Fail fast and cheap – If your audience isn’t interested in your idea, that’s a shame… but at least you’ve found out straightaway! You’ll also get to use these insights to come up with a new and more relevant idea
  • Get to optimise your idea – People are interested but their feedback is mediocre? Use your new insights to improve your initial focus so that it matches your audience’s preferences
  • Confirm your idea – If your audience loves it, you can create it confidently and use your insights to inform your marketing

Either way (regardless of whether you need to work on your initial idea), you’ll get to sell out your launch thanks to your ScoreApp waitlist quiz!

Keep your waiting list engaged with tailored email marketing 

Gathering insights before developing your offer is a great start. If you then disappear and drop it out of the blue, though, you can’t expect it to be super successful.

You must keep emailing your audience. So, think of your waitlist emails as a bridge between your initial announcement and the product launch.

For example, these emails can:

  • Create a buzz and get your audience excited
  • Keep the momentum going
  • Help you stay top of mind 
  • Inspire a connection 
  • Make them feel like they’re part of that journey
  • Create a sense of urgency and FOMO
  • Prime your subscribers for your launch
  • Announce it
  • Remind them about it until they buy from you
  • Make you sell out 

(Psst! Not sure what to cover? Steal our waitlist email sequence with templates and examples)

Rinse and repeat 

Guess what? Once you’ve created your first ScoreApp waitlist quiz and email sequence, you can adapt them and use them for all your launches from now on.

So, with this system, you will ALWAYS sell out!

Run more effective launches with a ScoreApp waiting list

Your main quiz lead magnet will keep growing your audience, nurturing them and selling your products or services.

But to really get the most out of your ScoreApp membership and make informed decisions, it’s time to create more quizzes, from new lead magnets to surveys and waitlists.

So, create your first ScoreApp quiz today and for FREE, or upgrade your plan to unlock new features and possibilities.

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